The Great Vs. Resolution #14: Kre— Secret Six? WTF?

I swear, I wanted to write an article about a Silver Age Marvel deck. Really, I did. But, you see, I sorta got distracted and went on a deckbuilding frenzy and built this one incredibly fun deck that I started playing instead of my Kree deck and I really wasn’t enjoying the Kree much since they were way too powerful and…

Anyways, I’m going to open this article by running through the Vs. Resolution rules. Why? Well, for one thing there might be new readers who haven’t been around since my last rundown which was WAY back during my Future Foes article two months ago. Second, because its gonna be important to this article.

The Great Vs. Resolution Guidelines:

All characters must share a printed affiliation, at least 50% of non-character cards must be team or character-stamped, remaining cards must be from the same universe as the affiliation for the deck, deck must be in as recent of a format as possible.”

Why is that important? Simple. For the intents of this article, the guidelines look more like this…

All characters must share a printed affiliation, at least 50% of non-character cards must be team or character-stamped, remaining cards must be from the same universe as the affiliation for the deck, deck must be in as recent of a format as possible.”

That’s right! Rules be damned! Secret Six are too good for some silly rules. The deck is still primarily Secret Six but in order for this deck to run, it needs another affiliation that is from the Marvel universe. Normally I wouldn’t bend the rules like this but, come on, how can’t you make concessions for these guys and their sweet alternate win condition?

Now, I’ve heard rumors that the Secret Six are a difficult affiliation and that Secret Six Victorious’s win condition of “six printed affiliation Secret Six in play at START of Recruit Step” is hard to pull off. I wouldn’t know. My deck has done it in about 50% of the games I’ve played at its all thanks to everyone’s favorite party game.

Limbo Six Victorious

Secret Six/Underworld

Silver Age

4x The Dwarf – Soul Broker
3x Mad Hatter – Mad as a Hatter

2x Shathra – Sharon Keller
3x Deadshot – Dead Aim

4x Umar – Sorceress Sublime
3x Catman – Thomas Blake
3x Parademon – Apokoliptian Ally

3x Ragdoll – Resilient Rogue

3x Cheshire-Jade

4x Scandal – Savage Spawn

3x Lex Luthor <> Mockingbird – Evil Exile

Plot Twists:

4x In Limbo
4x Call in a Favor
3x Heroes of Two Worlds
3x Ritual Sacrifice – Team-Up
3x Dodge The Bullet
3x Netherworld Gift
2x Secret Six Victorious


3x House Of Secrets

This deck doesn’t really care about initiatives since it rarely enters combat before its win on turn 5 or 6. Mulligan is Umar and a team-up/way to get a team-up.

Now, this deck doesn’t follow any real “turn by turn” basis but the basics are Dwarf on 1, Shathra/Deadshot/House of Secrets payment on 2, Umar on 3, Ragdoll on 4, Cheshire on 5.

Generally this deck wins entering into turn 6. On a good day, turn 5 goes something like: Cheshire, Umar, and Ragdoll on the board. Ragdoll gets attacked and Parademon is revealed. Ragdoll stuns, Parademon enters play, Mad Hatter is discarded to Rag Doll effect and comes into play. Recovery phase is eventually reached and In Limbo gives you some healing. You Netherworld Gift or Lex Luthor <> Mockingbird in Catman and use In Limbo to retain your board. Going into turn 6 you use Deadshot’s effect from the KO pile to enter play and win the game via having Hatter, Doll, Para, Cheshire, Catman, and Deadshot inplay

That sounds highly unlikely but I’ve won four or five games with a method roughly resembling the above. Sometimes I use Mockingbird to clone someone in or I combine Dodge The Bullet with Netherworld Gift for the same basic effect. Either way it dodges uniqueness and adds another character to the board. Occasionally the deck enters turn 6 and Scandal is recruited just to have the final body.

This deck looks really fragile but most losses have been from stupidity on my part (not searching for a Mockingbird-able character during recovery when it would win me the game) or falling to hyper-aggro decks. While I haven’t played it against anything incredibly competitive, it has won its fair share of games against good decks that didn’t just whiff. Most of the wins haven’t been flukes which has pleased me greatly and makes this an awesome deck just because my opponents end up going “Holy crap, you just won with Secret Six Victorious! Good job!”

Secret Six (Silver) Ratings:

Deck Strength: 7 (Okay, not particularly strong when looked at normally but it runs! It’s a Secret Six deck that runs!)

Deck Theme: 9 (The Secret Six like keeping stunned guys around and getting people into play through non-recruits. Underworld helps with that and keeps the theme.)

Ease of Use: 2 (I’ve had to stop and think for five minutes on a single play before. This deck is NOT easy to run. There are some tricky interactions and you have to know when to do what and where each bit goes.)

Fun Factor: 12/10 (Jank!!! Alternate Win Condition!!! Fun!!! I absolutely love this deck. I haven’t been this excited about playing a deck since my Warbound Hulk deck a while back. Incredibly fun.)

Overall: 7.5 (Alright, so I sorta cheated with the scores by pumping up Fun Factor but I don’t care. I needed something to offset Ease of Use’s lowness. This deck is incredibly cool and if you want a way to play Secret Six, this is where its at.)

Vs. System Affiliation Leaderboard
1. Marvel Defenders/The Hulk (Modern)
2. Team Superman (Modern Age)
3. Fantastic Four (Modern)
4. Anti-Matter (Golden)
5. Squadron Supreme (Golden)

6. Arkham Inmates (Modern)
7. Secret Six (Silver)
8. Revenge Squad (Modern)

9. Teen Titans (Modern)
10. Outsiders (Modern)
11. Future Foes (Silver)

12. League of Assassins (Modern)

13. Emerald Enemies (Golden)

And so the Secret Six enter the top seven, barely missing out on getting the number that is part of their name. I swear, Kree will get their rightful place in this list later this week as soon as I get used to the nasty taste in my mouth that comes with playing something tournament caliber in a purely casual forum like MWS. It just doesn’t feel right for some reason. Anyways, that’s all for the rule-breaking Secret Six and the next article will return the Vs. Resolution rules to their rightful place. Stay tuned!


4 Responses to “The Great Vs. Resolution #14: Kre— Secret Six? WTF?”

  1. Mutant Massacre FTW!!!


    As for the Kree, forget pressing out with ’em — do their whole “face-down resource” thing instead. I think it’s much more fun (and casual).

    Unless, of course, you enjoy demolishing your opponents with an unbeatable wave of ATK-boosted characters. Whatever suits ya. 😛

  2. Looks neat, and certainly Underworld’s no-KO tech is probably the best way to go to ensure you get that win condition.

    But, in the interests of “keeping it within the universe,” how about Secret Society? For instance, Straight to the Grave a Deadshot and Victorious into the KO’d Pile, then exhaust Floronic Man to get out Deadshot and KO Floronic to get the Victorious. Alternately, if you already have a Victorious or Scandal in hand, you can keep Floronic and trim away your extra Victorious so it’s not a dead draw. Dr. Sivana provides some extra card cycling (which can help trigger a Hatter discard), Ragdoll-2 can grab yet more out of the KO’d Pile (good for getting or using Mockingbird in conjunction with Straight to the Grave), and Poison Ivy can pull some free guys into play for utility or your body count. Little hidden characters like Chemo, Riddler, and Dr. Polaris can give you a little bit of control to help keep your opponent from hurting you too badly while you set everything up for the Victorious win. The “victory round” might be something like, Ragdoll-4 has been recruited, Poison Ivy exhausted for Deadshot, Dr. Sivana activates to trigger a Hatter discard, another Hatter is planted in the KO Pile and Ivy pulls him out, Parademon triggers himself into play when there’s a Ragdoll-4 stun, and then Mockingbird drops the last sucker onto the field at the end of the turn. It’s conceivable to get that win condition on turn 5, flipping Victorious before the recruit step…not guaranteed or even likely, but definitely possible.

    Well, anyway, these are just off-the-top-of-my-head ramblings, but I’m curious if you considered the team pairing (with all that juicy new DCL material) before crossing universes.

  3. Maybe my favourite Revolution entry yet. I love Secret Six and their oh-so-fragile win condition!

  4. kaleeshwarrior Says:

    I highly, highly considered doing the Kree Facedown theme but didn’t for two reasons. One, not enough support. Two, Darkseid does it better. Kree is Press. Nasty, nasty Press…

    But I love going off-universe! What’s better than Secret Six and Underworld or Hellfire and Hidden Injustice Gang?

    Anyways, SecSoc/Secret Six looks like a pretty good idea but I feel Underworld does it so much better. In Limbo and Netherworld Gift is a Godsend for the Secret Six. It actually makes Victorious not only possible but pretty likely. I might just build something along the idea of what you posted, though, since it sounds like a fun idea…

    Thanks! Was spur of the moment but when I figured out I actually had a workable Secret Six build I was like “Screw the mono-team, one-universe rules! I wrote the rules!” This sorta thing will be a rarity but is likely to happen with small teams where I feel its needed (Crisis, Deathstroke, Doom Patrol to a small extent, etc.).

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