ROFLOL. Poker Spam

Okay, first technically non-Vs. related update on the site. Just ignore it if you don’t want too read me laughing at spambots.

I was going through my spam filter for the first time today. It is freaking hilarious. Apparently, someone, somewhere has made a blog that collects various Poker-related articles and links to them automatically. My Royal Flush Gang deck got linked by it :). How awesome is that? The site has a little blurby on it so its funny seeing this weird Poker collective site and then having the words “Tattooed Man” show up for my auto-linked content. Hilarious.

What’s even funnier, though, is that there’s ANOTHER one of these dumb Poker blogs that entirely skipped the one relatively related to Poker and instead started pinging back to my last Custom Card Thursday as well as today’s Squadron Supreme article. Absolutely hilarious.

Oh, and how about this fine piece of work by one “rmfib uxstm”:

fsvln slyhketgz arnztofxh suyc dofcxewim uxedwqfgz uihpgefxd

That’s  literally one of the spam messages that got hit. It didn’t have a link hidden in it, the person/bot who wrote it was apparently intelligent enough to put “” and just “.com” at the end of the inserted e-mail and “website” but the text itself is just a bunch of random stuff. Perhaps if you read it aloud you cause C’thulu to rise from the depths? I’m sorta tempted to see if the “random gibberish” site actually links anywhere but I know not to go clicking odd links, even behind the protection of Firefox, multiple routers, and several firewalls.

Other than those three things, nothing really notable. Just found it all highly amusing. You know you’ve got a decent site when the spam bots hit so I’ll take it as a good thing. When I actually start getting attacked by intelligent bots, though, I’ll know I’ve hit the big time. Can’t wait :).


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