The Great Vs. Resolution #7 – Squadron Supreme

About stupid time that I get back into the swing of this. If I’m not careful, I’m going to fall WAY too far behind…

Anyways, as you can see, this week’s TGVR article is about the Squadron Supreme. SS is probably best known for the No-Hand Supreme decks that ran around back in the day and could easily get the win by turn five (I’ve personally piloted one to a turn four victory where the opponent had three endurance going into the turn). These decks focused on dumping all the cards out of the player’s hand in order to get some nastily strong effects.

There is another side to the Squadron, though. That side is the “alternative breakthrough” side. Quite a few of the SquadSup. characters have effects that negate their own breakthrough in exchange for another effect. Other cards give out bonuses in exchange for penalties if breakthrough is done. These go hand in hand in order to give you some nice pumps and effects in exchange for a lack of extra damage. In my opinion, this theme was really weak until the X-Men set where the Squadron got their Mysterium 9-drop which could instantly win the game, just by inflicting breakthrough.

That, combined with the fact that I love the Mysterium art, is why I built the following Squadron Supreme Alternate Breakthrough deck.

“Dude, where’s my breakthrough?”

Squadron Supreme

Golden Age

4x Quagmire-Jerome Meyers

4x Haywire-Harold Danforth

4x Lamprey-Donald McQuiggan
3x Inertia-Edith Freiberg

3x Power Princess-Zarda
3x Amphibian-Kingsley Rice

4x Redstone-Michael Redstone

3x Hyperion-Mark Milton

2x Arcanna-Arcanna Jones
1x Power Princess-The Last Utopian

1x Mysterium-Joseph Lightner

Plot Twists:
4x Blind Sided
4x Mobilize
3x Call in a Favor
3x Project Utopia
3x Peace in Our Time
3x Other-Earth
3x Eldritch Power

3x Squadron City
2x Utopia Isle

Mulligan condition for this deck is Lamprey or Amphibian. Both are great cards that get the ball rolling with this deck. Preferred initiatives is odd so you can take advantage of Lamprey, Redstone, Arcanna, and Mysterium.

Originally, this deck passed on one drops but then I remembered Quagmire. Ol’ Quaggie can drop an exhausted attacker/defenders defense by two points. Not much, but it might just open up a guy to do breakthrough to which is good enough for an inclusion.

Turn 2 is where the alternate breakthrough starts. Haywire can stop a character from readying if he does breakthrough to them. Not a great effect since you’ll likely only hit a 3-drop with it but it does go well with the rest of the theme by canceling a possible reinforcer.

Lamprey comes out on turn 3. While he doesn’t get huge, ol’ Lampy can easily hit 4-drop size on turn four. Not amazing but not anything to be bummed about. Inertia is pretty much just thrown in as an alt. drop. However, since she forces movement, she could theoretically help take out an opponent’s formation and open up breakthrough targets.

A poor man’s Aquaman, which is sad since Aquaman is already a poor man’s superhero.

Ok, don’t let the little “hover over to see” text that I put on that image fool you. I really, really like this guy. I was a bit bummed when I only drew one out of our Avengers boxes. Anyways, if you have even initiatives, I really like playing Other-Earth and then popping it back when Amphibian attacks. Very fun. Power Princess is in here as well. +3/+3 on a character instead of breakthrough is nothing to shake a stick. You’ll want to play her if you have odds, Amphibian if you have evens.

Redstone is our 5-drop. I absolutely love this guy. He’s an 8/11 that, when he would do breakthrough, instead does six direct burn. That’s nuts. If you have a pump and can hit their 5-drop (Hello, Power Princess!), it’s like basically having a 15/11 when you consider the damage your doing. It’s even more fun when it is comboed with Project Utopia. 10 endurance burn on one attack? YES PLEASE!

Turn 6 is Hyperion. He’s not bad. He gives your opponent a tough decision. Do you reinforce and let the guy that’s adjacent to Hyperion become unstunnable or do you let the attack go through and get whacked by an effect? Making your opponent choose between rocks and hard places is always a good thing. Plus he’s a 13/12 with flight and range.

Turn 7 and turn 8 both fall into the realms of 7-drops. Basically, you want to play Power Princess on whichever turn you don’t have the initiative and Arcanna on the turn you do. Power Princess is pretty weak. Most of your guys aren’t going to be doing breakthrough so she’s really just their as an alt. drop on whichever turn you don’t have the attack on. Arcanna is nuts. Swing her down into a low-drop to do breakthrough and then freebie stun their highest drop. Only downside to the girlie is her low 15 attack but that’s nothing a few pumps can’t fix.

Awesome hat.
Finally, on turn 9, it’s the big man’s time to shine. 24/24 is nothing to scoff at on a 9-drop and he literally has a game-winning effect. This guy could even beat Endgame, if you have a way to survive it (Bodyslide FTW?). All it takes is one Blindsided and “BAM!” Game over. Plus, no other turn nine win condition looks so spiffy.

Plot Twists are pretty simple. Mobilize and Call In A Favor for generic search and Blindsided for generic breakthrough kill. Project Utopia lets you pick a character and you basically get back your breakthrough since they’ll do four endurance burn whenever they stun anyone and you won’t have to worry about the KO effect since no one should be doing breakthrough. Peace In Our Time will do basically no damage to you while every turn your opponent does breakthrough, they lose a card for each one you have face-up. Sometimes you can let an opponent do that extra bit of damage, just to force them to pitch their hand. Other-Earth is a Blindsided with an additional -2 defense drop at the cost of your plot twists for the turn. Finally, Eldritch Power is +3 attack on offense and defense.

Squadron City is a reusable +3 attack pump which should help you hit your alt. breakthrough targets. Finally, Utopia Isle has a relatively steep cost of exhausting two characters but making an opponent lose 3 endurance each time they do breakthrough is nasty. Combine it with Peace In Our Time’s discard effects and your opponent won’t want to attack.

Now, this deck is decent. It isn’t good but it is decent. I haven’t ever won with it but I have been able to make it to turn 8. With a slightly better draw, I think this deck could easily hit Mysterium and go for the win. All it takes is a bit of good luck for you and bad luck for the opponent. More importantly, though, is that I find this deck to be really fun. You get to smack people upside the back of the head and tell them to not take breakthrough, you get to use a whole bunch of effects, and you can use a character that looks like he just stepped out of an old noir film yet has the power to defeat even Galactus. That, my readers, is absolute coolness in cardboard form.

Squadron Supreme (Golden) Ratings:

Deck Strength: 6 (I’ll admit, the deck isn’t amazing. However, I do believe it can win and I’m just waiting for the day it does.)

Deck Theme: 9 (Ok, to be honest, I don’t see why the Squadron has an alternative breakthrough theme. Perhaps because they’re supposed to be creating a non-violent utopia so they pull their punches and do less damage? Let’s go with that. Anyways, I really like this theme. It’s kinda like the HoG Human Torch taken to the extreme. Really, really fun.)

Ease of Use: 8 (This is not a hard deck to run. You just whack your targets but instead of damage you get effects. Easy, fast, and fun.)

Fun Factor: 9 (Fun. Fun. Fun. You get to use one of the neatest looking cards in the game, you get to use fun effects, you get to cripple your opponent. It’s just a really fun theme.)

Overall: 8 (Above average PURELY because I like their theme. This isn’t going to win you many games but it IS a great casual deck which is what I am all about. If you want to win a bunch of times while using the Squadron, go play No-Hand Squad. If you want to just goof off, Alternate Breakthrough Squad is where it’s at.)

Vs. System Affiliation Leaderboard
1. Marvel Defenders/The Hulk (Modern)
2. Fantastic Four (Modern)
3.Squadron Supreme (Golden)
4. Teen Titans (Modern)
5. Future Foes (Silver)

6. Emerald Enemies (Golden)

That’s right! A casual deck just smacked a highly competitive deck out of the top three. What an upset! Seriously though, I just run off of my average scores and the fact that I really like the Squad overran the fact that I’m not a huge fan of team attack decks. This just goes to show that on Planet Kalee it goes Casual > Competitive and not the other way around.

Next week… well, next week I’m going to finally do a deck that I’ve had built for a very, very long time that I had to swap about two cards out of to make Vs. Resolution legal. It has one of my favorite characters in it and is just a truly sweet deck. So, hush now, little ones. The Vs. Resolution has returned and you better hold on ’cause it’ll probably be a bumpy ride.


7 Responses to “The Great Vs. Resolution #7 – Squadron Supreme”

  1. That’s gotta be one of the funniest names for a deck I’ve seen in a while. Awesome.

    I’m playing against this deck right now!

    Wee! I can edit other people’s comments. Fun. Figured I’d test it out to respond to this comment. Anyways, yeah, that deck name just sort of hit me while I was typing up the article. Completely impromptu. And, for the people watching at home, once again, this deck lost when we played over MWS earlier. Stupid Masters of Evil…

  2. Yet another funky cool post, dude. Keep it up!

  3. […] After reading todays article from Kaleesh, I may also “borrow” his deck rating […]

  4. Awesome article today!

    BTW, am I alright to pinch your deck rating system?

  5. kaleeshwarrior Says:

    Feel free to pinch away!

    Anyone who wants to use anything on my blogs as a springboard/idea launcher/whatever can feel free as long as they don’t just, you know, actually 100% plagiarize a post or whatever. That’s the only way I could ever get annoyed at someone using my work. If you’re using something small like my “Leaderboard” (which is apparently broken in this post, gotta go fix that) or my deck rating system or something of that ilk, or if you happen to feel inspired by a particular deck idea and want to build off it seeing as I’m not an outstanding builder and most of my stuff could easily be fine-tuned by a veteran player, feel free to take it. I’d just like the occasional view of the blog as payment, perhaps with a comment as a “tip” 🙂 .

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