MWS Gems: Roguer’s Mystiqual Sea Creatures

Welcome to the next in Planet Kalee’s new featured articles. Between custom cards, match write-ups, and The Great Vs. Resolution, the Planet is already getting a bit crowded but now things are really gonna start hopping.

MWS Gems is an incredibly simple idea that I don’t know why I didn’t come up with sooner. See, I have played against some really, really neat decks on Magic Workstation. Most of these I’d never seen before and never saw much of after. I always felt that the fact that these incredible decks were only really known amongst the few who play the deck creator’s on MWS was a travesty. So, MWS Gems is here to change that.

If I play you on Magic Workstation (under the username of Grievous) and you’re using a deck I particularly like, I might just ask you if I can feature it here on MWS Gems. You can feel free to say no but if you say yes, I’ll give you my e-mail and you can send me the deck and some notes which will then be featured here in these articles.

Now, the first MWS Gem is brought to you by a user who goes by the alias of roguer. He’s a regular on Workstation and always tends to be playing something cool. This past weekend when I played against him, he was packing what was perhaps one of the nastiest jank decks I’ve ever played against and it featured everyone’s favorite saddled critters, the Sea Creatures.

However, his Sea Creatures deck doesn’t run Aquaman. Nope, these poor Sea Creatures have been tricked into following a far darker path by a certain shapeshifting woman.


Mystiqual Sea Creatures Mk. 1


Silver Age


4x Nocturne, Talia Wagner
4x Destiny-Future Sight
13x Sea Creatures, Army

4x Magneto, Mutant Terrorist

4x Mystique, Shapely Shifter

1x Stonewall-Freedom Force

Plot Twists:
4x The Next Brotherhood
4x Common Bond
4x Marvel Zombies
4x Thanagarian Invasion
4x Mobilize
2x Call in a Favor

4x Genosha
3x Underground Resistance
1x Poseidonis

The whole idea of this deck is to get odd initiatives, hit Magneto on 3, and then playing Mystique on 4 with the name of Aquaman. Turn 5 you use a Genosha or two in order to fill your hands with Sea Creatures, The Next Brotherhoods, Common Bonds, and Thanagarian Invasions. You play five of the critters and then pump them to high heavens with the global attack uppers. After that, its a simple case of “Pony Smash!”

While this deck is fragile, I’ve been able to pull off the big dump in every game I’ve played. Three out of four times I was on even initiatives so it was too late for me to make the big win. The deck really, really needs odds to run at its peak. Another problem is Magneto’s loyalty. Without Magneto and his Genoshas, its hard to get enough Sea Creatures and pumps in hand for the big boom. Finally, Mystique is a must hit as well. That means you basically have to hit your two through four drops, draw five of a particular card, and get enough pumps to boost for the win. Hard to do but relatively plausible.

However, when this deck runs, it runs amazingly well. In one particular game, I was able to get the odd initiatives and, on turn 5, play down three Creatures and Destiny. Follow that up with a Thanagarian Invasion, two The Next Brotherhood, and three Common Bonds and I had four characters with fourteen attack and two with over ten.

Also, if you’re wanting a more Modern pony to go riding into the store with, this deck is easily modified to play fair in MA. Just pull the Destinys out for Quicksilvers, the Stonewall for Post, and the Thanagarian Invasions for Forward Assault. Very little is lost aside from Thanagar’s flight and Destiny’s drawing ability which is exchanged for smashiness if Quicksilver is still around for the big turn 5 finish.

In all, I really, really like this deck. I’d been looking for a way to use The Next Brotherhood lately and this is a great way to do it. While this deck is really fragile, there is little better than sitting on over 70 points of attack on turn 5. If you can get your hands on all the Sea Creatures, or if you’re just playing on Workstation, this deck is well worth giving a shot.

Finally, thanks to Roguer for letting me feature his deck. This was a great way to start the MWS Gems articles. Now, anyone else that wants to follow Roguer’s lead needs to get on MWS, build something creative for me to feature, find Grievous, and show me that your deck has what it takes to be an MWS Gem. I’ll be waiting.


5 Responses to “MWS Gems: Roguer’s Mystiqual Sea Creatures”

  1. Awesome! Didn’t know my deck was gonna be the first of a new series. MWS Gems = brilliant idea. And I couldn’t have asked for a better write-up. 🙂

    Everybody share your janktastic decks w/ Grievous.

  2. That is really neat deck. That roguer guy…he’s a toughie, for sure.

    Very good idea, too! I may have to steal it…:P

  3. OMG, OMG, OMG. This is going on the Mothership next week. Can’t WAIT to see what other gems you dig up.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  4. kaleeshwarrior Says:

    Figured you’d like it stu :p

  5. […] On an unrelated note, check out what happens when you get a decent draw with Roguer’s Aqua-Mystique deck I talked about awhile ago. […]

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