The Grand Unveiling

Tomorrow will be the dawn of a new era.

Well, maybe its not that big but its still the start of something new here on Planet Kalee.

A few days back I got struck with inspiration. I’ve been watching a certain television program constantly as of late and my brain cells finally clicked. Why not translate it over to Vs. System? I couldn’t find a good reason.

Since then, I have been sitting on the computer typing out stats. I’ve been scribbling away in a notebook during the long car rides. I’ve been discussing ideas for cards with my Vs. playing brothers while waiting for food at Olive Garden. Since that fateful day, I have been hard at work creating concepts, finding images, and putting all that text into Magic Set Editor.

Now, finally, I have enough cards created to unveil my newest work. A complete mini-set of Vs. System cards is in the pipeline. More cards than an Essential Collection but less than a complete set. Three primary affiliations alongside a few secondary ones. Legend treatment given to the characters that deserve it most. Finally, it is time for the man who has been everywhere and every time to enter the world of Vs. System.


Coming this Thursday to a blog near you!


One Response to “The Grand Unveiling”

  1. Number6 Says:

    Fan-TAS-tic! 😀

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