Deck Progression: Masters of Evil

This is my new pet project. I’m going to go ahead and breakdown my Masters of Evil deck I have built now. Then, any time I make changes to it (like I certainly will next week), I’ll post the updated deck list.


Masters of Evil

Golden Age


2x Yellowjacket, Rita Demara
2x Radioactive Man, Chen Lu
1x Nathan Garrett <> Black Knight, Corrupt Crusader
1x Paul Ebersol <> Fixer, Problem Solver

2x Screaming Mimi
2x Beetle, Armorsmith
1x Melter, Bruno Horgan
1x Shocker, Vibro-shock Villain

2x Tiger Shark, Todd Arliss
2x Marcus Daniels <> Blackout, Darkbringer
1x Egghead, Elihas Starr
1x Grey Gargoyle, Paul Pierre Duval
1x Bulldozer, Wrecking Crew

3x Whirlwind, David Cannon
2x Heinrich Zemo <> Baron Zemo, Baron of Zeulniz
1x Mr. Hyde, Engine of Destruction

3x Ultron <> Crimson Cowl, Dark Disguise
2x Titania, Vengeful Vixen

2x Erik Josten <> Goliath, Growing Menace
1x Karla Sofen <> Moonstone, Master Manipulator
1x Executioner, Scourge of Jotunheim

1x Enchantress, Amora
1x Helmut Zemo <> Baron Zemo, Uber Enemy

Plot Twists:

4x The Wrecking Crew
3x Stolen Power
2x Crime Spree
2x Unfair Advantage
2x Sonic Disruption
2x United We Stand
2x Evil Reborn
2x Shrink
1x Mystic Summons
1x Adhesive X


2x Force Field Belt

The deck is really just your basic Masters of Evil “Swarm early, curve late” deck. The curve is all screwed up and the plot twists could use some work but it isn’t bad for something made out of my first box that is, for all intents and purposes, a stack of every Masters of Evil card I got in the packs plus a few generic plot twists. It still has some jank, it’s still fun, it’s just not a perfect deck which I’m sort of unused to since that’s all I build on MWS are “perfect decks” where you have a playset of every card in the game.

Off the top of my head, this deck could use some more Crime Spree, Unfair Advantage, Adhesive X, Sonic Disruption, and Mystic Summons. It could use less The Wrecking Crew, United We Stand, and Evil Reborn. The curve needs to be fixed up a bit. I’m heavy on characters, mostly due to extra spots that needed to be filled and I don’t have the generic plot twists to fill them yet (but Friday… 20x Flying Kick FTW!). Combine that with lack of search and I sorta went heavy on the characters.

In all, I’m enjoying the deck. I just have one thing to ask the experienced players, though. What’s the best way of keeping track of endurance? I’ve just been using pencil and paper so far but that means that the other player has to ask me what his endurance total is. Would dice or coins work, perhaps? Or is paper and pencil the standard way to go?

Also, deck sleeves. What kind would work? I saw a lot of 1000 sleeves for $10 on Ebay but I think those are “display” sleeves and not shuffle sleeves. They’re called Ultra Pro Store-Safe Soft Sleeves and labeled as “Archival Safe”. I’m guessing those won’t work? Other than that, is $2 for 50 sleeves a good deal on generic colored ones? I’m not going to need these immediately since I don’t plan on reselling and can deal with some nicks but I am planning on getting a few boxes of DC Origins in a few months for my birthday and would like to get enough cards to at least sleeve three decks that way I have absolutely no worries as far as damage.

Thanks to anyone who answers the questions and be sure to tune in again next Friday or so for the exciting conclusion of my Masters of Evil deck!


4 Responses to “Deck Progression: Masters of Evil”

  1. Well, until we got the Hellboy trackers we always used pen & paper. It can also be useful, as you can take notes on what turn it was when certain losses occurred, and what caused the endurance shift. That can help give you a better idea of which cards can give you some good, consistent hits in practice and which turns you typically end on; and then use that info to direct you in which cards you might want to seek out for trade or purchase for future refinements to that deck or others.

    Tracking endurance can often be a nuisance though, you might want to alternate who records it each game unless someone really wants to do it; I usually end up tracking it for our group and the other guys will often forget to inquire about everyone’s total before realizing whether they or certain other players are near death. However, when my one friend pulls out his Shadowpact deck I hand the sheet over to him, because that’s just too much of a headache. 😉

    For sleeves…the little pack I have has a label “Collector Safe Premium”. They’re soft sleeves, and my friend sells them for $1 for a pack of 100. They work fine for playing, and I store my decks and rares/foils (but not my loose common/uncommons, I have too many) in them, they’ve kept those cards in good shape. I have a different, random pile of hard sleeves from eBay auctions that I keep for purposes of displaying cards with art I like, or when giving cards as gifts.

    Good luck pulling the cards you want from your next box; I’ve gotten loads of Avengers and still don’t have a full playset of little Atlas or Adhesive X.

  2. Woo! Masters of Evil! I remember liking them ’cause if I was gonna miss my drops (which happened often since I didn’t have a lot of cards back then), most of the time I’d be able to blow my resource points somewhere. 🙂

    For some reason I like Windstorm more than The Wrecking Crew, and Framistat isn’t too bad in that kind of build. Insect Swarm is sometimes useful for jumpin’ a would-be-KO’d Beetle or Yellowjacket back to your hand, too. Just some thoughts for ya to play around with.

    Most of the time when I play with my bros I keep track of the endurance, but you could try each of you keeping track at the same time…that way there’s no confusion anywhere and everybody’s on the same page.

    3 and a half boxes of Avengers and we’ve only 2 Scorpions (which isn’t THAT big of a deal) but only ONE Vermin…come on! Everything else is pretty good, though, so you shouldn’t have a problem building nice deck when you get the rest of your cards. Have fun!

  3. kaleeshwarrior Says:

    At Number6:
    So Pen and Paper is the standard then. I kinda figured as much. And “soft sleeves” should work? Cool.

    At t_man:
    Yeah, MoE rocks at the moment. I’ve been going toe-to-toe with the Avengers deck I mentioned simply because I can almost always use my resource points even if I miss drops while my brother will have to underdrop or just pass the turn.

    I’d love to use Windstorm in this deck, I really do, but SOMEONE went and sniped it and put it into their Avengers deck while I wasn’t looking… Insect Swarm is a great idea, though. Never would have thought of that and I’ve got two copies worth so that should work out well.

    At both on pack opening woes:
    Ha! I already have you beat on Vermin, t_man. Got two copies and I think one is foil :). Sadly, I completely missed Scorpion which bums me out big time. Hopefully I get a copy or three in my next two boxes. And don’t jinx me on Adhesive X and Atlas, Number6! I’ve only got one of each and am dying for more since they’re such sweet cards.

    Two cards I’m really pleased about getting were three of Beetle Mach 1 and three Justice, Like Lightning. I love the first one for team-up decks (Faces of Evil is forming in my mind already) and JLL is an awesome pump or a stall tactic by suiciding a small drop into an opponent’s biggie for an exhaust. Hopefully I can finish off a playset of both here soon.

    Overall, I’m happy with where I’m at but I’m just DYING to get more cards. The sooner DHL starts moving my Marvel Knights package and the sooner Paypal posts so I can get more Avengers boxes, the better!

  4. Yeah, hard sleeves are fine for display, or preserving special cards, but they’re terrible for actually playing/shuffling your deck. “Soft” sleeves will protect them from basically anything except if you try to crease/fold/etc. the cards, and you can still shuffle them (though it’s not as easy as shuffling them up without sleeves).

    Not to add any further to your card-acquiring anxiety, but the worst example I’ve experienced is getting 3-3.5 boxes of DCR, plus a couple of eBay auctions, and I currently STILL own only one of the uncommon JSA Phantom Stranger…which is especially painful since my beloved Identity build favors powering-up. However, I should mention that my first two boxes of MTU and MVL gave me 4-ofs of most of the uncommons I really wanted…so again, good luck on your pulls!

    I do think you’ll find a lot of good potential in the MAV set…all 4 major affiliations have good themes and good cards, and there are 3 generic and 3 pair-specific teamups (as well as 3 teamup searchers) so that there’s a great variety of decks you can try (both mono and teamed-up) even with a limited selection of cards.

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