Custom Card Thursday #2: Schizophrenia is nasty business

After an unintentional hiatus where I skipped last week, CCT is back!

This week I’ll be sticking with my original theme of the Arkham Inmates as I take down another bigwig in the Batman Rogue’s Gallery. I find it delightfully ironic that I happened to do this guy’s cards for the second edition of this posting series thing.

Two-Face. In my opinion, he has the coolest gimmick out of every villain ever except for maybe The Joker. Ol’ Two-Face was originally Harvey Dent, District Attorney of Gotham City. However, in an unfortunate turn of events, half of his face was permanently scarred by acid which drove Dent insane and split his personality in two. This created the criminal known as Two-Face. Ever since his scarring, every decision Two-Face makes is determined by the flipping of a double-sided coin with one marked head and one plain head. If the unmarked head comes up, the “positive” outcome is followed upon. If it is the scratched head, however, Two-Face follows through on his villainous desires.

In my opinion, the Two-Face cards that have been made so far are really, really weak. Only the DC Origins version has anything to do with coin flips while the rest have either an exhaustion theme, an “evens or odds” theme, or both. Weak. Two-Face is about the flip of the coin! So that’s what I went with for Two-Face’s three cards; every single card has a coin flip involved. How fun :).

Lots o’ text

One word describes Two-Face, Flip of a Coin. Options. And too much text. So five words, I guess.  Anyways, this Two-Face is designed with the same thought process as the original DOR Two-Face where you activate him and flip a coin, but this time you actually get something worth the activation if it comes up right.

If your flip is heads, you get the option of negation or card draw. The negation is supposed to help show his “good side” from when he occasionally teams up with Batman. The card draw fits with the Insanity theme of Arkham where drawing as many cards as possible is good. Also, the peculiar wording of “Draw a card twice” is intentional.The idea is that selecting that effect will activate Beside Myself two times since you aren’t “Drawing 2 cards” but are instead doing two separate draws.

However, there are consequences for this guy getting tails.  You either give your opponent two cards, a plot twist, or a free recovery. I’d say the best way to use this Two-Face is at the start of the turn before anyone is stunned and while an opponent does have anything particularly great face-up. That way, you should “only” give them two cards which is still bad but not horrific.


Two-Face duality is a game ender, either for your opponent or yourself. At the start of every combat phase, you have a 25% chance at getting a 20/20 untargetable 7-drop, a 25% chance of giving your opponent your 7-drop for the rest of the turn, or a 50% chance of having a 7-drop with blank text. When you play this Two-Face, you have to ask yourself, “Is it worth the risk?” That’s up to you to decide.


How could they have not made this card already? This card is really easy. Every time the equipped Two-Face enters combat, he’s either gonna get a free Mandroid Prototype and a card draw or he’s gonna be hit by a pair of Harsh Judgment and the opponent gets the free draw. Risky play. Yes, but who doesn’t want to flip two coins for Two-Face, Duality, get all heads, enter combat, flip for this, get a heads, and go to town with a 23/23 7-drop? Oh, and I hate the fact that I had to get a prop photo instead of art for this card but I couldn’t find a decent picture of Two-Face’s coin. You win some and lose some, I guess.

And that’s it for Two-Face. Next week, Hush is back to get some revenge on his old friend, Bruce Wayne.


One Response to “Custom Card Thursday #2: Schizophrenia is nasty business”

  1. Good stuff! So much coin flippage, so many interesting effects…a lot got crammed into those text boxes! Though maybe you should’ve had a clause on the Coin where if it gets KO’d, the equipped Two-Face is exhausted for no effect (as he panics and starts searching for his lost Coin).

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