I draw and I draw and I draw…

The next Vs. Resolution post should be up tomorrow. Right now I’m just finishing tweaking the deck. In the mean time, here’s a look at my “SA Pet Deck of the Moment”.

Batman Meets Another Chessboard

Gotham Knights/Hellfire Club

Silver Age

4x Alfred Pennyworth, Faithful Friend
2x Hellfire Club Initiate-Army

4x Sage-Tessa

4x Barbara Gordon <> Oracle – Hacker Extraordinaire
2x Tarot-Hellion

3x Batman – Twilight Vigilante
3x Madelyne Pryor-Black Rook

2x Shinobi Shaw-White King
1x Cassandra Cain – Death’s Daughter
1x Kate Kane <> Batwoman – Katherine the Younger

2x Batman – Cape and Cowl
1x Donald Pierce-White Bishop

1x Sebastian Shaw-Black King

Plot Twists:

4x Bat Got Your Tongue?
4x Army of One
4x The Hook-Up – Team-Up
4x Power And Wealth
4x Enemy Of My Enemy
4x Join The Club!


2x Batcomputer, Criminal Database
2x District X
1x The Hellfire Club
1x Shaw Industries

With this deck, I can consistently draw my deck down to a slim ten to fifteen cards on turn 7. With Batcomputer online, it stands to reason that most of those left over cards are junk I didn’t need anyway.

The whole thing is really, really simple. You use Alfred to get your team-up online. Sage lets you draw 2 cards a turn and if you have District X online, then you can use her power during the combat phase with any card (it gives ALL cards the selected Mutant trait, not just characters). Barbara is, of course, an excellent draw source and then you have The Hook-Up. So, in general, you draw about six cards a turn minimum plus whatever else if you get more Hook-Ups online.

After those three, you just go beats. 4-drop Batman and Madelyne Pryor both have some nasty effects that can gimp an opponent. Kate Kane is a free stun most of the time, Cassandra Cain can become huge if you’ve got a ton of characters, and Shinobi Shaw is an amazing wall. Then you have Donald Pierce of 6-drop Bats depending on if you do or don’t have initiative and whether or not you need aggro or control. Finally, you finish the opponent off with a double attacking Sebastian Shaw.

Plot Twists is lots of search, eight character and four plot/location. After that you have Army of One for smacking and Bat Got Your Tongue? for controlling. Locations are just things to help you draw or do more smacking.

The main problem with this deck is I’m probably running too many search/characters when you consider all the draw power. I’ll probably go through and tweak my numbers a bit here soon. In the mean time, this is an amazing deck to just draw through. You usually end up with at least one copy of every card that isn’t a one-of. The only deck that consistently stops it is anything running Red Shift since he can just move whoever is visible and that is not nice when its a walling Shinobi. Other than that, I highly recommend trying a build like this out just in order to have the fun of holding twelve cards in your hand at once.


4 Responses to “I draw and I draw and I draw…”

  1. Sweet. Me likey HFC. I dunno if you’ve considered/need it or not, but Memory Probe helps out with some drawing and filtering stuff. A couple copies of Mental Domination or Momentary Distraction can help keep Shinobi brickin’, too. And maybe a copy of Blackheart to help out against the swarms? Just some thoughts. 🙂

    I’m pretty sure that District X was misprinted/errata’d to only affect character cards, though. It’s not that big a deal — pretty much only reduces Tarot’s chances.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. kaleeshwarrior Says:

    Lemme think… Blackheart’s a 4-drop, right? Yeah, he could probably work as a one-of. Not sure on the other Mental cards. I only have three Mental characters if I don’t get District X online…

    And you suck for finding out that I’m playing District X wrong :p. I was enjoying discarding my extra locations and plots two draw twice but nooo, you have to go and spoil it with your “rules” and “erratas”. Bah! Humbug! 🙂

  3. Crushing dreams: the rules lawyer’s job. 😀

  4. lol much the same with me mate – I loved District X until I found out 😦

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