The Household Metagame

So, after receiving a shipment of Marvel Knights and X-Statix cards from Baldman and Paypal finally posting so I could order my two Avengers boxes and ten Fantastic Four starter sets, I’ve decided to take a moment to talk about the metagame of the Kalee household.

My brothers, who are pretty newbish as far as Vs. is concerned, are primarily playing the same Avengers deck they built last week. It works pretty well for them, especially when I help them out in figuring out the best move. The deck can team attack or regular attack, it has Reservist so it doesn’t care about character-flood, it has some search via Falcon, Avengers Assemble, and Jarvis, and it has Vision who can negate pretty much any combat pump (I hate that guy…). It’s really quite the easy, noob friendly deck so that’s what they run.

There’s also the Marvel Knights deck my younger brother built yesterday. I haven’t looked through it but from what I saw during a game between him and older bro, he has way too many characters and equipment. However, this is mostly a symptom of all the generic pumps already being used up. The multiple Fantastic Four starters should fix that via their 20 Flying Kicks and whatnot. He also, for some strange reason, isn’t running Borrowed Blade in combination with the 5-drop Punisher. For some reason an 11/11 with range on turn 5 doesn’t thrill him…

My decks are currently the Masters of Evil deck I posted earlier and then my new ones. I’ve got a Thunderbolts/Kang deck that works decently enough. Using 5-drop “Go to hidden, exhaust self and 5-drop” Kang to stall is very nice since I’m packing 8-Drop Karla Sofen who can cause a very big boom when combined with 7-drop Kang shifting opponent’s into the hidden zone. It’s not a great deck but I wanted to build something with Kang and Thunderbolts are good for teaming up so I ran with it.

I also just built an X-Statix Swarm deck which I plan on posting a decklist of by the end of the week. I know, I know, X-Statix are supposed to be loner-themed. However, I didn’t get any X-Statix Cafe’s in my package from Baldman so I went with with their alternate theme of swarming. The deck is actually quite good in the early game.  Nothing better than dropping Doop or Coach on 1, Bloke on 2, any combination on 3, and The Spike on 4. Bloke might as well say “+2/+2 for each hidden character you control” which is freaking awesome. I actually got him up to a 10/10 and then comboed it with a defense pump in an attempt to stonewall She-Hulk (although my brother just responded with an attack pump). Yeah, Bloke is sweet. The deck just curves up to 4, I think, and then I added in 7-drop Orphan just because. He usually is handing out +4 or so defense which is absolutely nothing to shake a finger at although it pretty much sticks a big red target on his chest.

In all, the “metagame” of the household is pretty healthy for my brother’s competition. I’m stuck playing just against the Avengers which is getting a bit dull already. Play something else, dang it! Oh well, the next box of Vs. comes tomorrow and maybe, just maybe, I can win another prize code from Dacardworld. I’m not getting my hopes to high but, if I do, I’m so getting another box of Avengers… or maybe two boxes of DC Origins. Not sure yet. Probably shouldn’t plan on winning contests I haven’t won yet.

On a blog related note, I swear I’ll have a Vs. Resolution post up tomorrow. I have got to keep up a rate of at least one a week on this thing or I’m never going to get it done. I think I’ll talk about my Future Foes deck since I’ve played the crap out of it lately. After that, I dunno. I’ve got a Curve Outsiders build I’m messing with so maybe that… Any requests out there? I know gdaybloke wanted Crime Lords but I’m starting to think I should wait on those, Avengers, and Thunderbolts so I can do modern versions when Marvel Universe comes out. Not sure yet. Like everything else in my life, I’m flying by the seat of my pants and that’s just the way I like it.


2 Responses to “The Household Metagame”

  1. Oh heck, build whatever you like, dude. We’re just enjoying reading it all!

  2. X-Statix’s swarm theme ain’t too shabby…I like to include a couple copies of the never-dying, hand-replenishing Dead Girl as well as the massive DEF-pumping Saint Anna (she can pump anyone, including herself…the amount of pump just doesn’t count her). Took me a while to get my hands on enough hidden guys and Training Theaters, but it’s still a decent (and thankfully cheap, rare-free) strategy. A pairing with X-Men can be useful (though that relies significantly on the rare Team X-Change and Prof X-1), but isn’t absolutely necessary.

    Put up whatever decks you like for the Resolution, I’m sure it’ll be interesting. Though, I’m particularly looking forward to whatever you come up with for the DWF teams: Gotham Knights, Team Superman, Revenge Squad, and Arkham Inmates.

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