Holy… Vs. System, here I come!

Oh my god! I just won $25 for use at dacardworld via TCGplayer’s forum writer contest! I’m stunned. Now I’m conflicted as to whether or not I should go back there and post on my old blog as well as this one. This is absolutely crazy.

But all that is neither here nor there. I now have $25 that I can go ahead and blow on Vs. System cards. I have no idea what I’m going to buy so I’m going to ask you guys for advice. Note that I have a bit of extra money to fill in any gaps for shipping and junk.

My ideas are:

5x Spider-Man 20-pack booster box: 5.40 each, roughly $25 before shipping

3x Marvel Knights 20-pack booster box: 7.95 each, roughly $25 before shipping

3x Man of Steel 24-pack booster box: 10 each, roughly $30 before shipping

3x DC Origins 24-pack booster box: 12 each, roughly $36 before shipping

2x Avengers 24-pack booster box: 20 each, roughly $40 before shipping

That’s what I’m thinking so far. The link to the Vs. part of the store can be seen here. If anyone can spot any other particularly good deals other than these, point them out. I’m leaning towards DC Origins but I’m not entirely certain if that’s the best deal or not. I’m mostly wanting the best possible “single” set so any thoughts on that would be great.

All I know is that this is celebration time at the Kalee household!


Current plans are as follows:

4x Web of Spider-Man 20-pack box: $20

4x Marvel Knights 20-pack box: $32

Shipping: $13

Total: $65

From there, the gift card covers $25 bringing the total cost down to $40 which I’ll split with my little brother at $20 out of pocket each. So, for $20 each we’re getting 2200 cards. Sounds pretty good to me but now we have to convince our parents to let us get that many cards and use their credit card. Still, this is likely what we’re going to do.


11 Responses to “Holy… Vs. System, here I come!”

  1. You will love Marvel Knights, it has X-Statix!!!

    Congrats. The only other suggestion would be the Hellboy set, that is the cream of the crop for me. Really fun straight out of the box.

    Enjoy the indecision time!

  2. Oops, now I see they are sold out of Hellboy. I guess other people agree!

  3. kaleeshwarrior Says:

    Yeah, I was actually HB as well considering that I like most of the cards in it from my online playing.

    Right now, I’m heavily leaning on what I have typed out above. I was a bit hesitant about MK (which younger bro was trying to talk me into since he loves the Knights) until I remembered that it has X-Statix and Crime Lords, two of my absolute favorite teams.

    By my math, we should average out at 250 of each of the Marvel Knights teams and 500 of the Spider-Man teams.

    The only other thing I’m considering is three boxes of Avengers. My parents aren’t amazingly excited at 2200 cards cluttering up our room so Avengers would give us less cards but a lot more “bang” for them.

  4. Avengers makes great decks.

    Spiderman is pretty weak, except for Devil’s Due. You won’t get enough Wild Pack to make the army deck.

  5. kaleeshwarrior Says:

    Yeah, Spider-Man isn’t a great set as far as the rest of the game goes but it is very, very self-contained due to its focus on just two teams and the boxes are cheap as heck. This will likely be my only Vs. System purchase for awhile so I want to make it easy to build decks out of and use. Web of Spider-Man gets me 1000 cards to play around with, spread around only two teams, for just $20. Seems like a decent deal to me.

    That, and all the games will be played at home and casually so it doesn’t really matter to me a ton if I can’t make amazing decks out of this purchase or be able to take them to a hobby store (nearest Hobby League is 2+ hours away).

    Still, it’s all up in the air. I’m still looking around on there for other possibilities. All I know is that this is really exciting :).

  6. kaleeshwarrior Says:

    After further thought, I’m starting to get a tad hesitant about getting THAT many cards in one big shot. I’m beginning to consider 3 boxes of Marvel Knights and 2 boxes of DC Origins. That’d come out to $48. Throw in a Batman starter set and it’s about where my brother and I want to max out. Still uncertain, though.

    Man, this is killing me.

  7. See? I knew you’d win! 😛 Congrats!

    About those 20 pack boxes: about a year ago, we got 2 of the DGL lots, and the distribution was a little iffy.

    Out of the 40 packs, we pulled (these are all commons) 11 Manhunter Protectors, 11 Weaponers of Qward, and 10 Central Power Battery, but only 1 AGL, 1 No Man Escapes the Manhunters, 1 Grayven, and 0 Element Man (and we might have missed some more since I don’t have DGL down very well).

    Every pack we opened had like one of three combinations for the common slots. Plus, we pulled 4 Shadows of the Past (rare), but only 1 Birthing Chamber (uncommon) and 1 The Ring Has Chose (uncommon). It left us feeling a bit suspicious. Oh yeah, and one of our 40 packs was an MSM pack.

    So I’d say try to stick to sealed boxes, if you can. 2 boxes is usually enough to get 4 of every common and 3-4 of most uncommons, so unless you REALLY want some more rares, I wouldn’t go past that. And the Avengers set is awesome.

    Ok, I’m done. Have fun deciding! 🙂

  8. kaleeshwarrior Says:

    So the twenty-packers are a bit iffy, huh? They seemed a bit too good to be true.

    Right now I am really leaning heavily on the idea of 3 DC Origins and 3 of the Marvel Knights 20-pack, although with t_man’s problems with them I might go with something else.

    Still, this is crazy good fun despite the indecision :).

  9. kaleeshwarrior Says:

    Ok, I’m now 90% leaning towards getting three boxes of Avengers. That’ll score me 1000 cards. Combine that with a deal I’m working out for some cards from the Marvel Knights affiliation and I think I’ve just figured out what I’m gonna do!

  10. Well, I’m pretty late to this party…here’s something to consider, though: the DOR, MSM, and DSM sets each have only 165 cards, while all the other sets there each have 220 cards.

    Point being, with only 2 boxes of the smaller sets, you could very probably have a full 4-of (or more) playset of each common card…makes things a little more consistent when deckbuilding (you won’t have to worry about coming up short on copies of cards you need). Of course, if you’d like to get extras of those commons to support several constructed decks at the same time (many of them can be good staple cards, after all), then 3 or more boxes of the smaller sets would easily get you a big surplus of commons, and almost-complete playsets of most uncommons (which can be especially good with DOR, which has a lot of good generic cards). About 2-3 boxes of the standard-sized sets should get you 4-6 of each common, as well as almost-complete playsets of the uncommons.

    While DSM and MSM aren’t the greatest sets in the history of VS, all the sets you’ve listed still have worthwhile cards so just about any combination you choose will have playable stuff. And of course, except for New Gods, Crime Lords, X-Statix, and the Avengers teams, all the affiliations featured in those sets have received new material that both supports and expands upon all the original stuff that you’ll get from any of these packs.

    I’d say, get boxes from sets that feature affiliations you like (either with mechanics you want to play, or just teams you like from comics/TV/movies). Whatever you choose, good luck on the rares you pull!

  11. kaleeshwarrior Says:

    Yeah, I was thinking about the whole “smaller sets” thing myself. That’s why MSM was really tempting for a while. Hyper cheap, only two affiliations which means I’d definitely get enough for decks, and not as many cards.

    However, I think I’ve got things narrowed down. It’s either gonna be three boxes of Avengers (which is the most likely) or four boxes of DC Origins. I can get a really nice deal on both of them and I like the teams in both (DOR for flavor, Avengers for flavor AND mechanics). Both of them will cost my brother and myself about $35 out of pocket or $17.50 a piece. Not a bad deal, if you ask me although my parents find it amusing that I go from getting $25 for free to spending $35 out of my brother’s and my Christmas money :P.

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