Doctor Who: An Introduction and The First Previews

Check out that new banner on the top of the site. When I decided that I’m going to be rocking something new, I figured I’d go all-out. Expect some other minor design changes to the site as well while I try and get it all to fit with the Who.

So, I guess I should probably start this article with an introduction to The Doctor for those who aren’t aware of him. Doctor Who is a British show that’s a huge phenomenon on that side of the pond. The original series started in the late 1960’s and ran through into the late 80’s before it finally ended. It brought with it a massive amount of alternate media with it like books and audio plays. After the 80’s, however, the series disappeared, for the most part, until a movie was released in 1996. Doctor Who then, again, faded away until it blazed back on to television screens in 2005 and has since returned to its place as cheesy Sci-Fi series extraordinaire.

Doctor Who is all about a Time Lord (an alien species that are highly advanced but mostly look human besides having two hearts) known only as The Doctor.  He travels around in his trademark TARDIS (which looks like a police phone booth) and generally has a few human companions with him to keep him company. The Doctor takes these people through time and space and shows them fascinating things and get involves in some insane conflicts. That is the primary basis of the series. If you want to know more, check out Wikipedia.

Now, this set will primarily be based on the new Doctor Who series. That means there won’t be as much Tom Baker as there will Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant. I will be delving into the original series for a few things (the Daleks require their creator, for example) but the set as a whole will mostly be the new era of Who. Oh, and of the new series, you’ll notice more of a bent towards the David Tennant incarnation of The Doctor. That’s just my personal bias showing through. You can feel free to ignore it.

I currently don’t have firm card numbers locked down for this set.  I’m currently figuring I’m going to end up with 120 or so cards. These cards will generally be based around three affiliations: the TARDIS Crew (The Doctor and friends), the Daleks (The Doctor’s greatest enemies and also the best villains ever), and the Time/Space Dangers (any/all characters The Doctor has come into confrontation with in the new series). There will be also be a sub-team in the Time/Space Dangers which is the Cybermen who I don’t feel have quite enough people to build their own entire affiliation around but are notable enough to at least have a few cards referring specifically to them.

Now, with all the above out of the way, its time to get to the first four previews of the Doctor Who set. Onwards into the breach!


This is the newest incarnation of The Doctor. You’ll notice two things about the name: one, it’s all shrunken down which is MSE’s fault. The other thing is that he has the name of “Tenth Doctor” with the identity of “The Doctor”. This is because The Doctor has had ten incarnations as of this time. Whenever he gets fatally injured on the show (or the actor wants to leave IRL), the Doctor regenerates into an entirely new body and basically an entirely different character. Therefore, the first incarnation of The Doctor is an entirely different person from the tenth incarnation which I felt need representation via names and identities.

You’ll also notice that The Doctor brings something new to the table: the ability to manipulate the “removed from game” pile. This is the TARDIS Crew’s primary theme. Removing cards from the game has generally been the Vs. System way of representing time and space. Cable bodyslides people out of the way, Time Thief searches the opposing deck and removes a card, etc. The Doctor and his allies have access to the whole of time itself and, as such, can grab what they need just by shifting themselves to that period.

This 4-drop Tenth Doctor has average stats and what would normally be a weak coming into play effect in any other team. He just takes the top three cards off your deck and removes them. This thins the deck out but also might see an important card being removed. Whatever shall we do? Simple. The Doctor will just pitch a card of equal cost and go grab whatever you lost. That is what this Doctor does, trades card for card for whatever you happen to need. This is also the Tenth Doctor’s primary theme.

However, there is another Doctor in this set and this one is a bit more… violent.


The Ninth Doctor is going to be your primary attacker. He takes the Tenth Doctor’s theme of removing cards and turns it around into his advantage by letting you move those cards to your KO’d pile in exchange for combat-based effects. In this case, he can take those three cards the Tenth Doctor removed last turn and shove them into the KO pile to become a 12/5 for the attack. The reason for the defense loss is balance. If you just got a +1 for each removed card, I could see an exploit of just swinging down into the opposing low drop for big damage as well as not getting stunned back. The -1 puts the effect on Spoor, Acolyte levels and helps balance out the card a bit.

Now, you’ll notice that the Ninth Doctor (earlier chronologically) has a higher cost than the Tenth Doctor (later chronologically). This is not an oversight but instead a way to get some flavor out of the next card.


Bah! It was hard to word this card quite properly so I’ll try to explain it here. When you remove the Ninth Doctor (or whoever else but it’ll usually be the Ninth due to flavor), you can play the lower-costed Tenth Doctor for free as long as you don’t already have the Tenth Doctor in play. I really, really didn’t want this to be exploited by giving you two of the Tenth Doctor, Newly Regenerated because the ability to pluck two cards out of the RFG pile each turn is way too good. Other than that, its a flavorful way to show one Doctor turning into the next.

Now, amongst other things, there is one major item that connects the various incarnation of The Doctor. No, not the TARDIS. We’ll get to that later. I’m talking about his favorite tool.


I was shooting for getting as flavorful of a card as possible out of this thing. Hopefully it worked. Basically it’s a Utility Belt of sorts. One quick exhaust and a card removed from your hand and you can negate any ol’ plot twist. Always fun and useful. It also has a touch of Legend stamping by forcing you to have The Doctor inplay in order to get it at its preferred cost, which is pure flavor. It’s also transferable, which is pure flavor because I can’t count how many times The Doctor has thrown the screwdriver to one of his companion’s and shouted what button to press.

And that’s all for now. Tune in again in a few days in order to see the next four cards from the TARDIS Crew affiliation, this time focusing on the Doctor’s Companion from Season One and Two, Rose Tyler.


6 Responses to “Doctor Who: An Introduction and The First Previews”

  1. the lady upstairs Says:

    While I have absolutely NO idea how to play this game, those cards you made ROCK! And I love the little quoteables you put at the bottom of them.


  2. Number6 Says:

    This definitely looks interesting…while I’m waiting for the latest blog entry I’m going to wildly speculate that the Bad Wolf is probably an 8-cost, as well as perhaps the Dalek Emperor (the one from the Time War era, anyway). Oh, and the Black Guardian as a cost-9 for the Time/Space Dangers (they’re kind of like Emerald Enemies, aren’t they?). I imagine the Time/Space Dangers might see a lot of Army guys…the Doctor’s had to deal with so many hordes of brainwashed/possessed/zombie/robot minions that it’d almost have to be a theme among his villains.

    Oh yeah…what about the White Guardian, Torchwood (after Jack takes over) and UNIT, and the Time Agency? Do they get their own Time/Space Allies affiliation–being that they don’t regularly time travel but are fairly friendly to The Doctor whenever he drops by–or are they lumped in with the TARDIS Crew?

  3. kaleeshwarrior Says:

    Well, I will point to the fact that this is 95% based on the new, main series. I’ll be digging into the older archives for only some Dalek images and perhaps for some Cyberman stuff.

    The Black Guardian, White Guardian, UNIT, and the Time Agency are nowhere to be found because, well, I’ve never watched the old series outside of Genesis of the Daleks. Torchwood will have a minor part in the TARDIS Crew affiliation (a few cards will be dual-affiliated) but, again, because of my lack of viewing of that series I won’t be able to do much with them.

    Next post on this should be tomorrow or day after. Monday at the absolute latest. Glad someone else likes this idea for Doctor Who Vs. :).

  4. Ah, Genesis of the Daleks…absolutely classic! And from what I’ve read, it was intended to be used by the creative team of new Who as the beginning storyline basis of the Time War.

    While they haven’t strictly appeared in new Who, the Doctor has referenced the existence of the Guardians (“my people called it the Void, the Guardians called it the Howling…”), and Captain Jack mentions being a former Time Agent (I think the Timelords lent them some Psychic Paper), both when he’s introduced and when explaining to Martha how he left the Gamestation. UNIT had a brief appearance during the two-parter that introduced the Slitheen (as experts on aliens, since the Doctor’s third incarnation spent an extended amount of time with them), though they did all get electrocuted pretty quickly. I think they were working with Prime Minister Harriet Jones during the initial stages of the Sycorax invasion (“Martains don’t look anything like that!”), though I can’t recall if it’s prominently mentioned.

    At any rate, if you expand your set to incorporate old Who, you could always add them under an umbrella “friendly to the Doctor” affiliation. But until that gets considered, I’m going to enjoy reading how you’ve represented new Who!

  5. Great page lol
    But you need more pic
    Xx Yeah xX LOL

  6. This TCG should totally exist. XD I loved VS system (but few people in my area played it) and I think the system would work great for Doctor Who. Also, there could be an extension set: Torchwood, with a Location for “Cardiff” and some card involcing the “rift through time and space”. But I guess your head is bursting with ideas even without further encouragement. 🙂

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