The Game of the Galaxy, Part 1: Pre-Game

Oh sure, everyone can write a match report. Just write down what you play in your resource row and what your opponent flips and all that fun stuff. And there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, a simple match report with just the important details of the game is the best way to report on a competitive Vs. game.

However, I don’t generally play competitively. Heck, none of the games I play are in the slightest bit “competitive”. That’s why there’s never been a match report on this site.

Until now.

See, there is another way to write up a report on a game of Vs. System. A way that is far too time-consuming when someone is trying to detail what happened in the semi-final matches at a Megaweekend. That way is called “storytelling” and I have the free time to give it a shot.

Stumbling forward, dazed and confused, was a man. He didn’t look particularly extraordinary but looks can be deceiving. One second he was in the conference room of his business headquarters and the next he was… Where was he? He glanced around but all he could see was mist. Swearing under his breath, the man continued to walk forwards. He had no idea where he was but he knew he’d figure out how to leave. He was a genius, after all.

“Shall we play a game?” The voice pierced through the fog.

Squinting, the bald man saw a human-like shape in the distance. A grin appeared. Surely whoever this was would happily help him get back to his headquarters in exchange for the money and power he could provide. Rushing forwards, the shape became clearer and clearer until the man could finally see who he was running towards.

Sitting before him was a man with blue skin. His white hair came up like horns and his eyes glowed as they stared back at the bald man. He was wearing a large yellow robe with a high collar and a red diamond on the front. The being was seated next to what looked like a small square table.

“Come, sit,” He said, gesturing with his yellow-gloved hand towards the stone stool positioned across the table from him. “It is time for us to play.”

The bald man could not help but wonder who this… thing thought he was. “You brought me to this place, didn’t you?” He demanded. “Take me back or else I swear I will make your life hell.”

The response was a cackle, “Oh come now, everyone has time for a game. Even you, Lex Luthor.”

Lex resisted letting his jaw drop and instead ground his teeth together. Whatever this thing was, it knew who HE was. “I didn’t wake up this morning to play games. I woke up this morning because today was going to be the day that I finally destroyed Superman! And now you’ve gone and pulled me here. Why? To play some stupid game?!?”

“Ah, yes. Your never-ending battle against Superman. Would you be willing to play my game if I made a wager? If you win, I’ll give you what you need to destroy Superman.”

Eyebrow raised, Luthor finally walked to the stool and sat down across from the being that had brought him to this place. He eyed the being cautiously before speaking, “And what do you get if you win?”

A twisted smile appeared across the blue being’s face, “If I win, I, the Grandmaster, get your universe.”

So that’s what this was all about, Luthor thought. This “Grandmaster” must be from one of the other parts of the multiverse, or perhaps another universe entirely. Clearly he wasn’t capable of just entering another universe, he had to play a game to get in. Probably against the most intelligent being in that universe. If that’s the case, he certainly found him.

“Before I make my decision, what sort of game will we be playing?” Lex asked, not wanting to walk into an unwinnable situation.

“Oh, that’s simple,” The Grandmaster said

The Elder reached down into a box that lay next to his feet and pulled out a set of cards. Lex’s eyebrow raised once more as he saw, amongst other pieces of art, a blue-haired beast, a sorceror, and a surfer made of pure silver. They looked like the sort of superpowered beings that often got in his way back on Earth yet he had never seen anyone like them before.

The Grandmaster smiled, clearly revelling in the businessman’s confusion, “We will battle with two groups of beings, one from my world and one from yours. They will be instantly transported to a neutral world between our universes. There, my universe’s beings will battle your universe’s beings with each of us commanding them from above via these cards. The full rules to this game and these cards will be instantly transferred to your mind as soon as you pick up your deck. Fair enough?”

Luthor nodded since all of this seemed to make sense but there was one last thing to clear up, “How do I know that you aren’t just going to give me the dregs of my universe? The Mad Hatters and Catmans?”

The Grandmaster’s eerie cackled filled the void once more, “Oh, you need not worry about that. Just pick up your deck. See who will be your ally in this fight and tell me he is not the strongest being that walks in your realm.”

Picking up the top card of his deck, Lex examined the back. Simple white with some lines and the letters “V” and “S”. He instantly knew the rules to this game: Endurance, reinforcement, flight, substitute, draw phase, combat phase, all of it was suddenly packed into his head. Lex smiled, this game seemed to be perfect for a man of his intellect. He then flipped the card over. His face turned into a scowl as he growled, “You just have to ruin everything, don’t you?”

“He IS the most powerful man in your universe, is he not?” The Grandmaster said with amusement.

Lex just frowned as he shuffled Superman, Last Son of Krypton into his deck, “Let’s get this over with. I need to get back so I can kill him.”


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  1. Awesome. Just…awesome.

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