Two Sets Early, A Legend Is Built.

If by some chance you haven’t seen the announcement about Marvel Evolution, its right over here. Kinda bums me out that there won’t be a DC set but this set looks great. For the record, this set will NOT refeature the X-Men and Brotherhood affiliations but will instead be focusing on other mutant teams like the Marauders, X-Force, and X-Factor. That was my only worry about the set and the UDE crew on the Realms dispelled those fears.

The biggest news to me, though, is the announced legends. Cyclops is one of my favorites from childhood watching the X-Men cartoon every Saturday morning. I’m not a particular fan of him anymore but for nostalgia’s sake, I like seeing him as a legend. Deadpool is just cool any way you cut him and he could bring some incredibly quirky cards to the legend scene. Finally, Gambit! My favorite mutie is already getting legend treatment! If they make a card that you can throw at an opponent to do some sort of burn damage, I would be so incredibly pleased.

Anyways, in honor of the announcement, I decided to build a legend deck. However, Gambit and Deadpool only have 2 cards each in Silver Age. That forced me to go with option C. Mr. “I shoot laser beams from my eyes” himself.

Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, RUBY! [/guitarhero]

X-Men, Cyclops Legend

Silver Age

4x  Lockheed-Saurian Sidekick

4x  Dazzler-Rock Star

4x  Cyclops-Optic Blast
4x  Cyclops, Age of Apocalypse

4x  Bishop-XSE Commando
2x  Havok-Critical Mass

3x  Cyclops-Blue Leader
1x  Cyclops, Fearless Leader

3x  Iceman-Deep Freeze

1x  Rogue-Anna Marie

Plot Twists

4x  Mobilize
4x  Magnetic Force
4x  The Evil Eye
4x  Feel The Burn
4x  Chill Out!
4x  Turnabout
3x  Children of the Atom
3x  Heroes of Two Worlds

Basically you just want to curve out and burn with the power of Cyc and the energy cards (also cool, Dazzler still being around on turn 5 and team attacking with two guys adjacent to Blue Leader Cyclops for 7 burn). Magnetic Force and The Evil Eye are useful off-initiative when you can exhaust a defender. Chill Out! is an incredible card (unless you’re facing a team of all-hidden characters *shakes fist at Marvel Knights*) and Feel The Burn is a great attack pump that gives you free burn.

The only real weakness of this deck is it requires you to run the Loyalty-Reveal HoA Cyclops. Basically you have to look at him as a legend +1/+1 combat pump for Cyc. The only way you could possibly play him is if you had two in your hand and you’d still be better off with the other 3-drop Summers. Whenever I play Heroes of Two Worlds, its the HoA Cyc that always gets removed.

Gosh, I really can’t wait for Marvel Evolution now. So many great legends already announced. Can’t wait.


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