I live!

Whoops! That unintentional week-long hiatus definitely falls under the category of “going longer without an update than a site should”.  You can tell you need to update when your daily views for a day is worse than the first day the blog went up online…

Anyways, reason for the hiatus can be attributed mostly to just not having anything in particular I felt like talking about. I really meant to put up a Custom Card Thursday and even made the Two-Face cards for it but didn’t feel motivated to post. The problem is definitely NOT my Vs. System love dropping off since I’ve built so many decks this past week, it is simply non-motivation on the blog front.

Now, to make this post Vs.-Oriented, a quick update on the household metagame. Basically, not much has changed on the opposing side. I have these two decks to face:

1. Avengers Reservist (My younger brother FINALLY took my advice and went straight Reservist and has since been kicking my low-tier decks’ butts. Good for him!)

2. Kang (Decent deck, it just doesn’t have a large amount of “Oomph” to it. I’m considering buying some of the pieces to build Kang City so my older bro can hang with little bro’s Reservist deck and my top-tier’s. Only problem is that it’d be a good $15 to get the set and that would be last of my cash. Decisions, decisions…)

Now, while the decks that are opposing my own creations are few, I’ve spent the past week building SIX decks. They can be seen after the jump and are in order from worst to best:

6. Common Enemy: Starter Edition (Piece of JUNK. Holy snap, this deck is BAD. Lowest tier deck in the household. If it ever wins, I’ll be swearing because I could’ve used the luck required for the P.o.S on something useful like winning the lottery.)

5. Squadron Supreme Alt. Breakthrough (Newest deck, just built this morning. Meh. Not bad but it really isn’t a very good deck. Could probably pick up a win or two with decent luck.)

4. Masters of Evil (Needs fixing. For some reason I forgot to put in any copies of Yellowjacket. Not bad and I love confusing my brothers with the fact that while Unfair Advantage stops me from playing plot twists, I can still USE the effect of Crime Spree. Fun. Has won a game or three.)

3. Thunderbolts (The deck I find myself playing the most often. It’s a good, middle of the road deck with nothing that makes an opponent flinch but enough tricks that I can have fun running it. It’s definitely the most important deck I have because I can play it without my brothers immediately knowing they’re facing an uphill battle and getting disappointed. Has won and lost its share of games.)

2.  Faces of Evil (I’ve played this deck twice. Both times it won by a high margin with the opponent shaking their head. Fun deck but no one wants to play against it because facing off against curve requires a strategy shift they aren’t quite ready for. I need to use it more…)

1. No-Hand Squadron Supreme (By joves, I love this deck and my brothers HATE it. I was able to turn around a twenty endurance deficit on turn 5 into a win on turn 6 which left my younger brother in shock. I believe that game is what convinced him to upgrade his Avengers deck. Great, great fun deck. Easily the best deck in the household next to possibly the Avengers Reservist little bro runs.)

So, yeah, that’s the household metagame of the moment. I’m currently planning on building a Marvel Knights deck here soon, followed up by another X-Statix swarm build. That’ll bring the decks in the house that are available to play up to ten. I don’t think we’ve ever had that amount of decks sitting around for any of our other card games. Sure, 4/5 will be mine but that’s not the point. It’s not my fault I’m a deckbuilding fiend.

Finally, I’ve decided to end this post with a simple question, just because I’m curious:

How many decks do you currently have laying around the house/apartment/box under the bridge? What kind of decks are they?

Bonus points to anyone who answers the question.


3 Responses to “I live!”

  1. Glad to hear you’re still rolling! Lost Hemisphere’s a little quiet while I work out my entries for the Stu-vivor finals.

    I generally have 6-8 decks assembled at any one time; I frequently disassemble decks and slap them back together, but 6-8’s the standard.

    Off the top of my head, right now I have assembled:
    Ghost Rider MK/F4 Legend
    Darkseid Legend
    Morlock Evasion
    Squadron Supreme alt breakthrough
    Moon Knight.dec
    Red Robot Revenge (Manhunter burn)

  2. Unless I’ve just purchased and sorted a bunch of VS cards (I dissemble my decks to make sure that all my cards will fit in my boxes), I usually have at least 3 decks around…the most I’ve ever had was 12, which was over this past winter break, I’d built 4 decks with teams my brother likes playing most, and another 8 that I liked but either of us could play.

    I typically have 1-3 “tried and true” decks, and all the rest are “experimental.” As you can probably guess, the experimental stuff is where I try out some new idea/combo/team/etc. to see how reliably the deck works. For me, that’s different from the deck winning…I almost always have two opponents, so even when my decks perform really well I can still end up losing if they both choose to pound on me. But I try to see how easily I can pull off combos, set back my opponents, make big hits, etc. If it does any or all of that fairly reliably (and in a satisfying manner) after a few games and/or tweaked revisions, it becomes a “tried and true” deck design. I’d either keep it around, or if I play it enough that it becomes somewhat boring or tiresome, I’ll note down the deck construction (so I can rebuild it later, and think about how cards from newer sets might fit into it in the meantime) and take it apart.

    Nearly all of my decks are curve decks of some sort, with main emphasis on combat ability and interactions rather than more technical game aspects like negation, denial, or even control/stall. I’ve played swarm-style decks too, and while they work reasonably well they get very frustrating against multiple opponents who are playing curve.

    My current “tried and true” decks are:
    *Arkham Inmates/Revenge Squad, combining non-adjacent with all-front-row strategies (as long as they can’t be adjacent to reinforce, it doesn’t matter where I put them so why not the front row). Very little strategy to worry about, the characters just get multiple continuous pumps and beat the snot out of everyone as a result. Easy to pull off, and without having to worry about formations it just speeds our games right along.
    *JSA Identity, pretty much all the common-identity stuff contributing to all the various useful effects; powering-up isn’t hard and there’s a fair bit of hand replenishment to help. Everyone’s JSA except I tossed in JLA’s Green Arrows at 2 and 5 for backup drops within the theme (and to help ensure Justice United goes off), and it’s topped with the Earth-2’ers at turns 6 and 7. It is weird when Hawkman Takes Up the Mantle to become Power Girl, though.

    My current “experimental” decks:
    *GK/AI Insanity. Lots of card draw and/or card cycling packed in among the various pump stuff, now that I own Beside Myself. Even though I missed Beside Myself in its first game, I actually won with initiative on turn 7 and Two-Face (DGL) followed by Bat-Mite (so Two-Face could do his schtick again and again…).
    *Multiverse Wonder Woman. Got JLA Wonder Womans, Earth 2 Wonder Woman, and both Superwomans (WW’s Earth 3 counterpart) in the deck. The theme is purely just for kicks, but there’s a fair potential for powerups and I wanted to show off my two Fury of the Amazons. Also got JSA’s Hawkgirls and both JLA Zatannas in there, and even though it’s supposed to play E2 WW on 5, Zatanna’s Cosmic replenishment on the Avatar of Truth is just SWEET. I’ve also found that the Earth-3 off-init stuff can be very good (especially when you don’t have init 2/3 of the time 😉 )
    *JJ-LL-A. A pile of Illusionary Warriors, then starting on turn 3, Lex Luthor-Aquaman-Martian Manhunter (J’onn J’onzz)-Lex Luthor-Aquaman-Martian Manhunter. So, only 4 names on the characters in the deck. Powerups galore, with Changing Minds and Evil Genius to draw more while Aquaman recurs them, and the Illusionary Ally Army guys are supposed to help my main guys rarely stun. I’m really excited about the design, but a bad early game and contesting against an Insanity deck where Joker-6 just emptied their hand and wiped me out did not make me feel good. But that was one game, and I did hit my 4-6 easily and did some powering-up and recursion so I’m looking forward to its future.
    *Magic Galore! A leftover concept that I was going to build for my brother, but I ran out of time (and sleeves, after 12 decks). Shadowpact + Marvel Knights (featuring MK’s “magic heroes” rather than Punisher, Elektra, etc.). Included some endurance loss but also endurance gain (Morbius, Oblivion Bar) to manage those numbers a little better for the late game fuel for Zatanna and Dr. Strange (MVL). Nothing too impressive or combo-specific actually, but gave me an excuse to put in every I Hate Magic and I Still Hate Magic that I could. 😉 Plus, my friend that plays Darkseid tried a Shadowpact deck because he does like the “Magic Hero” guys but wasn’t too thrilled with how they played, I hope he gets a kick out of this and maybe revisits them (also, I’m SICK of seeing his Darkseid deck).

    Hmmm….that turned out to be a lot longer than I thought. Hope it didn’t bore ya.

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