I’m going to take a little bit of time out of my normal Vs. postings to just talk about how well this blog, online Vs., and everything else is doing.

Today, January 27th, 2008, on Planet Kalee’s one week anniversary, my blog hit its record peak for the most page hits in one day with 60+ and it still going up since the WordPress default “day” ends at about 7:00 p.m. EST. That’s roughly seven hours from the time of this posting. That’s amazing for me. Sure, a fair chunk of those hits are me before I login but, still, 60+ is great. According to my alternate statcounter, that’s about 10 unique visitors today, I think. I am incredibly happy that there are 10 people who have taken the time out to look at my blog. If you’re curious, my entire first week reads at over 250 hits.

I attribute the hits to a few things. One is that I got smart and put my blog into my signature on Vsrealms. Second is that I’ve been blogrolled by Rian Fike aka stubarnes aka the guy who runs Full.Body.Transplant. WordPress says that quite a few of my hits come from that link. So, thanks Rian! The third thing I attribute it to is sheer enthusiasm and posting force. Having free time can be a blessing and a curse. If you have nothing to do, it’s boring and sucks. However, if you do have something to do, it becomes incredibly useful. I have free time and now I have a way to channel it in a useful way. Due to this, I can easily post a decklist every other day or perhaps even more often. A constantly updating site means constantly checking readers. That’s the theory, anyways.

Another great thing about this blog: the readers. Number6 in particular has been great. He’s posted two alternate decklists in my Vs. Resolution so far and I have an e-mail from him with about seven or eight others. Thanks a ton for the support and alternate perspective, Number6!

It’s also nice to see that people have followed be from TCGplayer. As I mentioned in the comments, I can see you guys reading/hiding over there. I can see what Google searches are leading people here and since I told people on TCGplayer to google “Vs. Resolution” or an offshoot of it, I can tell that about six people have followed me over. Start commenting, guys! Let me know who’s reading! I know t_man and maidstonedemon are but I have no clue who else is out there. Thanks to these two, I’m getting confident enough that I’ve played enough to prepare another GA deck for my Vs. Resolution blogging. I still want to wait until I get a win with the deck, though. Preferably with my turn 9 victory condition.
Oh, and another funny thing about the Google search terms. Someone found me by googling “Dr. Light”. How deep did they have to go into Google’s search results to find me? I went through the first five pages and I’m nowhere in sight.

Speaking of MWS, the online game seems to be doing well. I’ve seen quite a few Realms players on there which is great. It’s nice to know MWS is going from a primarily TCGplayer thing into the bigger Vs. world. I know that HomerJ and CaptainComet from the Ring Has Chosen podcast have been shilling Workstation pretty hard lately which I’m really happy about. The more people who get on to play, the better. MWS really is an amazing play environment if your looking for casual play. You can find some awesome decks on there, like this Beast Boy deck I played against. I won’t go into details in case the player wants to keep it under wraps but it is a really neat deck.

What I’m really excited about, though, is MegaWeekends in two weeks. I know, it sounds really dumb. The online-only casual player looking forward to a huge, competitive, organized play tournament. What I’m looking forward to is how wide open the Modern field is. Anything could happen there and I’m really crossing my fingers that Silver gets blown open by a rogue deck. I love the underdog, little-known competitors so I’m hoping that something really neat comes out of Cali here soon.

So, yeah, Vs. life is good. The blog is doing well, the online game is just as lively, and organized play is on its way back which means so are rogue decks.

Oh, and I noticed this card for the first time yesterday:

I’m baaaack!

I don’t know how I’m gonna do it, but I am going to break this card. Modern Age Dr. Light Abuse is officially my new pet project. I have a basic idea on one way to abuse this guy but I need to hammer some thoughts down on paper before I start playing with it. Light is my new Anti-Life. I’m going to figure out a way to make it work, I just need to figure out how.


5 Responses to “Wow”

  1. Could be handy with any of the “return this guy to hand to get X effect” low-cost characters…
    Gratz on your first week being successful! Keep up the niftiness!

  2. kaleeshwarrior Says:

    Great minds think alike. That’s actually exactly what I’m looking at doing. Right now I see some cool stuff coming out of the JLA. Roy Harper and Black Canary to stop characters from readying, Ray Palmer for negation, and Aztek for free defense. Digging into DWF, Crime Doctor becomes a super-Puppet Master while you have the initiative. If you see an opponent start building up characters (which they should with all the stall), Zatanna becomes card draw and Plastic Man could quickly become a monster.

    That’s just JLA and one splashed Arkham/Villains United character. Each one turns Dr. Light’s effect into something really useful and reusable. I’m sure if I dig into Silver I could find even more stuff to abuse. All I know is that this deck looks like fun!

  3. Hey, I got a mention, I’m famous on the Internet now (hooray)! Thanks for the props, I’m just glad to participate in an interesting and avid discussion of VS. Plus, I too have free time that I like to spend working on fun, non-competitive (in the tournament sense) deck designs…and now I have an excuse to share them! Keep up the good work, I’m sure this blog will only continue to grow in popularity.

  4. maidstonedemon Says:

    long may the hits increase in volume!
    Keep up he good work with vs resolution and all the other bits you throw up. My blog is up now (Demonpit, ME14), although the quality will undoubtably be inferior to your own.

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