Custom Card Thursday #3: Special Edition

It’s special because it’s late!

Today I break from my standard Arkham Inmates pattern and enter a realm that I know my way around even better. This article will show my unabashed nerd-dom, prove that I have way too much time on my hands, and pretty much teach everyone on here just what happens when a geek gets free reign in a contest.

For those who haven’t heard, The Ring Has Chosen just got done accepting entries into a custom Vs. card contest. The theme was that you had to design a set of legend cards for a fictional character. Basic rules was that you had to make a set of 3 or 5 cards with guidelines being that if you made 3 it would be one character, one plot twist, and one equipment/location. If you made 5 cards, you were advised to make two characters, one plot twist, one equipment, and one location. It was also recommended that you use DC/Marvel teams and not have to invent an affiliation for your legend.

Yeah… about that. I broke those guidelines (thank God they were just guidelines and not actual rules). You’ll see how right after you jump past the break and read what is basically a copy/paste of what I sent to TRHC. Yay for cheating on posting original content by using the power of copypasta!

My legend set is based on General Grievous from Star Wars. What can I say, I love the guy. For some backstory that those who only saw the movie won’t know, General Grievous was originally an organic being from the lizard species known as the Kaleesh which inhabited the planet of Kalee. They were a warrior race and were almost always embroiled in a battle between themselves and a praying mantis-like species called the Huk. The insects considered the Kaleesh good slave labor and invaded in an attempt to subjugate the species. Grievous, then called Qymean jai Sheelal, became the leader of his people after his many well-known battles with the Huk. In one of these battles, Grievous’s lover died causing him great sadness and causing him to not only become manic-depressive but also to decide that he should change his name to Grievous for he would ever be in grieving. He was able to turn the tide on the Huk and push them back to their own worlds before going on the attack.

At this point, the Huk went to the Republic for help and, despite the fact that the Huk were the aggressors in the conflict, the help was granted and Kalee was placed under sanctions and blockaded. With their money running out due to the war, Grievous joined the Banking Clan (who were members of Dooku’s Separatists) to pay off their planets debt, becoming an enforcer and money collector. It was during this time that the war between the Kalee and the Huk started again. Grievous wanted to return to the battle but the Separatists didn’t want to lose such a powerful warrior.

So, the Separatists rigged his shuttle to explode, killing all the other passengers and leaving Grievous barely hanging on to life. The Separatists then gave him his unique android body, altered his mind so he would always be in a rage against the Republic and Jedi, and made him the Supreme Commander of their droid armies. He stayed in that post until his death at the hands of Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Grievous in the flesh.

Okay. Nerdy time. You see those buggy looking arms? Those belong to the Huk. Grievous sniped over forty of those little guys by the time he reached the age of 8. This feat combined with his later war victories led to him being worshipped as a demigod on his home planet.

This card represents General Grievous in his pre-cyborg state. He has average stats, range, and is a pretty simple character. His power is representative of the Separatists purposeful injuring of Grievous to restructure him. The player of the card stuns and KOs Grievous (rigs his shuttle to explode) and then rebuilds him as a cyborg (searches for another General Grievous card, probably the next one in this list). I was considering adding a “KO target stunned 1-drop” on there but decided against it since free search is good enough.

“I cough like I smoke ten packs a day! FEAR ME!”

Now we’re getting somewhere! This is the card that a Grievous deck would be built around. His printed stats are subpar, he has no flight or range, and he doesn’t have any “real” effects. Instead he comes into play with four “saber counters” which are basically +2 attack counters that are unique to Grievous. That means he comes into play as a 16/8 5-drop. However, the instant that Grievous enters combat, he loses a counter. So he’s really a 14/8 5-drop when he finally gets around to fighting. Still, that’s a huge amount. The downside is that he always loses that counter when he enters combat. All it takes is four kamikaze attack with lowdrop characters into Grievous and he becomes an 8/8 subpar character. The idea behind the card is the scene between General Grievous and Obi-Wan Kenobi in Episode III. Grievous looks and talks a big game but as soon as he gets in a fight, he starts losing his sabers and quickly becomes weaker. However, Grievous has means of getting more lightsabers, both in the movie and in these cards.

Filming Issue! Whee!

You know that scene at the beginning of Episode III where Grievous has stolen Obi-Wan and Anakin’s sabers and adds them to his “collection”? That’s the idea behind this card. Whenever Grievous stuns someone, you can steal their “saber” by paying endurance equal to their attack (Attack points representing the character’s weapon) and, in return, Grievous gets back one of his +2 attack saber tokens. Sure, the 9 endurance required to get a saber counter from a 5-drop is steep but if you can keep Grievous at the 14 attack range through turn 7, it’s probably worth it. Simple card. I made this equipment cost two resource points, though, so that it not only wouldn’t be easy to recruit via tricks but also so you could play it in combination with the following card on turn 6.

Did you know these guys could talk? I seriously didn’t ’till I did some research.

General Grievous’s personal bodyguards are always hanging around near him. These guys are trained to take down Jedi but won’t mind whacking a few superheroes if they decide to get in the way. The card is a simple, 4-drop Army character with average stats. However, these guys are vital to Grievous’s success. As long as they’re sitting in front of the 5-drop Grievous, the IG-100 Magnaguards protect him from ever entering combat and also get free reinforcement out of the deal. This gives Grievous a place to run to in order to avoid combat. However, there are a few problems. How does Grievous get into hiding if you have the initiative? If one Magnaguard goes down, how does Grievous get back to safety? If you don’t have the initiative, how do you make sure Grievous can attack while still hiding behind his guards during the opponent’s attack step? The answer: Grievous runs.

The animated version of Grievous would NEVER do something so cowardly…

I absolutely hate how Grievous was portrayed in Revenge of the Sith. He’s a huge coward that coughs like a chain smoker. He really is much cooler in the other Star Wars mediums like the cartoons, books, and comics. That is neither here nor there, though, so I decided I might as well embrace that aspect of Grievous’s character. This card shows Grievous as he runs away from pretty much every conflict in the movie. With this card, you can either attack with Grievous and then play this to send him scurrying behind his bodyguards once it becomes the the opponent’s turn to attack or if you don’t have initiative, you can set him up behind one guard, let that guard fall, hide behind another guard, let him fall, and then hopefully the opponent is out of cards so during your attack step you can send Grievous to the front lines to smack the opponent. This card is vital to Grievous being anywhere near playable. Without it, he’ll just be attacked down to his 8/8 base stats and then laughed out of the building.

So, there you have it. To be honest, I stole the idea of posting these after seeing Kamiza do the same with his contest entry over on his blog. In all, I guess I like how these cards turned out. I really wish that the movie version of ol’ Grievie was more like that animated version. Seriously, if you haven’t seen Star Wars: Clone Wars, go check out both seasons. They’re quite good.

Next week, if I can actually post on time, I’ll be doing some Marvel-based cards for the first time. Not sure WHO or what I’m gonna do but it definitely is going to be something with Marvel. Stay tuned!


One Response to “Custom Card Thursday #3: Special Edition”

  1. Well, I’ve only seen the animated Clone Wars and the movies, but your descriptions and cards were very inspiring, I liked what you made. But…here’s how I might’ve done it (I also entered TRHC’s card contest, so my brain is still brewing with ideas for card-creation/tooling):
    I like your 2-drop, big stats with the considerable drawback of having to leave play to get the search, so I built on keeping that card the same. But then I did…

    General Grevious, Menace of the Jedi
    Separatist Forces, cost 5
    10 ATK/9 DEF (no F/no R)
    General Grevious can be equipped with any number of Saber Trophy cards.
    If General Grevious would become stunned, you may KO two Saber Trophys equipped to him. If you do, lose 5 endurance, exhaust General Grevious and move him to a different position, and he is not stunned.

    My idea: while he’s got those lightsabers whirling around, Grevious is a tough guy to beat, and can always sacrifice a couple (sabers and/or wielding arms) to make a getaway. A stun-replacement similar to MOR’s Nimrod seemed good, but possibly too good with all the potential support for those Sabers so I made you have to move him around when you do it (incorporating his “Cowardly Escape” you made, as well as his amazing maneuverability in avoiding opponents from Clone Wars).

    Saber Trophy
    Equipment, cost 0
    Equip only to General Grevious.
    Whenever equipped character enters combat, choose one: equipped character gets +2 ATK this attack, or equipped character gets +1 DEF and reinforcement this attack.

    Easy enough…mini-Grevious could use one of these to be pretty formidible, but Big Grevious can become a whirlwind of danger with more than one equipped. The big guy can be a reinforced brickwall, a major force of aggression, or mix it up and just out-stat an equal-costed opponent. I debated making the bonuses bigger, but with the multi-equip option on the big guy, plus the other Saber Trophy stuff I figured the “standard” bonuses we see these days would have to do.

    Jedi Killer
    Plot Twist, cost 2
    You may not play Jedi Killer if you already have a Jedi Killer face-up in your resource row.
    Ongoing: Whenever a General Grevious you control stuns a character, you may search your deck or KO’d Pile for a card named Saber Trophy, reveal it, and put it in your hand.
    Discard a General Grevious character card from your hand -> KO target stunned character. Use only once per turn.

    So, Grevious is good at clearing the field (no matter what his incarnation), and can claim trophies from his victories. I realized a little late that having two of these faceup would allow an infinite loop of never-stunning madness with Big Grevious, so I put in the “only one” clause at the last minute here.

    Kaleesh Warship
    Location, cost 2
    Activate -> General Grevious can attack hidden characters this turn, and gets +1/+1 while in combat with a single opposing character this turn.
    Activate -> Target General Grevious you control, and all characters you control that share an affiliation with that General Grevious, can attack as though they had flight and range this turn and get +1 ATK while team attacking this turn.

    Not the shuttle you mentioned above, I figure Grevious still needs a ship in either incarnation…warships having manifested as locations in VS System, this is what I went with. Either he’s a solo hunter, using his skills and the ship’s resources to track down and smash a singular nuisance…or he’s a leader of troops, dropping in on a battlefield with an army at his back. With some location-readying hijinks, he could be a solo hunter whose army benefits from his mere presence on the battlefield (I’m thinking of that sequence in Clone Wars where his robot troops corner a bunch of Jedi that he then proceeds to mangle all by his lonesome).

    Anyway, that’s what you inspired from me with your Grevious Legend idea. I tried to remember what I could from the animated Clone Wars and the recent Star Wars movie, but it’s been quite some time since I watched so I tried to guess as well as I could, hope you like the ideas. My own legend entry was far more mundane in that it was built right out of regular teams/characters already in VS, and I had a lot more familiarity with. As it happens, it was an Arkham Inmates Legend, so I’ll wait and see if you treat that character in a later edition of Custom Card Thursday.

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