Entering the Endgame

I promised a decklist for my favorite new deck and, so, I have come to deliver on that promise. My new deck is built completely and utterly around the two cards that appear below.That has GOT to hurt

On their own, neither of these cards are particularly great but combined they become one of the best win conditions out there. This beats Galactus, it beats Onslaught, it beats everyone other than Captain Marvel which HomerJ proved to me a few nights back.

Anyways, the problem with these cards is that neither the Secret Society or Darkseid’s Elite has the sheer stalling ability to make it into turn 9. They just don’t. You have to go to the experts and I decided to go to a group that is well versed in leading a cosmic being to bring about the end of days: The Heralds of Galactus.

Heralds of the Dark God

Heralds of Galactus/Darkseid’s Elite

Silver Age

4x Silver Surfer – Skyrider of the Spaceways

4x Air-Walker – Gabriel Lan

4x Human Torch – The Invisible Man
4x Darkseid – Apokoliptian Oppressor

4x Red Shift – Rift Walker

2x The Fallen One – The Forgotten
2x Dark Kryptonian <> Dark Superboy – Mockery

4x Galactus – The Maker

2x Darkseid, Dark God

Plot Twists:

4x Absorba Shield
4x Endgame
4x Cosmic Necessity
4x I Must Obey
4x Creation of a Herald
3x Silver Surfer’s Board
3x Created from Hate


4x Soul World

This deck is basically your standard Heralds stall deck up and until turn 7 or so. However, this deck doesn’t really require either initiative to work. Your mulligan condition is Silver Surfer, preferably with his board, or Air-Walker. Endgame is also useful but not required on the opening hand.

Turns 1-6 are basic Heralds stalling. Just do everything you can to keep yourself from dying. The longer you can keep Surfer alive the better. If you can only get one activation out of him, though, it is most important to get Endgame.

Turn 7 is where the deck starts to differ from the normal HoG. First, you’ll want to play Galactus. Then, if you have the initiative, then you should substitute in Dark Kryptonian for your Forgotten One. Create a breakthrough window with Red Shift taking out the opponent’s highest drop and Galactus attacking any possible reinforcer. Then, smack with Kryptonian to move onto turn 9 next turn. Drop Darkseid, Dark God, flip Endgame, win. If you do NOT have the initiative, it is likely best to just go with standard stall on this turn.

If you got even initiatives, turn 8 is where you get your kill. Simply recruit Darkseid, substitute in Dark Kryptonian, and do just what I said previously. Make a breakthrough target for Krypto and jump a resource. That will make you jump to turn 9. As long as you didn’t attack with Darkseid, you can fulfill the Endgame cost and pick up the win.

This deck is remarkably consistent when it runs properly. It is actually an excellent play to pitch Galactus to Creation of a Herald for Surfer’s Board on 3 so you can get him hidden. Surfer makes this deck run so smoothly it isn’t funny. However, missing Surfer or missing the Board makes this deck suffer big time. It can still scrape things together but it doesn’t work quite as well.

In all, I really enjoy this win condition. It’s a combo, it’s pretty janky, and its fun. I’m starting to think about some other combos that might work with Dark God. Obviously, you could go with a Spidey-Stall varient. You’d want even initiatives, turn 6 you stall with Devil, turn 7 with Spidey, turn 8 you drop Darkseid, use Spidey’s effect, substitute in Dark Kryptonian, use Daredevil to exhaust the board to end chances at reinforcement, attack with Kryptonian, jump to 9, Endgame. Another possibility would be to forgo Endgame entirely and try to build a deck that stuns the opponent’s board on 8. I’m not sure how easy that would be but it is a possibility.

After playing with this deck, I have to say there is one moment I enjoy most. I’ll play people online and all they see are these HoG cards and then, all of a sudden, I use Surfer to put Endgame on top and it clicks in their brain and they’re like “Ohhh…” That is easily half the fun of the deck. No one expects it. Now they will but they didn’t previously.

On a final “unrelated to the deck, still related to Vs.” note, barring the winter storm we’re supposed to get tonight being even more brutal than forecasted, I should get my first box of Avengers Vs. cards tomorrow! My brothers and I are currently planning on running a sealed mini-tournament with the first 15 packs and then either just opening the next 9 or perhaps playing the SuperCrossoverSealed we’ve read about on Realms. Not sure on that. Anyways, yeah, tomorrow will be a great day and one that should provide much fun in the household for the weekend. After that, I should be getting a nice chunk of Marvel Knights affiliated cards by the great Baldman of Vsrealms. That guy is so insanely charitable that I have to give him massive props. Finally, on probably next Friday, we’ll get our final set of card which are another two boxes of Avengers along with a whole 10-starter box of Fantastic Four. In all, by Friday the 8th I will have gone from having no Vs. cards to roughly 1700, all because I won some silly contest. How great is that!


2 Responses to “Entering the Endgame”

  1. Decks like this really bring out the best in the game. Pure fun, insane possibilities, and massive creativity.

    Well done.

  2. cosmicking Says:

    Dude. Is this a monoteam deck? 😉

    No, really this deck is awesome. It really reveals some enormous possibilities with Secret Society in the DC Legends set. I love this Kalee. My legion deck debuts in battle this week! Thanks again, Cos

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