Legion of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Or something like that.

Anyways, I was perusing the Realms when I found this thread. Now I have to build a Legionnaires deck for the guy to look at, just because gdaybloke went and called me out. Thanks a lot :P.

However, this isn’t my Resolution version of the deck, although I bet the end result will be similar. This deck is only stopped from being a Resolution deck by one thing and that is a single Marvel Legends card that is vital.

Anyways, I used to hate the Legion. Really, I did. I thought the affiliation was silly and that they weren’t any good. However, that was before I “figured it out”. That was back when I was a Curve fiend and didn’t build anything but curve. Curve Legionnaires is horrible and, therefore, I thought Legionnaires were horrible. But, you see, the Legionnaires are, by definition, a Legion. Being a legion means being a large group. Large group means weenies and weenies means team attack build. I know, I’m an idiot for not realizing that sooner.

Now, I’m going to go ahead and say that Legion are at their absolute best when teamed up with the DLS Cosmic Titans with the reprinted Teen Titans Go! However, I’m gonna stay mono with this just because it’s a bit simpler and that seems to be the topic creator on Realm’s primary metagame.

Oh, and a nice thing about the deck is that it only contains five rare cards, 11 copies in total: New Recruits (Legionnaire search, four-of) Mobilize (which is only a two-of and isn’t all that necessary in a weenie deck like this), Saturn-Girl (which is a one-of), Dream Girl (two-of), and Science Patrol Central (two-of). All these cards can be easily replaced (New Recruits and Mobilize for six more copies of any particular characters, Dream Girl for another 1-drop, Science Patrol for anything, Saturn-Girl’s pretty important, though) or possibly easy to trade for (other than Mobilize) since Legionnaires are one of Vs. System’s red-headed stepchildren and most players look down on them as “bad” and don’t use the cards much from what I can tell. It should be pretty easy to find players with extra cards of them that they don’t want, either in-person or using Realms’ trading forum. The rest of the cards are mostly uncommons with a couple commons thrown in.

Anyways, here’s the build (if you aren’t familiar with the cards, docx’s search engine is excellent):

Cosmic Wave

Legion of Super Heroes

Silver Age


3x Triad – Luornu Durgo
2x Jazmin Cullen <> Kid Quantum – Hero of Xanthu
2x Dream Girl – Nura Nal
2x R.J. Brande – Philanthropist

4x Timber Wolf – Brin Londo
2x Apparition – Tinya Wazzo
2x Sensor – Jeka Wynzorr
2x Element Lad – Jan Arrah
2x Bouncing Boy – Chuck Taine
1x Ferro Lad – Andrew Nolan

2x XS – Jenni Ognats
2x Chameleon – Reep Daggle
2x Shrinking Violet <> Leviathan – Salu Digby
2x Karate Kid – Val Armorr
2x Kinetix – Zoë Saugin

1x Connor Kent <> Superboy – Inspiration to the Legion
1x Saturn Girl – Imra Ardeen

Plot Twists:

4x New Recruits
4x Overwhelming Force
3x We Are Legion
3x Foiled Assassination
2x Mobilize

3x Birthing Chamber
3x Legion Headquarters
2x Legion World
2x Science Police Central

With this deck, you want to team attack. You want to team attack like you never team attacked before. You throw as many people at your opponents at once, use some effects, and just smack some serious face.

Notable cards of the deck:

Jazmin Cullen: Free recruit at the cost of a cosmic counter. Combo it with Foiled Assassination and you basically have “remove a cosmic counter to recover target character”. Also helps swarm.


Timberwolf: Never play this guy on 2 unless you have a strong 3-drop. With the boost, he basically becomes a 4/1 1-drop character. That’s excellent in a weenie swarm like this.

XS: Attack, ready, attack or reinforce, ready, reinforce. Very helpful.

Saturn Girl: Basically reads “Give everybody a cosmic counter when they attack/defend”. Excellent card.

You’re the meaning in my life, you’re the inspiration…

Connor Kent <> Superboy: A miniature Teen Titans Go! Helpful.

Overwhelming Force: The peanut butter to the Legion’s cosmic team attack jelly. The card makes you unstunnable during team attacks which should make you cry with tears of joy since that means you lose no cosmic counters or take any damage. Makes XS and Superboy that much stronger.

We Are Legion: Like Saturn Girl in plot twist form. If you’re running low on Cosmic and you have the initiative, drop this on you first big team attack and give everyone their counters back.

Birthing Chamber: Card draw. Beautiful, beautiful card draw.

Whoever was in charge of the paintjob should be fired

Legion Headquarters: Great card when comboed with characters like Triad and Timberwolf that have cosmic but don’t use it. Just snatch it off them and give it to someone else later. Very good in multiples so you can exhaust one to take a counter and another to redistribute it.

Legion World: Double stun damage. Nothing better than attack the opponent’s 5-drop with your team, using Overwhelming Force, and hitting them for 10 damage while taking nothing back.

Preferred Plays:

You want even initiatives with this deck, that way you can smack them hard with Superboy or Saturn Girl. Alternatively, if you get stuck with odds, you have Kinetix for stall on 3 or XS for some beatdown. Really, either init. is fine. Mulligan if you have a bunch of excess plot twists, if your hand is full of characters and locations, keep it.

Turn 1 the preferred play is Triad with her search. That’ll give you your characters for turn 2 if you don’t have them or give you a double power up. If you have Headquarters, steal Triad’s counter immediately.

Turn 2, either play out a pair of one-drops or a 2-drop. Any 2-drop is useful depending on the situation. Ferro Lad is great for just this turn on initiative but you’ll want to Failed Assassination him soon after so you don’t have a breakthrough target. Apparition if they have hidden, Sensor if you think they’re gonna target, etc. Element Lad and Bouncing Boy are more useful later on so you might want to hold onto them.

On turn 3, if you’ve got evens, you want to either boost Timber Wolf and drop him with two more resource points worth of characters or drop Shrinking Violet. If you’ve got initiative XS or Kinetix are nice and Karate Kid isn’t bad. Chameleon is an “only if you have to” drop or if you’re playing someone who targets opponents (he rocks against IG handburn).

Turn 4 is Saturn Girl off-initiative or Superboy on initiative. This should be where your deck either dies completely or you take a nice lead. After this turn, you just swarm with what’s left of your characters. Just remember, team attacking is key.

I’ll say it, this deck isn’t amazingly ultra-good and isn’t Tier 1 level. As I said before, Legionnaires are at their absolute best in a team-up with the Titans. However, the deck still runs quite well and it is fun to play. All the cosmic counters that are thrown around are great and no one ever expects to play Legionnaires so the deck has a Spanish Inquisition level of surprise. And, sometimes, surprise is all you need to get a win.

Hope this was helpful, cosmicking! You can play around with the numbers and whatnot to match what cards you do have. This probably isn’t the best build for Legion but its not bad for something I made from scratch awhile back with little knowledge of primary Legionnaire builds. If you’ve got the cards and don’t mind doing it, I highly recommend the Titans team-up as well. It really is a great deck that I’ll post on here eventually. Good luck with the deck and I hope you keep reading!


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  1. gdaybloke Says:

    Yer da man, Kalee.

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