Collection Comprete!

If you don’t get the title, then you haven’t played Super Smash Bros. Melee and listened closely to Falco. He’s got a bit of an English impediment making “Mission Complete!” into “Mission Comprete!” and I find it to sound really cool so I used the term “comprete” in lieu of “complete” sometimes…

Anyways, my final batch of Vs. cards came yesterday. Whoo boy, was that fun. From about 5:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. I was sitting there sorting every single card into affiliations which were then sorted into characters, plots, locations, and equips. The characters were then sorted into drops, then everything was sorted so all the multiples were in batches. Finally, I alphabetized each of the drops and non-characters so you could quickly find the card you were looking for. From there, they were each popped into one of the ten Fantastic Four starter boxes that we got and those were then labeled with the team affiliation on the top. Those starter boxes are packed FULL. I’ll post an image of the setup later.

So, how were the pulls? Pretty darn good! I got at least a playset and a half of basically every common, I believe I got at least two of each uncommon, and the Rares were nice. The only bummers were TWO Hired Hits, TWO Spider-Man, Peter Parker, one Spirits of Vengeance, four Thunderbolts Plaza, and three AIDA. I didn’t mind drawing a few of those last ones but that many of each? We don’t have much in the way of cards that target others so AIDA is a bit useless while Thunderbolts Plaza is not worth the cost.

This was made up for by the fact that we got two Avengers Mansion, another New Identity (got three of the buggers), two 6-drop Captain America, two 8-drop Ultron, another Jarvis, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, another Monica Rambeau <> Captain Marvel, Mt. Charteris, 4-drop Karla Sofen <> Metorite, Hard Sound Construct, two more Shocker, 8-drop Kang, 2-drop Kang, 6-drop Kang, two Null Time Zone, and a single copy of Mjolnir, 4-drop Thor, and (my little bro’s favorite) 8-drop “awesome text” Thor.

I believe the only Rares we don’t have at least one copy of are Mutant of the Year, Zorba, System Failure, Game of the Galaxy, 3-drop Kang, Under Siege, Marvel’s Most Wanted, Genis-Vell <> Captain Marvel, Rocket Central (bummer), and 7-drop Power Princess.

In all, I’m loving what we pulled. I’d guess we have enough for a mono deck of each affiliation and then enough to team them up with someone else. Those Fantastic Four starters provided us with a bunch of generics to use (40x No Fear FTW) and I really do think we have enough to build at least a good 12 decks or so.

So, yeah, excitement in the household. The metagame has revived considering that we deconstructed all our old decks. My younger brother then rebuilt his Avengers (he’s still holding onto those leader characters rather than going all-in with Reservists, silly boy…), my older brother finally got to build his Kang deck, and I have my Thunderbolts ready to go (playset of Deadly Conspiracy and Win-Lose Deal!). Today I’m probably gonna build and update to my Masters of Evil decks and then, after that, it’s serious playing time.

Oh, and I’m gonna use one of the Fantastic Four starter decks to get my dad into the game. He’s been wanting to learn how to play but I’ve been holding off teaching him until we got the starters so he had a simple deck to run/fight. That combined with a printed copy of the rules and I think I can at least get my dad hooked enough that he’ll be able to play the game with us when he wants that “Father/Son” time. That, and it means that in the future we’ll have four-players in the household. Can you say “Galactus”? I know I can.

I can tell you this: This game rocks and there is nothing better than busting 3+ boxes worth of cards. I can also tell you this: Life works in mysterious ways. About one week after talking about how I didn’t own any Vs. cards, my collection shot up from 1 card to 1,528 cards. Life is weird but it can be a lot of fun.


7 Responses to “Collection Comprete!”

  1. Spider-Man: Peter Parker is nothing to be sneered at – I tend to throw a playset into Spider-Friends evasion decks. He’s pretty much your best option at four if you’re running the lowbie evasion characters.

    Gratz on all the fun you’re having, it’s neat seeing the joy you’re getting out of older cards!

  2. kaleeshwarrior Says:

    Except for the fact that I don’t have the cards for a Spider-Friends Evasion deck :).

    I’ll probably love some of these legacy rares whenever I eventually get to the old sets that those teams are in. For now, however, I am sneering at them because where I see Peter Parker that I might use later there could have been an Avengers Assemble or Rocket Central that I could have used now.

  3. Nice. Nothing beats opening up Vs. boxes with my three brothers…well, except maybe Rock Band or Smash parties. Fun times.

    I kinda like T-Bolts Plaza. It goes well in their “mindless beatdown” theme (Vantage, 5-drop Beetle, Combat Maneuvers, 2-drop Melissa, etc.) A “free” +3 ATK anytime…you just have to be kinda careful when you use it. 😉

    Null Time Zone should be a pretty good card for your meta…

  4. kaleeshwarrior Says:

    Hmm… yeah, I do think Smash rivals boxes of Vs. I mean, Vs. is fun but Super Smash is my greatest gaming love, tabletop or video. Expect postings on here to slow way down post-Mar. 9th.

    Null Time Zone will definitely be handy. Thunderbolts Plaza is… alright. Maybe a 1-of. I just really don’t like the idea of giving my opponent’s something as huge as a free ready.

  5. Chaos Magic is God to me.

  6. my old thunderbolt deck ran 2 plaza’s. use it either on the first attack, when all your opponent’s characters are ready, or on the last attack, when your opponent will have a stunned board anyways.

  7. Hey Kalee, just thought I’d let you know… CoolStuffInc has older VS boxes for MOR, DOR, MSM, DSM, MMK, MAV and DJL for under $20 apiece each…

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