The Vs. Blog Explosion: The Challenge Is Made

You’ve probably heard by now. If not, you’re living under a rock. is going to stop posting regular articles starting next week. Instead, it will be providing a biweekly strategy article which will be written by various writers. It will also contain “Rallying Cry!” which is going to be a sort of weekly gathering point for all the great fan-created Vs. content, compiled by Rian Fike/stubarnes.

So, yeah, that sorta sucks. I always enjoyed going onto VsSystem and getting my daily readings. BUT, there is a huge upside. Immediately after all this was announced, the amount of Vs. blogs started to rise to fill a gap that hadn’t even appeared yet. This alone was quite interesting to watch. The community saw a wound and instantly worked to fill the gap and make sure the loss was negligible.

However, another announcement caused a second, larger explosion in blogs. Each month, the people over at Upper Deck that work on Vs. are going to be giving out a prize to whoever they feel created the best content out of all the blogs, podcasts, and forum postings that month. This month’s prize: a complete set of Marvel Legends. This announcement instantly caused another blogging bonanza and the size of active Vs. blogs that I check on a semi-consistent basis tripled.

Adding to the Vs. blog explosion is the Vs. System Network. Founded by Steve “Kamiza” Garret, it is easily one of the best ideas to help people get all their Vs. content now that it’s spread across multiple blogs. It’s pretty much your basic “top sites” list but it is full of a bunch of Vs. goodness. If you want easy access to Vs. blogs, that’s the site to go to. Be sure to vote, as well.

Anyways, enough about all that. Most people who are reading this blog already know all about that stuff. The real reason anyone is still even bothering to read this is because of the subheader for this post. You see, in the shuffle of the new blog bonanza, it is easy to get lost in the crowd. I look at all those sites on the Vs. System Network and there are some I still have yet to visit, just because there are a whole bunch of blogs to go through now. If one is going to strive in this blogosphere, one needs to set themselves apart.

I already have the Vs. Resolution. That alone should probably interest people in checking in every once in a while. I also have Custom Card Thursday, which will return tomorrow. However, I still feel like there’s something missing. Something that could make my blog that much more worth reading and checking out. Something I could exploit to get those much desired hits.

That’s when the idea struck me. What is it that I do that is different than most other bloggers? I play MWS. I play MWS all the freaking time. It is my primary source of Vs. gaming. So, how can I use this to make this blog worth coming to?

Simple. I can do something other bloggers can’t, or at least don’t. I can challenge my readers to a game, no matter where in the world they live.

So, here’s the challenge. Download MWS. Hit me with a comment here or a PM on Vsrealms. Heck, if you’re a blogger on the Blog Network, PM me there. We’ll meet up online (where my username is Grievous) and play a match in which I will use a deck that has been posted on this blog. If you win, I’ll give you a unique image for your blog/webpage/signature on Realms/TCGplayer that say something along the lines of: “I beat KaleeshWarrior on MWS and all I got was this lousy image.” Want more? If you download MWS because of this blog, I will personally shill your blog/webpage/rep on Realms/whatever you wish.

There you go. The gauntlet has been thrown. Who will be the first person to take me up on my challenge? Probably one of the MWS regulars. But that isn’t the point. Go get online and win a chance at bruising my ego :).


6 Responses to “The Vs. Blog Explosion: The Challenge Is Made”

  1. *raises hand*

    Ooh! Ooh! Play me, grievous! :p

    Great idea, man. More MWSers is always a good thing. Now all we need is neil to finish figuring out the server…

    *goes back to praying*

  2. Sure what the ****. Next time I see ya around I’ll mention the “image”. Good idea too. Now get to advertising.

  3. I’m hip! Only ever played one MWS game, but I’d be chuffed to square off against you! Of course, I’d have to decide on a deck first… hrm….

  4. kaleeshwarrior Says:

    I can honestly say, t_man, that that was an ulterior motive in creating The Challenge. I mean, surely the people who read this that decide to download MWS to play against little old me will want to play against all the other awesome players that are on there and then they will slowly be absorbed into the MWS community. Bwahaha!

    I also have a secondary ulterior motive to trying to get as many Vs. bloggers onto MWS. However, that shall remain a secret until I find out whether or not my evil plan will work. If it does, I could kick off something that’d be amazingly fun for everyone in the Vs. blogosphere. Seriously, it’s a grand idea but it requires more MWS playing bloggers, so get on there guys!

    And, WOO! Gdaybloke is my first challenger! I believe you have my e-mail via my comments on your blog. Pop me a line if you ever want to schedule a game. I’m always ready to flip virtual cards :).

  5. Number6 Says:

    Count me as “living under a rock” I guess…I drop by VS.TCGPlayer and more recently VSRealms moderately regularly but I’ve never gone to the webpage unless one of those forums linked to there.
    Getting a set of Marvel Legends would be SWEET, but I just haven’t the time or energy to spare for blogging, much less downloading/figuring out/playing MWS games. I’ve barely had enough time to play real VS games with my friends the last few weeks.
    Perhaps someday in the future, though…

  6. This feels like a huge wave, and we are pioneer surfers.

    Good times.

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