Conspiracy theorists beware!

Have you heard of the Illuminati? It’s a conspiracy theory that claims that world events are orchestrated by some hyper-powerful group of people. They’re supposedly trying to take over the world by causing various things to happen, bringing about a New World Order (“Whatcha gonna do, brother?”). I personally don’t get it. If they can control 99% of the major events that happen in the world, doesn’t that mean they’ve basically already taken it all over?

Anyways, I’m not here to talk about those Illuminati. See, I was thinking about what to write about on the blog next. I noticed two things. My last two decks were team attack swarm decks and all of them so far have been mono decks. The fact that they’re all linked together and similar like that is annoying to me. I like breaking out and defying expectations. So, I built a curve deck with lots of affiliations. The exact opposite of my past three decks.

What do those guys in suits that control the weather have to do with it? Maybe it was Illuminati mind control, maybe they’ve hypnotically suggested me to do this via inaudible radio signals, maybe I was just bored (my votes on the last one). Any way you cut it, I noticed the Marvel comic books Illuminati and linked versions in Vs. System. There was my deck! I would build a deck solely on the backs of the major players of the Marvel comics world!

Playing with the big boys!

Cover art of New Avengers: Illuminati #1, by Jimmy Cheung

So, my curve came together rather easily. Black Bolt on 2, Iron Man on 3, Sub-Mariner on 4, Mr. Fantastic on 5, Dr. Strange on 6, Professor X on7. Each of the drops for 2-5 had four copies, Strange had three, and Prof. X had two. I then filled in the weak spots with four copies of Professor X, Idealistic Dreamer on turn 2 and three copies of Mr. Fantastic, Flexible Thinker on turn 3. Other than that, it was mono-Illuminati versioning all the way.

Plot Twists? How could you go wrong with this card
I can see your soul!
I mean, it has the secret society’s name stamped right there in the title! Oh, and while playing this deck, I realized a team-up between this secret society and the actual Secret Society affiliation could be really, really good. Only problem is that there are already a lot of teams in this deck as is… Anyways.

After that, I threw in some search. Enemy of my Enemy helps you grab a few characters, Heroes of Two Worlds lets you grab anyone in the deck since their all packing at least 4 copies. For teaming up you’ve got Truth and Justice alongside Teamwork. Dunno why I chose T&J, I just did. Oh, and there’s this one great combo…

Beast Boy, unofficial member of the Illuminati

What’s more fun than rigging your top card to be an excess 6-drop and then getting a double Acrobatic Dodge? Very, very little, my friends.

With that, here is my final decklist:

The Illuminati
Inhumans/Doom/X-Men/Marvel Knights
Silver Age


4x Black Bolt – Illuminati
4x Professor X, Idealistic Dreamer

4x Iron Man – Illuminati
3x Mr. Fantastic, Flexible Thinker

4x Sub-Mariner – Illuminati

4x Mr. Fantastic – Illuminati

3x Dr. Strange – Illuminati

2x Professor X – Illuminati

Plot Twists:

4x Shape Change
4x Enemy Of My Enemy
4x Truth and Justice – Team-Up
4x Teamwork
4x Ego Gem
4x The Illuminati
3x Heroes of Two Worlds
2x Flying Kick


3x Soul World

Preferred initiative is odd so you can take advantage of Iron Man, be conservative with Fantastic, and smash with Prof. X. Mulligan condition is either Black Bolt or Iron Man. Heck, any of the early drops is nice. Oh, and for the team-ups, you want to crossover Doom and Inhumans early. That gets your 2-5 drops on the same page. After that your basically set. Strange is concealed so he shouldn’t need reinforcement and X is late game.

You want to curve your way through on the Illuminati drops. Playing The Illuminati (the card) before recruiting Black Bolt can get you a useful card early. Using the Illuminati to make sure Iron Man becomes a 7/5 on turn 3 is even better.

On turn 4, you can start using Sub-Mariner to rig your deck and make sure Iron Man always reveals blue or to set up a big Shape Change if you’re on defense.

Turn 5 the fun starts. You can use Sub-Mariner to rig the deck with a useful blue on top, Iron Man gets his free boost, and then you can use Mr. Fantastic to draw up the plot twist or some other useful card.

Turn 6 is REALLY fun with Sub, Fantastic, and Strange all on the board. Triple deck peek is awesome. You could even throw in a use of The Illuminati just to really annoy your opponent with the constant peeking.

Professor X is your 7-drop but he isn’t that great. If you’ve got the cards in hand, though, you could really hit an opponent hard.

This deck is purely casual but it is FUN. I haven’t won a game with it and I doubt I ever will unless the Illuminati (real world) start tampering with the deck of my opponent just for the shits and giggles of having the fictional Illuminati win. Winning doesn’t matter to me, though. What matters is playing with such a fun deck. And, boy, for a bunch of stuffed up old guys who like controlling world events, the Illuminati can throw quite the party.


4 Responses to “Conspiracy theorists beware!”

  1. […] January 24, 2008 I’m all about fun, casual decks. Thus, I hereby tip my hat to Planet Kalee’s latest post, where the man behind The Great VS Resolution tosses together an Illuminati deck. Why gosh, […]

  2. Very exciting times. This blog is becoming a masterpiece, real fast.

    Carry on, we are exceedingly entertained.

  3. kaleeshwarrior Says:

    Thanks for the compliment. Means a lot coming from a writer that works on the “mothership”.

  4. I never got around to building an Illuminati deck, even though there are obvious advantages to arranging the draws on the top of your deck. Your build inspired me to take a look at some ideas for this mini-team:

    2xBlink, Exile
    4xLockjaw, Inhuman’s Best Friend
    4xBlack Bolt, Illuminati
    2xBoris, Doom’s Caretaker
    1xCrystal, Elementelle
    4xIron Man, Illuminati
    1xProfessor X, Headmaster
    4xSub-Mariner, Illuminati
    1xBlack Bolt, King of the Inhumans
    4xMr. Fantastic, Illuminati
    4xDr. Strange, Illuminati
    3xProfessor X, Illuminati
    1xBlack Bolt, Devastating Decree

    3xAvalon Space Station
    2xDoom’s Throne Room
    2xThe Substructure
    3xConstruction Site

    4xThe Illuminati
    4xFurious Assault
    4xExtended Family, Team-Up

    I figured it would be okay to include some non-Illuminati characters (every clandestine society needs unwitting flunkies to aid them in their schemes 😉 ), but I still went with Version-favoring pumps with the plan that the Illuminati would be the main ones on the field. Family is my team-up of choice, as some higher-cost guys are Cosmic and might need replenishment with any extra copies. And, with all the topdeck-arranging cards, I decided the location-based filter/replacement effects could be a great way to effectively draw into new material, hopefully enhancing deck consistency. Of course, now I’ll have to build this deck to see if it’ll work anything like I want it to.

    A couple of “honorable mentions”: I’d considered using War of Attrition and Engine of Change as replacement effects; with the topdeck-arranging stuff, you’ll be able to blast an opponent’s resource and be confident that if he replaces one of yours that you’ll still get something useful, while Engine can target yourself or your opponent, which can be nicely flexible. Breaking Story could draw you an appropriately-arranged top card, as could Forge-2, but I went with the Throne Room as being more useful than Story, and Boris for having a more relevant affiliation than Forge.

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