MWS Gems: TreeHug’s “No Damage For You”

Sorry for the lacking of posting this week. Just sort of walked away from me because I’m an idiot.

This is just a quick post to say “I’m alive” and to feature a combo that made me go “ouch” a while back.

This deck was built by a user with the name of TreeHug. He was also featured on Alec’s To The Power of (X) blog so this is his “famous” week. Anyways, I played him earlier this week and he was playing what looks like your standard basic World’s Finest deck but there was one big combo in it.

World’s Finest, No Damage Edition

Team Superman/Gotham Knights

Modern Age

4x  Superman Batman Robot, Supa-Mecha-Bat

4x  Alfred Pennyworth, Faithful Friend
4x  Maggie Sawyer – Gotham Central

4x  Krypto – Guard Dog of El

4x  Natasha Irons <> Steel – Unlikely Alloy
2x  Renee Montoya – Gotham Central
2x  Barbara Gordon <> Oracle – Hacker Extraordinaire

4x  Superman – Last Son of Krypton

3x  Batman – Cape and Cowl

1x  Superman, Founding Member

1x  Kara Zor-El <> Supergirl – Claire Connors

Plot Twists:
4x  Flying High
4x  Bat Got Your Tongue?
4x  Bat-Signal
2x  For the Man Who Has Everything
4x  Impervious
4x  Soaring to New Heights
4x  The Hook-Up – Team-Up


1  City of Tomorrow – Team-Up

The main reason I’m featuring this list is the combo of Maggie Sawyer, Natasha Irons, Superman: Last Son of Krypton, Superman/Batman Robot. If you don’t see the combo, those characters basically say “I take no damage going into turn 8”. Sure, it also helped that TreeHug negated all my search but Dang! I ended up doing exactly 8 damage heading into turn 8. I’m within inches of trying to bust this combo by going straight Team Superman with Kandor to make Maggie unattackable.

So, TreeHug, props on bringing that combo to my attention. Just incredibly nasty.

Stay tuned because on Monday I’ll be posting my next Vs. Resolution later this week. Planet Kalee’s still around, just been a bit slacking this week.


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