Doctor Who: The Remaining Companions (and dog)

It’s that time again when all my British readers and a couple American ones get their Time/Space on as I post another batch of Doctor Who cards.

This week I’m dropping the remaining characters that fit the Doctor’s Companion version theme, a little dog that I just had to preview with his master, and the first card of the set to specifically reference the Companions. Now, Alonsy!

Sarah Jane Smith is currently the only companion from the older Doctor Who serials to make it onto the new series. She primarily interacts with the Tenth Doctor in this series so I made her fit into his theme of removing the cards rather than KOing the removed ones like the Ninth Doctor. She has decent stats and her effect helps fix your draws while you never have to worry about that card later becoming useful since you can just use the Tenth Doctor to return it to your hand. She also has a boost effect that gives her a +1/+1 counter but who’s primary purpose is to let you play the following card.

K-9 is an utterly charming robotic dog from the original serials that turned up in the same episode that re-introduced Sarah Jane Smith. I knew right from the start that K-9 was going to be the TARDIS Crew’s Hassim in that he gives your character a pump based on how well you’ve kept on theme. Like with Rose Tyler, Bad Wolf, I put a limit on just how high that pump is so you can’t go breaking it into something huge on turn 3 or whatever. One other thing is that K-9 should have range. Just a minor creator oversight.

Martha Jones was the latest of the Doctor’s Companion (at least that I’ve been able to see… lousy show making me wait…) but she recently left and is being replaced by the Bride from the Christmas special (who will not be appearing in this expansion because that’s one of the few episodes I haven’t watched). I’m not a particular fan of Martha but she needed to be included in the set. This card is based off her inspiring all of humanity via tales of The Doctor. I figured it was a nice flavorful effect for her. Would she be played over Jackie Tyler who can fetch your 2-drop or Madame de Pompadour (who will be previewed next week)? Probably not since its unlikely she’ll stick around ’till turn 4. However, she probably wouldn’t be bad splashed into a swarm deck with A Moment of Crisis to turn someone into The Doctor to give global +1/+1.

Finally, we have The Travelers. I really wish there was an episode that had Martha Jones, Sarah Jane, Rose, and The Doctor all in the same scene but instead we have Mickey Smith in Jones’s place. This card is basically a templating ripoff of Indebted. Just replace “Spider-Man” with “The Doctor” and “Spider-Friends” with “Doctor’s Companion” and you get this. One big difference is that whereas Indebted can only get you one character of a particular name (Spider-Man), The Travelers can currently fetch two (Ninth and Tenth Doctors) and could theoretically fetch eight more (Doctors First through Eighth). This means you don’t have to worry about uniqueness as much. The downside is that the non-Doctor search is more specific in only fetching your 1-3 drops.

So, there you have it, The Doctor’s female entourage for this set. The next set of previews will be themed around the average humans that have encountered and become associates of The Doctor but have not become constant traveling companions. Also previewed will be two of the TARDIS Crew’s primary combat pumps. As a hint, both have strong ties to two very powerful defensive pumps that are currently Modern Age. One of those pumps is a reprint and one is a semi-reprint that made the card slightly more difficult to use. That’s all I’ll say for now. Stay tuned because after that, The Doctor returns!


3 Responses to “Doctor Who: The Remaining Companions (and dog)”

  1. Good to see some love for the Companions! Couple of thoughts…why not have Sarah Jane’s boost bring K-9 into play? He’s never far behind her (in the backseat, in her recent appearance), it just takes a while for the lil’ guy to catch up sometimes. πŸ˜‰
    While it *probably* doesn’t matter, that’s the K-9 Mark III in New Who (kind of like the different Sentinel models), who then gets replaced by the Mark IV at the end of the episode.
    Also, I like “The Travelers,” perfect name to describe the TARDIS Crew. Though it would be amusing to call it “Hermits United” instead. πŸ™‚ On a mildly related note, what episodes have you missed?

    Oh, and speculation time: I’m gonna guess that one of the defensive pumps is based on Shape Change, but with remove-from-game from the deck rather than KO. Can’t think of what the other might be, but I guess I’ll find out. Keep up the good work!

  2. kaleeshwarrior Says:

    Well, Sarah Jane’s boost sorta does bring K-9 into play. I just sorta played with the wording to make K-9 cost 0 rather than just playing him. I believe I had a reason for it at the time but I can’t quite remember what it was…

    Hermits United! Oh man, how could I have forgotten that? It’s immediately going into the list of cards that the TARDIS Crew still needs along with a piece of equipment that I absolutely must design.

    Episodes I haven’t seen are: Rose, Father’s Day, Boom Town, The Runaway Bride, and everything from Season 4.

    Shape Change, eh? You’ve done a pretty good job on your guesses so far (Bad Wolf, for example) so we’ll see how accurate this one is soon enough :).

  3. Ok, so you haven’t missed much of the New Who episodes (season 4 doesn’t properly start on SciFi until this Friday anyway, and it’s not far behind the UK broadcasts) and now I know what content to keep somewhat spoiler-free (I assume you’d prefer that, anyway). And since you mentioned some more equipment, I’m going to continue the speculation train and guess that you might be referring to the Doctor Detector. Though I think that device (and the “Extrapolator”, I can’t remember its full name but it’s been wired into various tech stuff) might be better relegated to Plot Twist status. For example, the Book of the Vishanti or Cagliostro would seem equip-like for the Defenders or Underworld, but mechanically they work better as PTs, and given that the Doctor Detector and Extrapolator rarely get lugged around anywhere, they’d probably belong in the row (or played from hand when needed).

    Although other equipment possibilities exist, so here’s some more ideas I figure you’ll use in the Who set (either as regular equips or as some kind of Plot Twist, and not necessarily just for the TARDIS Crew):
    Psychic Paper (used by the Doctor and Time Agents)
    Emergency Teleport (Cassandra, Capt. Jack, etc. use these plenty)
    Vortex Manipulator (Capt. Jack’s wrist-strap, it’s standard gear for Time Agents)
    Chameleon Arch (the fob-watch that changes Timelord physiology)
    TARDIS Key (modified with perception-filter-enchanced properties)
    Jury-Rigged Device (Capt. Jack’s modified Defabricator in Bad Wolf, or any number of things the Doctor’s invented or modified from various tech lying around).

    While I’m at it, I’m going to further speculate that location cards for this set will have:
    TARDIS (for obvious reasons)
    Torchwood Tower (the Canary Wharf building)
    Torchwood Cardiff (Capt. Jack’s base in the Torchwood series, located at the Rift left behind by the Gelth from the Unquiet Dead)
    Satellite Five (alternately, the Gamestation)
    Downing Street
    Powell Estates (the apartment complex for Rose/Jackie/Mickey)
    Albion Hospital (gasmask zombies, the “space pig”)
    New Earth (with New^15 York)
    Pete’s World (also, Cyber-Conversion Factories)
    Sanctuary Base (the “base-built-from-a-kit” from Impossible Planet/Satan Pit)
    Valiant (the UNIT flying aircraft carrier from season 3’s finale)

    And, while it’s only just barely been referenced in New Who, at some point there should be a Plot Twist for “Reverse the Polarity (of the Neutron Flow)”. Now, time to sit back and see how much of my wild speculation shows up… πŸ™‚

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