Just an observation

I’ve been playing on Magic Workstation for quite some time now. One thing I’ve had to deal with lately since the main Vs. server is down is WoW and Magic players on the public servers. I don’t mind this at all but I found something curious about it.

You see, with MWS you can title your games so you can say “Vs. System SA” or “WoW or Magic, No Vs.” or whatever. One thing I’ve noticed a whole bunch of in the public “Whatever games you want” servers are non-Vs. players who’s game titles are things like “Serious players only” or “No quitting” or “Good players only”. I’ve never seen a Vs. System game with a title along those lines.

Why is this? Why are WoW/Magic players online wanting only “serious, skilled players”? Are players of other games constantly quitting midmatch for some reason? Is there some sort of prevalence of players just leaving games when they’re about to lose to the point where players have to ask for non-quitters?

Now, I haven’t dug deep into this. I haven’t played MWS WoW or MWS Magic so I don’t KNOW if quitting is in prevalence but if it is, that’s incredibly silly since these online games don’t mean anything so why just quit if you’re losing? It’s silly. I also find it amusing that players are searching for “serious opponents” in an online program designed solely for fun. MWS allows players to play more along the lines of a friendly game around the kitchen table than a serious game at a money-prize championship. Since this is the case, why are players of other TCGs looking only for “good players”? Is there something wrong with logging onto a casual program and playing a casual game with a casual deck? Am I missing something here?

Maybe Vs. System is just that cool that it only attracts players who aren’t so “serious” that they can’t use a “for fun” program for, you know fun. Maybe there’s something wrong with the other MWS TCGers’ mindsets or maybe I’m misinterpreting things. All I know is that I’m glad that there aren’t MWS Vs. players that want “Serious playing only”. I like building a crappy Legionnaires Curve deck and trying to make it run. I like announcing gleefully that Wonder Woman can steal an opponent’s Dr. Sivana card draw only to have that player then chain the effect to her coming into play. I enjoy goofing off with the players that are online, poking fun at bad draws and revealing my hand on the second turn since I had just drawn a complete curve of Batman from 3-5 with Batcomputer and At Your Service in backup, despite the fact that it broadcasts my deck to my opponent.

Playing MWS for me is all about that feeling you get of camaraderie when its just you and a friend and a pair of decks you built just because you could. MWS is perhaps my favorite computer program of all time and I am glad that all the other Vs. System users on there are like me, casual and happy to play as unseriously as humanly possible.


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