The Great Vs. Resolution #10: Anti-Matter

That’s right! Two Vs. Resolution posts in one week. Crazy, ain’t it? I really need to get plugging away at this thing if I want to get done in a year so expect more double and possibly even triple updates each week.

Like the Emerald Enemies, I don’t know a whole lot about the Anti-Matter characters. I know that its a sort of “negative” universe of the standard DC comics universe. I know it is the realm of the anti-Justice League as well as the Qwardian Conglomerate. I know that the Guardians of the Universe banished Sinestro into its world. Other than that, I got nothing.

I do know a bit about the Vs. cards, though. Anti-Matter comes in a variety of flavors. You’ve got Waffles and its defense lowering tricks. You’ve got the Anti-Green Lanterns and Xallarap with their huge stats for each drop which comes at the cost of KOing them each turn. You’ve also got the Crime Syndicate that’s tucked away in there but no one really plays with them (because they suck by any stretch of the imagination).

However, there are also three characters and a whole array of plot twists that have a massive amount of synergy if you can get a decent draw. Those are the cards that this deck is based around: the Anti-Matter speedster goons known as Slipstream and Johnny Quick, as well as the supporting General Fabrikant.

The “Anti” of Speed Is… More Speed?


Golden Age

4x Qwardian Watchdog, Gatekeeper

4x Gnaxos, Arena Robot

4x Slipstream, Qwardian Conglomerate
3x Alexander Luthor – Earth 3

4x General Fabrikant-Qwardian General
2x Fiero, Qwardian Conglomerate

4x Johnny Quick, Crime Syndicate

2x St’nlli, Super-Qwardian

1x Sinestro, Korugaran Despot

Plot Twists:
4x Mobilize
4x Matter Convergence
4x Thunderous Onslaught
4x Q Field
4x Nero Unleashed
4x Banished to the Anti-Matter Universe
3x Combat Reflexes
3x Heroes of Two Worlds
2x From the Shadows

Alright. This deck wants odd initiatives so bad that it isn’t funny. However, it is possible to win on evens. It isn’t what you want to do but it’s possible. Mulligan condition is Slipstream and a hand full of Anti-Matter plot twists or search.

Turn 1 is the Qwardian Watchdog. This one drop has absolutely massive stats for its drop (5/5) at the downside of being unable to attack and, being sent to the hidden area after getting stunned. However, as long as this wall is sitting out there in front of you, this guy helps soak up the damage. I also just noticed a bit of synergy between the Watchdog, Wonder Woman, and an opponent that tries to play Only Human. Retarget the plot twist onto the Watchdog and you suddenly have a 5/5 that can attack. Not a great synergy but if you know Only Human is being thrown around the metagame… Bah! Rabbit trails!

Gnaxos is your 2-drop. He’s kinda lame, really. Just a blank-text 3/3 but, if by some unholy luck, you miss Johnny Quick, he can become an 8/8 on turn 5. Not great but at least moderately useful.

With turn 3 comes the first speedster. Slipstream has 4/3, concealed-optional, gets +1 attack while hidden, and while visible can pay 3 endurance to ready. No restrictions like “no breakthrough”, he just readies. Really, this guy is like Quicksilver but worse since you can’t just nuke his resource row. If I was playing an abusive deck, Fate Artifacts would be in this faster than you can blink an eye. However, I don’t roll like that. Casual, mono, thematic yet constantly losing decks FTW (or FTL?).

Alternate drop is Alexander Luthor, Earth-2. He’s a combat pump and a “hidden area movement” plot twist on a stick. Combine that with concealed and you have a decent off-drop.

General Fabrikant joins the battle on turn 4 and starts to make this combo look like it will work. While he’s visible, your hidden attackers can’t be stunned. Can you say “Slipstream into character while visible, ready effect, Matter Convergence to hidden area, stun, attack again”? That’s just on turn four with two drops and one plot twist! In case you need something else (or you feel you have the plot twists you need without worrying about stunning), you have Fiero. One activate and the opponent has lost six endurance. Nice.

Biker wannabe

Turn 5 is your kill turn in this deck. Johnny Quick is just Slipstream but bigger. You can easily get this guy into the 15 attack range with a readying effect, unstunnable, and still doing breakthrough. Utterly nasty if you have the right combination of plot twists.

Turn six and seven shouldn’t even happen. However, just in case they do you have St’nilli who helps set up your board on turn six to take advantage of what plot twists you have as well as Sinestro on seven to lock down the opponent’s resource row.

Plot Twists are simple. You have a ton of search via Heroes of Two Worlds and Mobilize. After that, its combat pumps and concealed movement like crazy. Matter Convergence moves a character from the visible area to the hidden area along with a +3 pump while attacking for the entire turn. Thunderous Onslaught is a +2 “this attack” pump that moves a hidden attacker to the visible area and makes him unstunnable. Nero Unleashed moves a visible defender to the hidden area and gives a +2 attack pump. Combat Reflexes is just in there as a +3 attack all turn pump, although it still moves characters around so it fits the theme. From the Shadows gives you a +5 defense pump on the attack, which is useful if you missed Fabrikant or Thunderous Onslaught. Finally, you have Q Field which lets you move any hidden guys into the visible area along with netting you a card. In all, lots of pumping, confusing goodness.

Oh, plus there’s this one card I mentioned earlier that’s sorta crazy awesome.

“Man, lay off on the garlic and onions!”

This card is NUTS. Seriously. First, it can move any unprotected, unequipped character out of the way for the entire game. Besides the Fartifacts, not many decks run a lot of equipment. Just use it after the opponent’s recruit phase and “BAM!”, instant movement of anyone in the way. It also has wording that makes this card nearly unstoppable. It uses the term “choose” which means Banished doesn’t target at all. Wonder Woman can do nothing about it and Pathetic Attempt can do nothing about it. It’s also Ongoing so Bat Got Your Tongue? and From The Darkness can’t fizzle it. The only card that can touch Banished is Omnipotence which is easy to play around.

The last time I played this deck, it was turn 5. I had Slipstream, Johnny Quick, Alexander Luthor, and Fiero while my opponent had three characters inplay. I flipped two Banished and got the opponent’s two biggest characters out of the way. I then smacked the remaining visible 3-drop, swung to the face THREE TIMES with the speedsters, and then burned for six with Fiero. That, my friends, is game over and why Banished is NUTS in this deck. Moving characters out of the way to swing to the face multiple times with breakthrough is crazy.

Now, this deck isn’t amazingly consistent. You have to get your plot twists. It lives and dies on having Matter Convergence or Thunderous Onslaught at the right time. If this wasn’t the Vs. Resolution with its “in-universe” rules, I’d certainly add Ego Gem so I could start drawing like crazy to get those plots. However, this IS the Vs. Resolution so I have to stay with what I have. So, if you get your plots, this deck can easily win on turn 5 and possibly even sooner with a god draw and Slipstream. If you don’t get your plots, the deck fizzles out fast. However, when the deck runs, it ZOOMS and the opponent will be left muttering about how borked the speedsters of Vs. are.

Anti-Matter (Golden) Ratings:

Deck Strength: 9 (Its like Quickfate if it was a bit slower but with more characters and unstunning goodness. This deck could be really competitive with some tweaking but since it’s in the hyper-abusive Golden Age…)

Deck Theme: 9 (Two themes here. One, you have speedsters. In Vs., they ready. Yippee, thematic and powerful theme! Second is you have guys who appear and disappear into their realm. Well, in Vs. this is translated as moving in and out of the hidden area. Again, thematic and not weak. Definitely strong, definitely thematic, definitely fits the characters.)

Ease of Use: 5 (Yeah… You kinda have to have timing with this deck. If I just handed this off to my younger brother, even though he knows Vs. quite well, he’d probably fall flat on his face. You have to know what each plot twist does and move your characters around at the right time. Not particularly easy.)

Fun Factor: 8 (Fun since you’re winning but I don’t really feel a huge amount of “fun” coming off this that makes me go “Woo! Slipstream Smash!” I guess its just because I’m not invested in the characters. Still, its fun to occasionally actually win on MWS and the looks on people’s internet “faces” when they notice that Banished is basically unstoppable is awesome.)

Overall: 8 (Really, really strong deck that fits the theme perfectly. Perhaps the most powerful deck in this Resolution so far. However, the difficulty in running it and the lack of “feel” for the characters weight it down a bit for someone obsessed with that aspect of Vs., like myself.)

Vs. System Affiliation Leaderboard
1. Marvel Defenders/The Hulk (Modern)
2. Fantastic Four (Modern)
3. Anti-Matter (Golden)
4. Squadron Supreme (Golden)

5. Arkham Inmates (Modern)
6. Teen Titans (Modern)
7. Outsiders (Modern)
8. Future Foes (Silver)

9. Emerald Enemies (Golden)

And the new Golden Age kid on the block tosses Squadron Supreme right out of the top three! Now, looking through the standings, I notice something. First, is that I’m about to do my tenth affiliation review. That’s cool. However, look at what teams I’ve reviewed. Half the decks are Modern Age. Two-thirds of the decks are DC Comics. Only one-third of the decks are made up of instantly recognizable characters (Fantastic Four, Teen Titans, Arkham) while two-thirds are lesser known characters (Future Foes, Squadron Supreme, Anti-Matter, Outsiders, Marvel Defenders, Emerald Enemies).

Now, as I’ve said before, I enjoy bucking trends. For the 10th Vs. Resolution, I’ll be throwing off one of the above three trends. And don’t worry, I’m heading straight for the top with one of the most recognizable figures in comic books. Stay tuned!


3 Responses to “The Great Vs. Resolution #10: Anti-Matter”

  1. The Thunderous Onslaught/Matter COnvergence combo is borken with the Speedsters, I love it.

    Recruit Johnny Q in the hidden area. He’s 10/6. (ATK8 +2 for hidden)
    Declared the attack. He’s still hidden, 10/6 (ATK8 +2 for hidden)
    Play Thunderous Onslaught. He’s now a visible, unstunnable, 10/6. (ATK8 +2 for TO)
    Pay 3 END to ready him. He’s now a visible, unstunnable, ready 10/6. (ATK8 +2 for TO)
    Play Matter Convergence. He’s now a hidden, unstunnable, ready 15/6. (ATK8 +2 for TO, +2 for hidden, +3 for MC)
    Let the attack resolve…
    … and he’s a hidden, ready 13/6 just waiting to hit the next target. (ATK8 +2 for hidden, +3 for MC)

    Easy to pull of? Not necesarilly… but 28 points worth of swinging off a single character shure is fun…

  2. I heart these guys. With all my heart.

  3. The Slipstream/Fabrikant/Johnny combo is great, and the selection of Plot Twists are fine, but what about the Earth 3 characters from DCL? Superwoman might be a better cost-2 character, and Owlman, Ultraman, and White Martian could have uses as secondary drops (especially since they can strengthen Fabrikant when it’s not your initiative).

    I’d been toying with the notion of jamming the Earth-3’ers and Crime Syndicate’ers together, to make powering-up an option as well as including all those generic “same-version” cards (with maybe some Qwardian Conglomerate’ers mixed in). Didn’t come together too well though, this “shifty speedster” build is definitely better for the team.

    Looking forward to more Resolution decks!

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