Poker Night!

Back from another unnecessary hiatus, it’s time for Kalee’s Jank Deck of The Moment! *cue applause sound effect*

Now, I’m sure all of you have seen the new City Champion prize cards that are up at at the moment. If you haven’t go ahead and take a look. The first one is really “meh” and the second is usually going to be a Stalwart Defense that you can use outside the build phase. The third card, however, makes me smile.

Craziest gimmick ever…

This group of guys and gals are awesome for three reasons. One, they take advantage of the new Hats/Clouds rule where blanket effects are constantly inplay meaning that when one of these cards enters play, it gets its own effect and becomes a 2/1. Two, they break a pair of Vs. System’s core rules about non-army characters: uniqueness and amount of copies. Three, they give me a new way to abuse Bodyslide.

Just imagine. It’s turn 5. You drop five copies of the Royal Flush Gang. Each copies’ effect triggers, giving you five 6/1 one-drops. Now, let’s presume you have Cable and MVL Bishop inplay along with a pair of Bodyslide in the row or hand. You bodyslide Bishop and one of your copies of the RFG. They come back into play at your attack phase and their effects trigger. You should now have a five 9/1 characters along with Bishop and Cable. From my perspective, that spells “ouch” for your opponent.

So, building on that idea, here’s the basic concept for the deck.

Going All-In

Injustice Gang/X-Men

Modern Age


3x Tattooed Man, Art Imitates Life
5x Royal Flush Gang, Non-Unique <> Full House
2x Shadowcat, Phase Shifter
2x Multiple Man, Army <> MadroX

3x Forge, Cheyenne Mystic
2x Sunfire, Rising Sun
2x Professor X, Idealistic Dreamer
1x Gambit, Swamp Rat
1x Havok, Unstable Son
1x Barracuda, Earth-3
1x Johnny Quick, Earth-3

4x Cable, Nathan Summers
1x Power Ring, Earth-3

4x Bishop, Time Cop

Plot Twists:

4x Secret Files
4x Savage Beatdown
4x Turnabout
4x Gang-Up, Team-up
4x Bodyslide


3x Cerebro
2x Birthing Chamber
2x Stark Tower, Team-Up

You definitely want odd initiatives here. Evens isn’t too horrific but odds makes life much easier. Mulligan condition is a bunch of the Royal Flush Gang, a way to get the Injustice Gang and X-Men teamed-up, or pretty much any good hand overall.

Turn one play should be Shadowcat or a Multiple Man. Tattooed Man isn’t bad since he gets you another 1-drop for free although I’d prefer playing him on five to bring in a Royal Flush Gang member since you’d then net a free character. Never ever play a RFG on turn one.

Turn two is pretty much whatever you have in hand, just avoid playing the Royal Flush Gang. Forge is easily the best since he nets you a free card. Hopefully you have Cerebro online by now and can start digging through your deck.

Turn three is preferably Cable so you can play with his bodyslide. Otherwise, just dump out your hand other than the Royal Flush Gang.

Bishop is your preferred turn four play, otherwise drop Cable with a 1-drop. If that isn’t an option, this is another dumping time out of your hand.

Finally, turn 5 is the kill turn I mentioned earlier. Play all the Royal Flush Gang cards out of your hand, use Tattooed Man during this to net an extra character. Use as many Bodyslide as you have, targeting either RFG members or Bishop. When the attack phase comes, hopefully you can swing into the opponent for massive damage.

The support cards in this deck are simple. Lots of search and card draw along with two great pumps in Turnabout and Savage Beatdown. Nothing better than swinging into the opposing 5-drop with a 12+ attack one-drop…

Anyways, weaknesses of this deck. There are lots. You need a ton of luck for the primary combo to go off due to all the puzzle pieces required. You need to keep Cable inplay into turn five. If you miss the odd initiatives, the deck suffers a fair amount (although a turn four Royal Flush play isn’t a bad idea). Finally, it’s a swarm deck with a turn five kill condition. Guess when all the weenie hate happens? Exactly. If the opponent is packing the turn five low-drop hate, the deck dies.

I’ll admit, I haven’t gotten the chance to play around with this deck yet since none of the cards are up on MWS as of my last check but I’m going to bet that this’ll be one fun deck to play, especially if I can ever get the combo to activate.

So, yes, this deck is weak. It’s really dependent on god draws and the opponent not having weenie hate. However, I did mention this was the “Jank Deck of The Moment”, not a particularly good deck. If you want those, go lurk around other blogs. This one’s to busy trying to draw a Royal Flush…


2 Responses to “Poker Night!”

  1. Brilliant, as always. I was going to do this for the last article, but I ran out of room after talking about Infinates. Now I see that I would have been upstaged anyway.


  2. I just want to know if 10 is a “ten”…

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