Magic Workstation: The Time Is Now

If you’ve been waiting to get on the MWS wagon, if you’ve been using OCTGN instead, if you’re just curious on what online Vs. is like, if you’ve ever wanted to play against people who live in entirely different parts of the world, now is the time to get into action.

Until recently, Vs. System has had to share servers with the Magic and WoW players. That arrangement is no more. Thanks to neil04, the man who is responsible for 99.9% of the Vs. MWS updates, we now have our own server to play on.  It’s url is:

If you haven’t downloaded MWS yet,  you can get it right over here. The total file size for both downloads is something in the 120 MB range, so it might be a good idea to download it overnight if you’re still on dial-up. Otherwise, it shouldn’t take more than 30-60 minutes. You can also find all of the MWS set updates on neil04’s blog.

This is a great time to be an online Vs. System player, so download the program and join the growing community! You will NOT be disappointed.

Oh, plus there’s the fact that you can beat me in a game. Who doesn’t want to do that 🙂 ?


2 Responses to “Magic Workstation: The Time Is Now”

  1. Best. News. EVER!

  2. Kaleesh, ping me on AIM or MSN as CEOBloke, yar? We can set up a match.

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