Doctor Who: Rose Tyler

Bah! I know I promised a Vs. Resolution post today but I tweaked the deck for this week so that’ll be delayed by a day or three. Instead, I’ll be posting this Doctor Who expansion post that should’ve been up last week but due to WordPress’s dashboard change, I saved it as a draft instead of posting it. Still just as good, though.

For the record, I haven’t worked on many cards for this lately. Seems like I might be running out of steam. However, I do have the TARDIS Crew 95% done so at the very least I can post all of those.

Rose Tyler is the Doctor’s first companion in the new series. She’s featured in both Seasons One and Two before leaving the show. She also leaves behind a big old wound on the Doctor’s heart.

See, The Doctor is always traveling around with a female companion of some sorts in order to keep himself from getting lonely. At least, that’s the in-universe reason. The real reason would be because the show needs more than a single constant character and you might as well make that character female.

Anyways, Rose Tyler has two incarnations in this set along with a support card or two. First, we’ll get the party started with an early version of Rose.

Sadly, it seem WordPress has eaten my text. Still mostly readable, though, so I won’t babble it in here. First, you’ll notice Rose is a support character. This is the nature of most non-Doctor characters in the set. They mostly exist to just help out our favorite Time Lord. Rose has two powers, one is a free card draw in exchange for KOing a removed card. This is in the same vein as the Ninth Doctor’s abilities so it fits thematically since this is from when Rose first met the Eccleston version of The Doctor. Her other power is tied into her flavor text. If you have The Doctor inplay, you can make Rose run away in exchange for a Puppet Master style exhaust.

Now, how do you make sure you hit Rose on turn 2? Easy. You bring her mum.

I would’ve preferred avoiding adding Jackie to the set since her character annoys me but I needed one-drops and her effect fit thematically. Jackie is like a very specific Lockjaw. You can find Rose, only Rose, and only a Rose up to a 3-drop. Now, you’ll notice there is no 3-drop Rose in this set. I chose to let Jackie search for one with that cost just to keep the door open for the possibility.

However, there is a higher cost Rose. Oh yes, much higher cost.

To Number6, yes, you were right about the cost. For those who aren’t Who fans, this is after Rose stares into the time vortex and gains all of its power. She basically becomes that one mutant who’s name escapes me that can rewrite reality. Xavier’s son in the Ultimate X-Men series, something else in the regular one…

Anyways, this card basically reads “BURN!!!” You’ll likely only get one activation out of Rose but the fact that you’re almost always going to be doing 12 damage makes it worthwhile. I originally didn’t have a cap on the damage but then I made the 9-drop Doctor and I was all like “Yeah… that’s kinda broken”. Still, burning for almost a quarter of your opponent’s life is always good.

Next time on the Who channel, more of the Doctor’s Companions!


2 Responses to “Doctor Who: Rose Tyler”

  1. Cool stuff, but the Bad Wolf seems a bit small-statted for her cost, especially seeing all the other restrictions built in to using her ability; I’m interested to see how it fits with the later-turn Doctor. And without seeing some of the TARDIS Crew’s support for removing cards from game, the burn effect doesn’t seem as strong as it could be with that “whichever is less” clause (so show us more cards! 😉 ).

    Any Mickey Smith (Defending the Earth!, Companion, Left Behind) versions in the works? Or a Jackie Tyler that searches up a Big Yellow Truck, or Pajamas and Tea for revitalizing comatose Timelords? It also looks like you’ve probably got some “Companion” common-version stuff in mind, any themes going on there?

  2. kaleeshwarrior Says:

    Lemme see…

    Bad Wolf: Yeah, I believe I statted her before I slapped the “no ready” and 12 damage cap and never changed it back. She should probably be somewhere more in the 16A/18D area or else have a better burn like 15 or something.

    Later cards/9-drop Doctor: This affiliation should easily have 12 cards in the removed from game pile by turn 8. And I’d like to retract my earlier statement of Bad Wolf’s interaction with the 9-drop “Tenth Doctor The Doctor, Last of the Time Lords” as “kinda broken”. Instead I should’ve said “utterly unfair”. Much more accurate. You’ll see why in a week or three.

    Mickey Smith: Yes. One version. Image is from the Season Two finale when he has a gun so he’s got range. Has interaction with Rose that makes him the preferred 3-drop in the deck.

    Jackie Tyler: No. Annoying characters get only one card and generally are support. You can basically judge my likings of characters based on how well they work with The Doctor. For example, in the future when you can compare Rose or Madame de Pompadour’s interactions to Martha Jones or Jackie, you’ll see which of the characters I prefer.

    Companion sub-theme: Very small, just a few support cards that target them specifically. One will be previewed later this week with the last batch of Companions.

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