The Great Vs. Resolution #8: Arkham Inmates

I am a Bat-fan. The tales of my Batman love are legends amongst my family. Back when I was a young’n, Batman basically potty trained me. That love still burns on as lately I’ve been going back and watching the old Batman: The Animated Series cartoons and the movie I’m most hyped for this year is The Dark Knight.

Batman is awesome. However, heroes are only as good as their enemies. Where would Spider-Man be without the Green Goblin, Venom, and Doctor Octopus? Could you imagine The Hulk without Abomination or The Leader? If Lex Luthor disappeared, why would Superman even need to stick around? Would The Flash be any where near as cool as he is without The Rogues? The fact is that without villains to fight, a hero is nothing but a guy in a costume. Villains define the heroes, just like shadows define the light.

In my opinion, Batman’s rogue gallery is the greatest in all of comic book-dom. Who else regularly fights against: a guy with a freeze gun who is fighting for his sick wife, a scarred ex-DA who is obsessed with duality, a lizardman, an acrobatic female whot takes after feline and often switches sides, a man who compulsively leaves behind riddles, a woman who is obsessed with plants, and a crazed clown? The Batman villains are easily among the coolest characters around and it is because of them that Batman seems so much neater in comparison with other heroes

Now, enough with my gushing about just how awesome Batman and his rogue gallery is. It’s time to enter the asylum, an asylum the inmates have taken over.

You have to either be brave or insane to willingly enter…

The Arkham Asylum in Modern Age can run off of two possible themes. One is the Insanity theme, which requires your entire deck to be comprised solely of “one-of”s. The other theme is the “jail cell” theme, which is based around having your characters not be adjacent to anyone in order to gain effects. Now, by my count, it would be basically impossible to run an Insanity deck with just Arkham Inmates cards. So, I am forced to go with the Jail Cell deck. I’m fine with this because that’s what I was planning on doing anyways.

Originally, when DWF came out, the “checkerboard” formation deck was weak. I should know, I ran it back then. What you gained in exchange for lacking a formation was generally an extra attack and defense point or two and access to a +2/+2 pump. Big deal. However, a single DCX card changed all that. That card was based on a relative newcomer to Batman’s rogue gallery. That card was based on a man who nearly took down Bruce Wayne. That card was based on Hush.

Mama’s gonna buy you a mockingbird…

Hush is an utterly amazing card. He hits an exhausted character, they’re gone. It doesn’t matter if he’s attacking, defending, or doing a jig. All it takes is one stun and they’re deader than a doornail. He doesn’t need two equipment like Punisher, he doesn’t give the opponent a choice like Darkseid, it is instantaneous death when an exhausted character gets hit by Hush.

This card singlehandedly made unadjacent Arkham a halfway viable theme. He is simply that good. However, one card can’t win you the game. It requires a deck.

Jail House Rock

Arkham Inmates

Modern Age


4x Anarky – Lonnie Machin

4x KGBeast – Anatoli Knyazev
2x Calendar Man – Julian Gregory Day

4x Great White – Warren White
3x Mr. Zsasz – Scar Tissue

4x Hush, Silent and Deadly
2x Poison Ivy – Venomous Vixen

2x Catwoman – Jewel Thief
2x Mr. Freeze – Cold Shoulder

2x Sondra Fuller <> Clayface – Mud Pack
1x Two-Face – Heads or Tails

1x Basil Karlo <> Ultimate Clayface – Mud Pack

Plot Twists:

4x Mobilize
4x Chilly Reception
4x Crackshot
4x Hush Baby
4x Nasty Surprise
4x All Locked Up
3x Blinding Rage
2x Usual Suspects

Mulligan condition here is Great White, Hush, or a way to get them. Anarky +KGBeast/Calendar Man isn’t bad either. Preferred initiatives is evens, obviously.

Anarky is the sole 1-drop. When he attacks someone that’s exhausted, they don’t get back up that turn. This lets you lock someone down on a turn you don’t have the initiative so that Hush can take them down on the turn you do.

KGBeast is awesome. Yes, he’s a 4/1 which means a 1-drop is going to stun him. Yes, that low defense becomes even worse when you consider he isn’t going to be getting reinforcement from anyone. However, on your initiative, you get a free Puppet Master exhaust. Combine that with Hush’s KOing and you can easily lock down an opponent’s board. Calendar Man is a backup drop and, hey, who doesn’t like free card draw?

Turn 3 is the swimming ground of the the Great White. Warren is concealed and gives you a global +1/+1 to characters you control that aren’t adjacent. When you consider some of these characters’ effects or already inflated stats, that is a very nice ability. Mr. Zsasz is an alternate drop. For all intents and purposes, he’s just a 6/5 who you never want to put anyone adjacent to. Not a good card but you have to work with what you have.

Hush IS turn 4. If you miss Hush, this deck suffers greatly. Poison Ivy is an alternate drop. She’s pretty much just like Zsasz, a decent body that you aren’t going to put next to anyone. Yuck.

Turn 5 is a pretty neat turn. You get to choose between Mr. Freeze, who is a 10/10 ranged character or Catwoman who is 10/9, concealed, and nets you a card draw when she stuns a defender. Catwoman is preferred on-initiative, Freeze is better off.

Turn 6 and 7 are icky. There just aren’t many good options. The Clayface cards have decent stats and can come in from your KO’d pile, so that’s useful. Two-Face is nice since he can exhaust a 4-drop, but with this deck, your opponent shouldn’t HAVE a 4-drop so he’s just a one-of.

Plot Twists are simple. You’ve got six search cards. Then you have the amazing “reinforcement” card known as All Locked Up. This card is great because it gets around Blindsided and all the other reinforcement stealers since it isn’t technically reinforcing, its just stopping breakthrough. Chilly Reception finds a great home in this deck: Exhaust the opposing high-drop on your initiative, swing Hush into him, profit. After that, you just have a decent array of stat-boosting plot twists. Hush Baby is a +2/+2 attack pump, Crackshot and Blinding Rage are decent generic pumps, and Nasty Surprise is utterly deadly in this deck since it can let Hush KO an attack 6-drop.

I really enjoy this deck. It lets you play with some of the coolest Arkham Inmates around plus it makes me like Hush even more, which is quite the feat considering my liking of the guy from the beginning. The deck isn’t amazing and it won’t win any tournaments but it is a very fun casual deck that can go at it with other casual decks. It’s probably worthy of Hobby League but not anything further than that IMO.

Arkham Inmate (Modern) Ratings:

Deck Strength: 7 (Not an amazing deck, pretty average in strength. Hush rocks the KO effect stick around, so if your opponent misses drops, they’ve basically lost. Nice, average deck.)

Deck Theme: 8 (I love this theme for the Inmates. It fits them perfectly. They’ll ally together to take down Batman, but they’re never really a “group”. They’ll quickly abandon each other if it will aid themselves. The theme in Vs. System isn’t bad. It could use some work and better cards but Hush was a step in the right direction.)

Ease of Use: 10 (By gobs is this deck easy to run. A player doesn’t need to worry about range, formation, reinforcement, etc. All you have to do is smack people in the face. Easy.)

Fun Factor: 8 (A KO to the left, a KO to the right… Hush is nuts in this deck. However, there really isn’t that feel of “Huzzah” to this deck. It isn’t NOT fun to play, it’s just doesn’t make me incredibly giddy inside. Still a good, pleasing deck.)

Overall: 8 (A decent deck that is fun to play around with, especially because of Hush’s KO effect. Definitely worth testing out.)Vs. System Affiliation Leaderboard
1. Marvel Defenders/The Hulk (Modern)
2. Fantastic Four (Modern)
3. Squadron Supreme (Golden)

4. Arkham Inmates (Modern)
5. Teen Titans (Modern)
6. Future Foes (Silver)

7. Emerald Enemies (Golden)

And so, the Arkham Inmates force their way into the Vs. Resolution top-five. They technically tied up with the Squadron Supreme but I like the Squadron deck a fair amount more than Arkham deck so SS gets the nod.

Next time on The Great Vs. Resolution, I go Outside the box with a team that is generally run in a way that is completely opposite of my deck build. Sure, the build is a bit Shifty, especially the 6-drop, but I think I have it basically locked down. Be sure to tune in! Same Kalee time, same Kalee channel.


3 Responses to “The Great Vs. Resolution #8: Arkham Inmates”

  1. Number6 Says:

    Looks nice, I run the Inmates nonadjacents with the Revenge Squad just-front-row’ers, and the continuous ATK/DEF boosts can get really formidible…for instance, it’s easy to get Poison Ivy as a 9/9 on turn 4, them’s Goldface stats!…but it doesn’t help your Resolution builds.
    There’s Joker (the new IG one, he’s dualed with AI) for turn 6. Do some breakthrough (easier to do with all the pump, exhaustion, and the thinned-out field of your opponent), and you might get a free stun on some hidden low-drop like Oracle or some such…it’s not much, but it gives an actual option to do something while he’s in play, which I tend to think is perhaps better than the Mud Pack guy. And Killer Croc on turn 7 starts pretty big, would get some pump from your support cards, and can pump himself even more for a big beating at game’s end…again, more options than what you might be looking at with the Mud Pack guy.

  2. kaleeshwarrior Says:

    Joker wouldn’t be bad at all. Good idea, plus it adds another classic Arkham face to an all-star lineup. Perhaps as a one-of to go in for one of the Mudpack.

    I also originally had Killer Croc on 7 but I took him out for some reason I can’t quite remember. Will probably add him in as well.

    Great suggestions overall!

  3. Your resolution got coverage on the mothership today, time to get back to it!

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