The Great Vs. Resolution #4: Emerald Enemies

That’s right! I finally got in another game with these guys and feel I have a decent enough handle on the deck to be able to talk about it.

If anyone is new in the Vs. world, or maybe just oblivious and confused, the card that the Enemies brought into the Vs. world, the card that brought this world to its knees before being banned was based around this guy:

He looks so sad, probably ’cause he got kicked out.

Dr. Light, Master of Holograms became the key piece for tons of abuse. He was everywhere, bringing in championship after championship. It was his time in the sun. Then, just when the future looked bleak, the staff of UDE reached their hand down and wiped Dr. Light completely off the map with the all-powerful Ban-Hammer. Light’s reign of terror was ended and Vs. moved on.

This Emerald Enemies deck isn’t based around Dr. Light. For one thing, that’d be cheating. It’d be making an illegal deck. If I’m gonna do that then I might as well make a deck packing 30 copies of Flying Kick. No, Dr. Light gets to sit in his chair and mope some more. Instead, I’m using the forgotten members of the Emerald Enemies.

See, the EE have a theme. The theme is resource KO. You whack your own resources for extra attack and defense. The Emerald Enemies are bad. The theme is hard, it’s annoying, and you have to pick your timing on what cards you play and when you KO your resources. These guys just don’t get as much out of resource KOing. The cost compared to the gain is lopsided, lots of cost with little gain. Still, this was the Emerald Enemies primary theme and I would build it, just because I could.

Looking through the EE cards, there’s not a lot of cards that stand out and shake you saying, “I’m perfect! I go in this spot and do this!” Most of them just sort of sit there and look at you like, “What? I KO your stuff for no good reason. What more do you want?” So, I sort of haphazardly built with what I could. Short curve, lots of drops, lots of KOing.

Sonar’s the one-drop. Other choices were Brainwave who is a Willpower Burner which doesn’t fit in this deck, Starlings who don’t fit, and The Shark who would fit but I don’t particularly like since he shrinks when your other guys get bigger due to resource KOing. Sonar gives you a poor man’s Puppet Master so he is at least moderately useful if you off-drop with initiative.

Two drops are a tiny bit more interesting. Tattooed Man, Abel Tarrant is big at the beginning, shrinks down, and then gets big again when you start KOing. Very useful as a beatstick. Fatality can negate stuff… at the cost of a resource. You get about the same effect as Bat Got Your Tongue? but rather than a simple character exhaust you have to KO a whole freaking resource. I would’ve loved to put someone else in there but they’re all better suited to Willpower builds which this is not. Sucks but you get used to the limitations of mono.

At three you have four copies of both Carol Ferris <> Star Sapphire, Beloved Enemy and Invisible Destroyer, Subconcious Entity. There’s also two copies of Dr. Polaris, Dr. Neal Emerson thrown in just since he can boost up to a 4 if needed. Mrs. Ferris (Bueller? Bueller?) gives you a very nice attack pump if you manage to keep your scant resources face-up while Invisible Destroyer… yeah. He gives you a small pump at the cost of his life. He’s moderately useful in combination with the guy who makes this deck actually work. The guy that I absolutely love. The guy I have affectionately nicknamed “Goldilocks”.

This resource is just right…

Goldface, Keith Kenyon is my favorite character in this whole deck. 9/9 on turn 4 is cool enough. It’s even better when you boost him to 11/11 via his KO power. Throw Sapphire’s effect on him and you can make him 15/11. Add more of Emerald Enemies pumps and Goldilocks becomes absolutely huge on turn 4. Love the guy. Absolutely love him. Alternate 4-drop is Mrwhydden, Mightiest of Mages. He can occasionally net you a good +4/+4 or +5/+5 while on offense as long as you’ve got the face-up resources. Useful but I like my Goldilocks more (if you haven’t noticed, “Goldilocks” is to KaleeshWarrior as “Pony” is to stubarnes).

Turn 5 is Major Disaster, Clifford Zmeck. Not only does he have a sweet name but he’s actually sorta useful. Drop him on 5 while you have init, attack with Goldilocks, KO some stuff to make Disaster big, attack with Disaster. Useful.

That’s it for characters. Now what about plot twists and locations? Well, I guess you could say that one of the foundations of this deck is the Prison Planet at the heart of the Empire of Tears.
Empire of Tears would make for a great song or book title…

Prison Planet is self-explanatory. You won’t even miss the reinforcement with the huge characters this deck packs. At least, that’s what you WANT to say. Actually, if you don’t kill by turn 6 at the absolute latest, Planet hurts big time. Thankfully, that’s why you can KO it. Empire of Tears, you want to KO your 1-3 drops for. It actually isn’t a horrible play on 5 or something to drop Sonar and Fatality just to KO them to Empire and then play Tattooed Man to ally with Goldilocks. The reusable +2/+2 pump that comes from EoT is beatiful.

Another good card I found in the Emerald Enemies sack of fun is Controller Sanction. KO a resource to become unstunnable on the attack and get an attack point for each face-up resource you’ve got. +4 and unstunnable at the cost of a resource isn’t great but it’s better than a lot of the other thing the EE can do. Femme Fatality lets you get a free +3 attack and then if you’re confident you’re gonna take down the defender, you can KO a resource to KO them. Again, not great but at least the KO is an option and not mandatory. Another KO effect is Damsel In Distress. Lets you exhaust a character to pick someone an opponent controls. If they’re hidden they become visible and no matter what zone they’re in, they get KOed if their stunned during an attack. Not a great effect but decent.

Now, with all this attack going on, you need ways to hit reinforcement. That’s why we have Blindsided (thank goodness this was reprinted in DCL and not MVL, making it Resolution Legal) as well as Golden Death. Golden Death gives you +2 attack and lets you hit an exhausted character with no fear of reinforcement. You wanna know what’s fun? Attacking someone small with someone huge. They reinforce and then you hit Blindsided. You attack with someone else and play Golden Death. They’re attempt at reinforcement cost them twice. Plus, Golden Death features Goldilocks again which forced me to pack three.

Other than that, I went generic and threw in Mobilize and Slaughter Swamp. Swamp lets you play a useless character into the resource row and KO it without worrying that it might be useful later. Mobilize is Mobilize. The greatest card for this little challenge since its the greatest mono-search card and in both universes. Love that. Thank you, UDE.

So, with all that said, here’s my deck list:

Goldilocks and Friends
Emerald Enemies
Golden Age


4x Sonar, Dastardly Discord

4x Tattooed Man, Abel Tarrant
4x Fatality-Emerald Assassin

4x Invisible Destroyer, Subconscious Entity
4x Carol Ferris <> Star Sapphire, Beloved Enemy
2x Dr. Polaris, Dr. Neal Emerson

4x Goldface, Keith Kenyon
2x Myrwhydden, Mightiest of Mages

4x Major Disaster, Clifford Zmeck

Plot Twists:

4x Blind Sided
4x Mobilize
4x Controller Sanction
4x Femme Fatality
3x Golden Death
2x Slaughter Swamp
2x Damsel in Distress, Construct


3x Prison Planet
2x Empire of Tears

Preferred initiative is odds. Mulligan condition is a handful of characters and Goldilocks or two low-drops and Empire of Tears. Goldie and EoT are keys to success with this deck (not that I would know since I can’t get the stupid deck to win at all :P).

Turn 1, Sonar. Turn 2, preferably Tattoo. Turn 3, is up in the air but Ferris is better than Invisible Destroyer so go with her if you can.

Turn 4 is when the fun starts. You’ll want to drop Goldface. It doesn’t matter who is in your hand. Pitch them. Goldilocks is your future. He’s worth the cost. You probably don’t want to KO to Goldilocks here if you have Major Disaster or a Mobilize to grab him. If you don’t, then KO away.

Major Disaster on turn 5 if you have the resources. If not, underdrop in Myrwhydden or whoever you possibly can. If you have init. then now is the time to start KOing junk. Attack with Goldface, pump him as much as you can with KOs and all, Blindside the defender, and hope you do massive damage. I could easily see a guy hittin 30 attack on turn 5 if you have a great draw. That should give you the game or set you up to win next turn.

This deck sucks. I’m just gonna say it. Never won with it nor do I think I ever will. It lost to a Modern Age JLA/Team Superman (same one from my Fantastic Four article) as well as a Masters of Evil deck (Enchantress and Whirlwind HURT this deck). The MoE deck was sorta close, at least. Not really close but I did get him into negative initiative in exchange for leaving the door wide open for him to take me down with his full team. The pilot of the MoE deck, t_man, knew about this little blog and offered to take the loss but I wouldn’t let him. No pity wins here :P. Thanks for the thought, though, T.

Emerald Enemies (Golden) Ratings:

Deck Strength: 2 (Yeah. You know what? This deck is weak. It doesn’t work often at all and will probably lose 95% of the time.)
Deck Theme: 4 (Does hurting themselves fit Green Lantern’s foes? I dunno, never been a huge GL fan. KOing resources is nasty and Sinister Syndicate did it better. These guys just missed out)
Ease of Use: 2 (You need absolutely perfect timing with this deck. You have to get the right draws at the right time, you have to know when to KO, you have to know exactly where you’re going. Not an easy deck to play.)
Fun Factor: 4 (KOing resources is sorta fun but not really. Making characters huge is cool. However, this isn’t one of those decks that suck but are fun to play like my Illuminati deck, this one sucks and isn’t fun to play. The only upside is Goldilocks because Goldilocks is awesome.)
Overall: 3 (These guys suck, at least in mono with the resource KO theme. Absolute suck. They aren’t fun, they aren’t good, they aren’t anything. They just suck. Perhaps my least favorite affiliation ever. Ick.)

Vs. System Affiliation Leaderboard

1. Fantastic Four (Modern)
2. Teen Titans (Modern)
3 (projected place: 56th with a one spot margin of error). Emerald Enemies (Golden)

So, there you have it. My first run-in with an affiliation and deck I greatly disliked. Horrific. Cannot get over how much I dislike the EE outside of Goldilocks. Anyways, next Resolution blog will be about… something. Haven’t decided yet. Maybe Future Foes, maybe not. I think I promised gdaybloke Crime Lords would be soon. Expect that by the end of next week but I’m not sure if I can build and playtest that deck in time for the next article. Sorta depends.

Anyways, I’m gonna go wash the taste of EE out of my mouth now. Have a great day!


6 Responses to “The Great Vs. Resolution #4: Emerald Enemies”

  1. Hey, hey, hey…I didn’t OFFER to take the loss, I absent-mindedly passed on my attack step! So EE DID win! 😛

    Excellent stuff, sir. Keep up the good work!

  2. kaleeshwarrior Says:

    Hey! t_man! You made the jump! Awesome. Anyways, you didn’t absent-mindedly pass, you mused about whether or not you could make up the five or so endurance needed while you had Enchantress and other and all I had was Myrwhydden. Same basic idea. Still, great to see you on the blog.

    If anyone else out there from TCGplayer is reading, comment! It’d be great to see who is reading. Otherwise, I’ll have to snoop through my stat counter and try and guess who it is. I know there’s a few of you. I have the Google searches that lead you here so there’s at least three or four of you. Come out and talk! You know I don’t bit :P.

  3. Ugh, you sack resources just for pump? Tsk, tsk…go for the KO effects, man! You lose something, it’s only fair your opponent loses something. So what if it’s a resource for you and it’s a character for them? 😉 Killing characters does seem pretty thematic for them, and working it into their resource-management style isn’t too hard, as you’ll see.
    Back when DJL was just out, I made a pretty good EE deck, using Dr. Light to bring Hector Hammond-2 out of the KO Pile on 5, so he could attack up the curve (usually with some pumps in addition to his own ability) before I started KO’ing resources. I remember my opponent playing a GL deck that did a bit of curve but could underdrop well…and I emptied his board completely on turn 6…on turn 7 he had out a lone Guy Gardner-7 and I had a field of 4-5 guys, all cost 2-5, but no Prison Planet. He gave up, and I showed him I had another KO effect waiting to wipe out Guy before turn 8. Without Light, the deck’s a bit less good but still playable and effective, so here is the build I had last time I tried this team without him:

    “Emerald Assassins”
    2xSonar, Dastardly Discord
    3xThe Shark, T.S. Smith
    3xFatality, Emerald Assassin
    2xHector Hammond, Super-Futuristic Mind
    3xMajor Disaster, Paul Booker
    3xCarol Ferris Star Sapphire, Beloved Enemy
    3xDr. Polaris, Dr. Neal Emerson
    2xInvisible Destroyer, Subconcious Entity
    3xDr. Ub’X, Galactic Conquerer
    3xMyrwhydden, Mightiest of Mages
    3xObsidian, Todd James Rice
    3xMajor Force, Clifford Zmeck
    2xRemoni-Notra Star Sapphire, Obsessed Warrior Princess
    1xSinestro, Corrupted by the Ring


    4xSinestro Defiant
    4xTrial by Fire
    2xAirborne Assault
    2xEmerald Twilight
    4xThe Ring Has Chosen
    2xDamsel in Distress
    4xFemme Fatality

    Korugar isn’t as big a drain on resource KO’s as Empire, and the Will boost is great for TRHC (search, yay!), Emerald Twilight (free KO), Remoni-Notra (triggered KO) and Major Disaster (resource disruption). Like you, I like Damsel for hidden tech and the KO potential, as Femme gives a good pump with KO potential. Assault is because these guys have plenty of range but weak flight (and will sometimes team attack) while Trial is just plain great when you need a good beat. Defiant is also a nice off-init pump with the option for KO’s. Dr. Ub’X can be a star in this deck, as when your opponent has only one stunned character (which can be the case after you KO everyone else), they’ll still have to KO it at the start of recovery. Most of the other characters are the same as your picks, for the resource-management theme/effects, as the EE don’t have a lot of selection to work with.
    The main issue I’ve found with EE is that they have a lot of good 4’s and 5’s, but they also want to KO resources around that time. Like, Myr and Obsidian and Sinestro (Villains United) and Ub’X and even Goldface (who I dislike for the heavy discard requirement) all have desirable aspects for this team, and so do the three 5-costs in the deck I’ve listed. That’s a lot of crowding at two consecutive cost levels…and recent legacy cards have had some good stuff at cost 6, while the 3’s and 1’s are still distinctly lackluster (without Dr. Light-3, anyway) and the 2’s are a bit scattered in what they do and how they do it.
    All things considered though, I think that with this “killer” emphasis on them, the EE can be better than you’ve reviewed them to be.

  4. kaleeshwarrior Says:

    Wow. That’s a really neat deck. Never thought of building a character-KO based version of the deck. Just don’t forget that I’m not so much rating the affiliations as my builds for each affiliation so, for all I know, EEKO could be really fun. It definitely sounds more thematic, at least.

    Only thing that makes me sad about the deck. is lack of Goldilocks. I am never going to be able to build an EE deck without Goldface from now on. Hopefully, he gets a new card here eventually.

    I might just build the deck and try it out, although EEPumpKO has really left me with a bad taste for EE at the moment. If I do, I’ll be sure to revisit this and give my thoughts.

    Thanks for showing so much interest in this, Number6! It’s great to have another person to give alternate perspectives of various affiliation builds.

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