Woo! First “real life” Vs. cards


Finally, FINALLY, the UPS guy delivered my first ever box of Vs. System cards to my door at 6 o’ clock this evening. I’d been dying all day waiting for them. Let me tell you, there is nothing more refreshing than busting open the first 24 packs of a game you’ve loved so much yet had never actually gotten a hold of.

Anyways, the first thing we did was played a version of SuperCrossoverSealed with 3 packs each. We were originally going to play real Sealed but decided to just open up all the cards to see what we got. And we got quite the good sets of cards.

Off the top of my head, I can list Other-Earth, Jarvis, Avengers Assemble, Executioner, Monica Rambeau <> Captain Marvel, and New Identity as a few of the rares we got. The only real bummer rare was Hired Hit since its a legacy rare. Other slightly sad point was no 8-drop Thor, which my little brother is dying to get. However, considering that we’ll have two more boxes on the way as soon as Paypal gets done processing (stupid Paypal!), we should be able to get our hands on one soon enough.

One thing that I found really neat is we already have about half of a good deck for each team. That sounds bad at first but considering we only have 1/3rd of our cards, it means my brothers and I will have some good decks by the time we finish busting packs.

We drew some NICE Avengers cards (almost a full playset of Playroom right off the bat) which my little bro used to build a very good deck when you consider its built from one box. It’s sort of an amalgam Team Attack/Reservist/Leader build. By the time we get through our next two boxes, I highly expect it to be wiping the floor with our other decks.

I can already see the beginning of No-Hand Squadron in our Squadron Supreme stack. 2x Nuke, Ape X, Lady Lark, Golden Archer, a few Might Makes Right… Yeah, that’ll probably be a nice build by pack busting end. The jank side of me, though, sees the alternate breakthrough Squadron Supreme cards and squeals like a giddy school girl. Hopefully I can get a nice chunk of those in the next two boxes.

Our Thunderbolts draw seems alright. I’m pretty sure we drew about two Deadly Conspiracy which is cool. We also got some Justice, Like Lightning and a couple of both Citizen V. In all, I should be able to build something decent with them. Only thing that makes me sad is lack of Team Tactics in this set. One of my favorite decks on Marvel Trading Card Game for the DS was Tactics/Conspiracy abuse with 6-drop Songbird. Got her up to 100+ attack once… I did get a 2-drop Atlas to go with the aforementioned New Identity. If I can score three more Identity and three more Atlas, I am building a real life Atlas Counter deck. That’d be a ton of fun.

We did not get much Kang or much legacy. The fact we didn’t get much Kang makes me sad since I like Kang. Hopefully he rebounds in the next two boxes so I can at least throw together something playable. The fact we didn’t get much legacy makes me happy since I don’t like legacy. As I said before, the only “wasted” rare was really Hired Hit which is at least okay since its a plot twist I can use on the Hitman card I got a copy or two of. Hopefully the low amount of legacy cards sticks around through the next two boxes.

Finally, Masters of Evil is my current deck and we actually got a nice chunk of them. We got a copy of each of their rares other than 8-drop Ultron (so we got Fixer, Shocker, Executioner, and 5-drop Klaw) and I’ve got two Crime Sprees and two Unfair Advantage which is nice. I’ll post a decklist of this and my brother’s Avengers deck later.

In all, I am really, really happy with how this box has worked out for me. We’ve got a nice skeleton for each of the teams that should be filled out with the next two boxes, we got good rares, and legacy content was at a minimum. The only downside is that we didn’t get much Kang or much in the way of generic plot twists. Other than that, the box was really, really good and allowed for two playable decks right out of it. In all, a great box (that was basically free due to my prize code) and a great first taste of Vs. System. Now I just have to wait for the boxes I’m actually paying for.


2 Responses to “Woo! First “real life” Vs. cards”

  1. gdaybloke Says:

    Hoopy gratz on your first boxes. I remember Avengers was the first set I bought by the box, and opening three boxes at once made my head spin.

  2. I can feel it from here, such bliss comes with opening boxes like that… especially the first time.

    Monica Rambeau is the sickness, both in art and in function. Enjoy.

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