Did you hear that? That was the fastest man alive smacking you in the back of the head while on the way to foil a bank robbery. I think he’s upset with you. It might be because you’ve ignored him, left him to sit in the bottom of a box of cards that might as well be marked “unusable”. Yeah, Wally isn’t all that happy about that.

That’s why I’m here. You see, the fastest man alive wants to make a comeback. The Flash wants to do what he does best: Smack the taste out of an opponent’s mouth before they so much as have time to react.

Don’t do it, Supes! You’ll just lose!

So, how does one go about playing with a card like Wally West <> The Flash, The Fastest Man Alive? Well, you need to be willing to have your 5-drop get stunned back before combat even starts. You need to be willing to risk everything by placing it all on the shoulders of one man. You need to be able to read the card and realize that it is only Wally’s printed defense that matters, not the target of Wally’s speed.

I don’t know how many times I passed this card in MWS and thought it was just a goofy way to stun an opponent’s 5-drop out of combat. Big deal, I though. Then when I actually read it and realized you can hit characters by lowering their defense, I had to give Wally his props and build him a deck.

Fastest Man Alive

JLA/Brotherhood/Checkmate/X-Men/Teen Titans/Negative Zone (AKA Lots o’ People)

Silver Age

4x  Dinah Laurel Lance <> Black Canary, New Wings
4x  Ray Palmer <> The Atom, World’s Smallest Hero

4x  Mia Dearden <> Speedy – Deadly Aim

4x  Random, Marshall Evan Stone III
3x  Hal Jordan, Founding Member

3x  Valentina Vostok <> Negative Woman – Bishop
4x  Barry Allen <> The Flash, Crimson Tornado

4x  Wally West <> The Flash – The Fastest Man Alive

3x  Mimic, Exile

1x  The Void  – Robert Reynolds

4x  Frag Grenade

Plot Twists:

4x  Truth and Justice – Team-Up
4x  Full Throttle
4x  Enemy Of My Enemy
3x  Mightiest Heroes
2x  Heroes of Two Worlds


2x  StarkTower – TEAM-UP

Your mulligan condition is one of the two JLA 1-drops and Random or a way to get a hold of Wally West. Preferred initiatives are odds so you can smack with Wally turn 5, hit around as needed to keep your board presence, then go into the big combo turn that is turn 6.

Turn 1 you need to play either Canary or Atom, the deck doesn’t run nearly as well without them since they are the best at fulfilling Wally’s Loyalty. Atom is better since he’s hidden so he can likely last you all the way until turn 5 but Canary is good enough if you have a team-up. If you missed the drop, you better hope you have Mightiest Heroes ready to search.

Turn 2 is a second chance at the JLA 1-drops if you missed them. If you got them, you can either play another or play Mia Dearden <> Speedy. She’s the first defense lowering card in the deck. She ain’t great but she’s useful enough.

Nothin’ Random about his inclusion.

Random is your preferred turn 3 play. He is an absolute beast on the all important turn 6. He’s also great leading up to that point. Secondary is Hal Jordan but you really do not want to have to play him.

Turn 4 is one of three plays: One, if you missed Random last turn, play him now. Two, if you have a decent board, play Negative Woman for more defense lowering fun. Three, if you have a feeling your about to get smacked around, play Barry Allen so you can negate an opponent’s attack. Any of these plays are decent and help lead into turn 5 and 6.

Wally speeds onto the scene on turn 5. You should be off-initiative here so use him to stun the opponent’s 5-drop and, if you have Barry Allen, force a bad play going into turn 6. If you have initiative, then you can basically do the same thing anyways.

Finally, the over-hyped turn 6. You have the initiative but combat ain’t all that important on this turn. All the magic happens during the build phase. Here’s how it should go down. Play Mimic and copy Wally’s effect. Use Random (hopefully he’s still around) to lower the opponent’s 6-drop’s defense. Rat-tat-tat and Frag Grenade will work for this as well. This should leave the 6-drop at 9 attack. Send Wally into him for a mutual stun. Then, send Mimic into the opponent’s 5-drop with Wally’s effect. Free stun. Congratulations, you just stunned most, if not all, of the opponent’s board if they’re playing curve.

Turn 7 is even more fun if Random is still around. Recruit whoever. Use Random on the opposing 7-drop, activate Wally West, chain Random on and exhaust again which will bring the 7-drop down by 6 defense, use either a Frag Grenade or an underdropped Mia to take them down by 8 defense which should be enough to bring them to the 9 defense level. Next, chain on a Full Throttle to ready Wally. Activate him while targetting the opposing 6-drop. Use Random’s readying effect and target said 6-drop. That should bring him down to about 9 defense. Clear out the chain. Wally should stun both the opponent’s 6 and 7 drops. From there, it should be easy pickings.

Turn 8 shouldn’t exist but, if it does, The Void should easily let ol’ Wally stun all the way up into the opposing 8-drop.

The plot twists and locations are basic. Lots of team-ups so if you lose your 1-drop you have a shot at keeping West in the game without recruiting Barry on 4. Rat-Tat-Tat is useful if you have the cards to pitch. Frag Grenade is more defense-lowering goodness. The rest is search.

In all, I find this deck insanely fun to play with. However, it isn’t great and it falls flat against off-curve/swarm decks. Sure, you can stun them for free but losing your 5 to their 3 or whatever isn’t any fun. It also requires decent draws and a chunk of luck. However, it is still really, really cool to send Wally up into multiple big guys by combining his effect with Full Throttle and Mimic only helps the fun. Try the deck out if you can. You’ll surely enjoy the jank :).


3 Responses to “Whoosh!”

  1. cosmicking Says:

    You rule. Can you build it only with DC guys? I’m having trouble justifying the crossing of the multiverses?


  2. Comicking, you could try slotting in some of the DGL Anti-Matter stuff. Kiman instantly comes to mind.

  3. kaleeshwarrior Says:

    Yeah, gdaybloke is right on target. The old Qwardian Anti-Matter stuff would do wonders along with Bizarro Ray but they’re Golden Age while I wanted to try and make this Silver legal.

    Also, I believe DWF Ultraman has a blanket -1 defense effect plus he’s hidden so he should stick around. The 6-drop DWF Brainiac can help you hit support row opponents with a defense down. Heck, the 2-drop and 7-drop Revenge Squad Brainiacs do that as well. I could see the 2-drop being really nasty if the deck was built around him and Wally. On turn 6, Brainy would be dropping characters by -6 defense which should easily put them in Flash’s line of sight.

    So, yeah, there’s some other stuff out there that one can try if they don’t want to jump universe. Perhaps I’ll take a shot at the Revenge Squad stuff myself…

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