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BYOS Modern: Final MK Deck List

Posted in Vs. System on April 30, 2008 by kaleeshwarrior

Firstly, Kamiza commented on my blog! How awesome is that?

Second, I finalized my deck list for the Team Marvel vs. DC BYOS Modern tournament (mouthful of a format…). I playtested my Ghost Rider deck, got some comments from two of my favorite people to play against online (who have rhyming names, coincidence or something else?), and made the alterations that takes this deck from “playable” to “ZOMG! It might win some games!” Interestingly enough, it looks moderately similar to the MKKO deck Kamiza mentioned although mine doesn’t KO so much as it just pumps the heck out of everything that moves.

Oh, downside is I can no longer call it a Ghost Rider deck since I’m now packing only 4 Ghost Rider cards. Sad, but a necessary change. If I ever get involved in a Legends tournie, though, I think I know what I’m running.

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BYOS Modern: Make Mine Marvel, also more brainstorming ideas

Posted in Ramblings, Vs. System on April 29, 2008 by kaleeshwarrior

The more I’ve thought about this MWS tournament, the more I’ve realized that Marvel is where its at for me.

All the DC sets just don’t appeal to me outside of the fact that they have some nice utility. World’s Finest, IG-Hidden, and JLA are all good, well-known decks which means I don’t want to get anywhere near them simply because that’s the way I work. Outside of those decks, however, there isn’t anything particularly powerful in BYOS Modern. Revenge Squad Front Row needs Mobilize or else you’re entire deck falls to luck. Outsiders Team Attack need access to at least Reset but preferably a team-up with X-Men or the Titans while Outsiders Up-Curve has no search in this format. About the only deck that I like the idea of running in this format would be Injustice Gang handfill which just feels so standard. Sure, Marvel doesn’t have much it can respond with but I still don’t like the idea of using handfill.

That leaves me with just Marvel which has way more access to good stuff IMO. Anything from MTU is cool (outside of mono-Spider-Friends, blech), and MVL has access to the almighty Mobilize. Just lots of goodness in those two sets with cards that aren’t often used. Sure, I’m likely to get smacked by DC’s negation tricks but I’d prefer to run a fun deck that I’ve personally built than just try and win by avoiding the tough choices caused by the metagame.

Also, I promised some brainstorm ideas for decks so…

Spider-Friends/Underworld (10/10 healing Morbius is nice. Also, lots of search, draw, and answers. Oh, and Pathetic Attempt in Trial By Jury)

Marvel Defenders (Hulk Smash!, Deck merely loses Flying Kick in transfer to BYOS)

SinSyn Chameleon Hax (Drop Chameleon on 2, Use Chameleon’s effect on Kravinoff/Deadpool/Demogoblin, flip team-up, recruit dual loyalty character on 5.)

MA Common Enemy (abuse Force Field Projection + Mystical Paralysis to make opponent’s swear)

Brotherhood Juggs/Magneto (Sheer beatiness that doesn’t rely on plot twists or too heavily on targeting)

Phoenix and Her Clone’s Alternate Future Son (Use Bodyslide to abuse Jean Grey’s 5-drop and 8-drop.)

Those are what I can list off the top of my head at the moment. Each one has its strengths and weaknesses. At the moment, I think I’m going to play my Ghost Rider deck but I haven’t fully decided on that yet. Any comments or other ideas are always taken into consideration so feel free to leave your thoughts.

BYOS Modern: Ghost Rider

Posted in Vs. System on April 29, 2008 by kaleeshwarrior

Well, this sorta sucks. I just realized my Team Superman deck requires Superman/Batman Robot which isn’t legal in BYOS. Back to the drawing board for a possible DC deck, I guess.

This is my current Ghost Rider Legend deck list. The original had Flying Kick in it, which I traded out for Bring The Pain. I’m heavily leaning towards this since I’m not expecting people to expect it. Sure, now those MWSers that read the blog will know of it but the main ones that have commented are on the Marvel side of the event anyways so I’m not too incredibly worried.

No Jellybeans This Time

Marvel Knights: Ghost Rider

Modern Age: BYOS: Legend


4x Dagger, Lightbringer

4x Punisher, Suicide Run
2x Blade, Vampire Slayer

4x Ghost Rider, The Devil’s Rider
2x Spider-Man, Webhead

3x Wolverine, Covert Predator
2x Daredevil, Hornhead

3x Vengeance, Spirit of Vengeance

3x Ghost Rider, Spirit of Vengeance

1x Punisher, Angel of Death

Plot Twists:
4x Wild Ride
4x Mobilize
4x Rigged Explosives
4x Chain of Vengeance
4x Bring the Pain
3x Defensive Formation
2x Anguish of the Innocent


4x Brass Grill
3x Wheels of Vengeance

You want even initiatives because then you can choose who burns where on your primary turn, which is the sixth. However, this deck does just fine running on odds. Ghost Rider, Spirit of Vengeance needs the Wheels of Vengeance to really make the most of the turn in that situation but its all still doable.

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BYOS Modern Thoughts

Posted in Vs. System on April 29, 2008 by kaleeshwarrior

So, I just got a PM on TCGplayer about an upcoming tournament using MWS. The format is Team BYOS Modern in which one side has all Marvel decks, the other all DC, and then they duke it out with each user facing all of the players on the other team. The side with the most total victories at the end gets prizes (here being boosters from any of the current MA sets). If you are interested in playing, you can download MWS here and then all you gotta do is send Wiiman (the TO) a PM either there at TCGplayer or on the Realms.

Currently, I haven’t decided my team or my deck. There’s lots of goodness on both the DC and Marvel sides. On one hand, Marvel has my deadly Ghost Rider legend, Hulk Defenders, or Family of Four decks that can all be finetuned for some true goofiness.

DC, on the other hand, has my utterly annoying Team Superman “No” deck although it needs to be tweaked towards BYOS since its currently got a lot of non-DWF search in it. DC’s also got Secret Society, Injustice Gang handfill, and JLA.

I’m really waffling back and forth right now. I’d like to play something completely different than the average deck so I’m leaning towards Superman “No” or Ghost Rider but can’t decide which for the life of me. In fact, perhaps I’ll post both lists on this site in order to get my readers’ opinions… Yeah. I like that idea. All comment from any of you are much appreciated. Am I overlooking any particularly interesting decks for this format? I’m open to suggestions since I’m hoping to make this the first tournament I’ve completed online and want to make it fun.

The Great Vs. Resolution #15: Kree

Posted in Vs. Resolution, Vs. System on April 24, 2008 by kaleeshwarrior

Alright. Today’s post is going to be short and sweet for one simple reason. This is the Kree. Everyone knows what the Kree do. I would have liked to have gone with their “face-down” theme rather than their Press theme but I didn’t because Kree’s face-down-ers just don’t have enough support and Darkseid does it so much better. Instead, I just did your standard mono-Kree Press build. My thoughts after the deck list.

Power Kreep


Silver Age

4x Sintariis – High Kronamaster

4x Dr. Minerva – Starforce
4x Lieutenant Kona Lor – Lunatic Legion

4x Mar-Vell <> Captain Marvel – Soldier of the Empire
4x Commander Dylon Cir – Lunatic Legion

4x Admiral Galen Kor – Lunatic Legion
3x Ultimus – Starforce

4x Shatterax – Starforce
1x Korath the Pursuer – Starforce

1x Supremor – Starforce

Plot Twists:

4x Live Kree . . . or Die!
4x The Lunatic Legion
4x Mobilize
2x Remnant Fleet
1x Strategic Retreat


4x Penal Colony
4x Hala
4x Stargate

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Two Sets Early, A Legend Is Built.

Posted in Vs. System on April 23, 2008 by kaleeshwarrior

If by some chance you haven’t seen the announcement about Marvel Evolution, its right over here. Kinda bums me out that there won’t be a DC set but this set looks great. For the record, this set will NOT refeature the X-Men and Brotherhood affiliations but will instead be focusing on other mutant teams like the Marauders, X-Force, and X-Factor. That was my only worry about the set and the UDE crew on the Realms dispelled those fears.

The biggest news to me, though, is the announced legends. Cyclops is one of my favorites from childhood watching the X-Men cartoon every Saturday morning. I’m not a particular fan of him anymore but for nostalgia’s sake, I like seeing him as a legend. Deadpool is just cool any way you cut him and he could bring some incredibly quirky cards to the legend scene. Finally, Gambit! My favorite mutie is already getting legend treatment! If they make a card that you can throw at an opponent to do some sort of burn damage, I would be so incredibly pleased.

Anyways, in honor of the announcement, I decided to build a legend deck. However, Gambit and Deadpool only have 2 cards each in Silver Age. That forced me to go with option C. Mr. “I shoot laser beams from my eyes” himself.

Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, RUBY! [/guitarhero]

X-Men, Cyclops Legend

Silver Age

4x  Lockheed-Saurian Sidekick

4x  Dazzler-Rock Star

4x  Cyclops-Optic Blast
4x  Cyclops, Age of Apocalypse

4x  Bishop-XSE Commando
2x  Havok-Critical Mass

3x  Cyclops-Blue Leader
1x  Cyclops, Fearless Leader

3x  Iceman-Deep Freeze

1x  Rogue-Anna Marie

Plot Twists

4x  Mobilize
4x  Magnetic Force
4x  The Evil Eye
4x  Feel The Burn
4x  Chill Out!
4x  Turnabout
3x  Children of the Atom
3x  Heroes of Two Worlds

Basically you just want to curve out and burn with the power of Cyc and the energy cards (also cool, Dazzler still being around on turn 5 and team attacking with two guys adjacent to Blue Leader Cyclops for 7 burn). Magnetic Force and The Evil Eye are useful off-initiative when you can exhaust a defender. Chill Out! is an incredible card (unless you’re facing a team of all-hidden characters *shakes fist at Marvel Knights*) and Feel The Burn is a great attack pump that gives you free burn.

The only real weakness of this deck is it requires you to run the Loyalty-Reveal HoA Cyclops. Basically you have to look at him as a legend +1/+1 combat pump for Cyc. The only way you could possibly play him is if you had two in your hand and you’d still be better off with the other 3-drop Summers. Whenever I play Heroes of Two Worlds, its the HoA Cyc that always gets removed.

Gosh, I really can’t wait for Marvel Evolution now. So many great legends already announced. Can’t wait.

Doctor Who: The Remaining Companions (and dog)

Posted in Doctor Who, Vs. System on April 21, 2008 by kaleeshwarrior

It’s that time again when all my British readers and a couple American ones get their Time/Space on as I post another batch of Doctor Who cards.

This week I’m dropping the remaining characters that fit the Doctor’s Companion version theme, a little dog that I just had to preview with his master, and the first card of the set to specifically reference the Companions. Now, Alonsy!

Sarah Jane Smith is currently the only companion from the older Doctor Who serials to make it onto the new series. She primarily interacts with the Tenth Doctor in this series so I made her fit into his theme of removing the cards rather than KOing the removed ones like the Ninth Doctor. She has decent stats and her effect helps fix your draws while you never have to worry about that card later becoming useful since you can just use the Tenth Doctor to return it to your hand. She also has a boost effect that gives her a +1/+1 counter but who’s primary purpose is to let you play the following card.

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