The Great Vs. Resolution #9: Outsiders

I’m back!!

I’m about two days late from my intended return but, as my Smash Brothers obsession has taught me, “Heroes always arrive late.” So, with that said, let’s get this show on the road.

As much of a Bat-Fan as I am, I absolutely cannot remember having heard of the Outsiders before getting into Vs. It’s horrible of me, I know. I guess it’s just because they aren’t in the Batman movies or old animated series which are my primary sources of Bat-goodness. If not for Vs. System and the World’s Finest expansion, I never would have known Batman had founded his own superhero team.

Now, most Outsiders deck are team attack decks. The reasoning is a big fat “Duh!” You have Batman and the Outsiders, Kimiyo Hoshi <> Dr. Light, Get It Done, Wylde, and all those other team-attacking goodies. However, there is another side to the Outsiders that could be considered part of the team attack theme but is also something bigger. That side is swinging up-curve.

Halo, Grace Choi, Black Lightning, Thunder, Metamorpho. All these characters have something in common: They have stats that are roughly average for their drops and get a +2 attack bonus when in combat with a character with a higher cost. This means that your 2-drop can easily stun a 3-drop, your 3-drop can stun a 4-drop, and so on. You can swing up curve with all your characters and then hit to the face with your biggest drop. It’s beautiful, it’s easy, and, for all its simplicity, it is quite the decent deck.

Outside the Box


Modern Age

4x Halo – Gabrielle Doe

4x Grace – Grace Choi

4x Black Lightning – Jefferson Pierce
3x Geo-Force – Brion Markov

4x Thunder – Heavy Duty
2x Batman – Twilight Vigilante

2x Grace – The Bouncer
2x Metamorpho – The Element Man

3x Shift – Knockoff

2x Koriand’r <> Starfire – Royal Temper

Plot Twists:

4x Fighting the Liar
4x Hell Breaks Loose
4x Taking Out the Trash
4x Mobilize
3x Incognito
3x Death Trap
3x Soul Slicer
2x Heroes of Two Worlds


3x Brooklyn HQ

Preferred initiative with this deck is evens although it doesn’t suffer much on odds. Mulligan condition is any “up-curve” drop through three plus a search.

Drops one through four are incredibly simple. Halo, Grace, Black Lightning, and Thunder are your preferred characters. You can swing each one up the curve without a pump and have a more-than-decent chance of stunning. Your off-drops are Geo-Force and Batman. Geo isn’t half-bad if your on odd-initiatives since he can exhaust a possible reinforcer. He also isn’t bad on evens since he gets rid of a possible attacker. Batman is always good due to his double-stun ability. Swing him up-curve with a pump and you can get 10 damage on turn 5. Always nice.

Speaking of turn 5, that’s the only major decision in this deck. Do you play Metamorpho or do you play Grace, The Bouncer? I see it this way, assuming you have the preferred even initiatives. If you don’t have any pumps, play Metamorpho. He can swing up-curve next turn and automatically be at 6-drop size. If you DO have pumps, play Grace who can go on to get a second swing into the opposing 5-drop and open up a big gap in the opposing line-up. On odd initiatives, I prefer Metamorpho. This is just because he has a bigger body and has a good chance of getting the stunback come turn 6.

Look at those shifty eyes…

I can honestly say, I consider Shift one of my absolute favorite cards and I don’t understand why no one plays him. Just look at his power. Yes, it’s a tad confusing, but look at it. It might as well read “Pay 10 endurance -> Shift is 21/1”. It’s utterly beautiful. On defense, put him in the back row with two reinforcers. If they swing at him, just pay up to the opposing characters defense and reinforce to get an easy stunback. If they swing into your other characters, they’ll probably get stunned back anyways because of the up-curve team theme. On offense, just swing into the opponent’s big guys with your little guys and then send Shift into the face for the win. I really don’t understand why ol’ Shifty isn’t played more. He’s an absolutely great beatstick.

Turn 7 is the boring old Koriand’r <> Starfire, Royal Temper. Really, with the way this deck’s characters are, it’d take an idiot to try and swing down-curve due to the coming stunbacks. Still, she’s a seven-drop who can take people by surprise. That’s always useful in a curve deck.

Now, the plot twists and single location in this deck are about as simple as the characters. The location is Brooklyn HQ which, in this deck, might as well read “Whenever an opposing character becomes stunned, that player takes two more endurance damage”. Excellent card. In the plot twists, Mobilize and Heroes of Two World for deck search (can hit all your drops other than Starfire) and Soul Slicer and Death Trap for KO effects (I’d prefer Removed from Continuity or Finishing Move over Death Trap but the former is Silver Age while the latter is Marvel-stamped). For pumps, you’ve got Taking Out The Trash for an all-turn No Fear (excellent card in combo with Grace, The Bouncer BTW), Fighting The Liar for a +6 while on defense, and Hell Breaks Loose which is the most interesting plot twist in the bunch.

Nightwing FTW!

This card takes a quick read and a bit of rules lawyering but it can be utterly astounding. Basically, this looks like a fancy version of Path of Destruction. Play one and get a -1, play another to get -2, etc. However, if you place your copies into your resource row and then chain them onto each other, the effect stack and, all of a sudden, you have a possible -16 defense card combo in your deck. Heck, even two of them is a -4 defense. Sadly, this doesn’t work when playing from the hand since the cards only resolve going into the discard. However, its still a great little interaction that makes the card worth looking at.

In all, while this deck is simplistic, its a fun deck to play around with. It isn’t highly competitive but it can get the job done relatively well. I’d easily put it at Hobby League level, perhaps even City Champs. Not only that but it is also really newbie friendly. I’d highly recommend building a deck like this if you want to help someone get started learning the game. The search can all be taken out and the only other rare cards are Shift and Brooklyn HQ. The location can be dropped easily but Shift is pretty essential. Other than that, all the cards are common or uncommon. So, if you have someone new that you want to teach Vs. to, I highly recommend a deck roughly like this one.

Outsiders (Modern) Ratings:

Deck Strength: 7 (Average. Not amazing by any means but it can run pretty well. The interactions are strong and you are almost always guaranteed a stunback.)

Deck Theme: 7 (Just simple up-curve goodness. Not sure how that works into the Outsiders but that’s not a big deal since I don’t now how ANYTHING works into the Outsiders… I’m also surprised by how this really simple theme hasn’t really been done before just recently with DWF. Sure, there are up-curve cards but not a bunch of character going up to turn 5.)

Ease of Use: 10 (This is easily on Arkham Unadjacent levels of easiness. Just swing the guy with the smaller cost into the guy with the higher cost. Only things that are even slightly complicated is the timing of Soul Slicer, Shift, and chaining Hell Breaks Loose.)

Fun Factor: 7 (Decently fun to play for me and that is saying something considering I prefer text boxes over stats. If you’re an aggro player, then this is right up your alley.)

Overall: 7.5 (Not bad by any reasoning. Definitely a great deck for someone just starting out or for the aggro curve player. Check it out.)

Vs. System Affiliation Leaderboard
1. Marvel Defenders/The Hulk (Modern)
2. Fantastic Four (Modern)
3. Squadron Supreme (Golden)

4. Arkham Inmates (Modern)
5. Teen Titans (Modern)
6. Outsiders (Modern)
7. Future Foes (Silver)

8. Emerald Enemies (Golden)

Well, there you have it. Batman’s ragtag group of heroes are unable to break past the Teen Titans and enter the top five. I do find it funny, though, that two major team attacking affiliations are next to each other on the scoreboard… Besides that, next time on the Vs. Resolution, it is random deck time. Not sure what I’ll be talking about. Perhaps the deck with the awesome old card that got someone to go “Wow, overpowered” on MWS. It doesn’t even target! Stay tuned.


8 Responses to “The Great Vs. Resolution #9: Outsiders”

  1. Welcome back! Great to see you’re back on deck (pun intended). The Outsiders are an odd thing with me; I remember enjoying the comics, but for the life of me I can’t remember why, so it’s hard to get enthusiastic about ’em. Heh.

    Great jeorb as usual.

  2. You sure I didn’t say “brutal” or “sweet jebus” instead of “overpowered?” :p

    I like this Outsiders deck quite a bit. For some reason it had never occured to me that Shift could use his power just as pumpage! That sure caught me off guard. 😀

  3. Suh-weet return! You had been on injured reserve for so long, and you step into the box and blast a grand slam in your first at bat.

    I didn’t expect any less. Thanks.

  4. I’ve been struggling to throw together a playable Outsiders build, but without the Heroes of Two Worlds or Mobilize I run into some major consistency issues. Boo.

    Having said that, it’s great to see a remotely playable Outsiders build. Those kids are way more powerful than people give them credit for.

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