The Great Vs. Resolution #15: Kree

Alright. Today’s post is going to be short and sweet for one simple reason. This is the Kree. Everyone knows what the Kree do. I would have liked to have gone with their “face-down” theme rather than their Press theme but I didn’t because Kree’s face-down-ers just don’t have enough support and Darkseid does it so much better. Instead, I just did your standard mono-Kree Press build. My thoughts after the deck list.

Power Kreep


Silver Age

4x Sintariis – High Kronamaster

4x Dr. Minerva – Starforce
4x Lieutenant Kona Lor – Lunatic Legion

4x Mar-Vell <> Captain Marvel – Soldier of the Empire
4x Commander Dylon Cir – Lunatic Legion

4x Admiral Galen Kor – Lunatic Legion
3x Ultimus – Starforce

4x Shatterax – Starforce
1x Korath the Pursuer – Starforce

1x Supremor – Starforce

Plot Twists:

4x Live Kree . . . or Die!
4x The Lunatic Legion
4x Mobilize
2x Remnant Fleet
1x Strategic Retreat


4x Penal Colony
4x Hala
4x Stargate

As I said before, just your standard Kree build. Even initiatives to hit Shatteraxe for the win, drop a Lunatic Legion, pump with Live Kree or Die and Hala, bounce with Penal and Stargate. Just your run of the mill Kree Press deck.

Now, since I have nothing better to do with the space of this resolution, it is time to rant.

Why in the world did UDE make a bunch of relative no-names (ask an average joe who the Kree are) into such a powerful team like this? With Stargate, you never miss a drop and you get to constantly reuse Minerva who furthers the deck’s consistency (note: Minerva hates me. My first three games, I think I got two cards out of all my Minerva recruits. Bad Minerva!). With Penal Colony, you can save whatever stunned characters you have so you can replay them next turn. Lunatic Legion combined with Shatteraxe basically makes all your characters +4 on turn 6. Combine that with the 4-drop Galen Kor’s effect and Hala and you have so much damage it isn’t funny. Why a bunch of blue and green aliens got this much power is beyond me.

I actually sorta feel bad playing this deck online against most people. The folks on MWS generally play very casually. There has been an influx of competitive players from the Realms but its still a very non-competitive environment. When I bust out Kree I feel like I’m bringing a gun to a knife fight. It’s just so strong and I’m so used to my standard casual builds that I don’t like playing it.

This is all just me, though. I totally understand playing the deck in a competitive environment. In fact, if I was a tournie player I would totally play Kree. They’re fun and they generally don’t target the opponent which makes Pathetic Attempt useless. However, for my casual play on MWS and the kitchen table, Kree just isn’t my cup of tea.

Kree (Silver) Ratings:

Deck Strength: 10 (Yeah… Definitely the strongest deck I’ve built thus far. It’s consistent, it has slam to it, and it’s also got some resource disruption built into it that hurts the opponent even more. Very strong deck.)

Deck Theme: 9 (Press. I get that the Kree are supposed to be this giant overwhelming force of damage and Press lets you do just this. I honestly like the Press mechanic, its just so powerful.)

Ease of Use: 3 (You should have seen me playing this deck for the first time against HomerJ from TRHC. I was full of “Umms” and “Ohhs”. Not an easy deck at all.)

Fun Factor: 6 (Meh. I like smashing stuff but Kree just don’t do it for me. It’s all bounce and play. Don’t really enjoy the deck.)

Overall: 7 (Incredibly powerful deck that I simply dislike. I totally understand why its tournament caliber and why Kree/VU and all that is feared. I simply don’t like it. And it’s not like I dislike it just because its strong and popular, just check out the Fantastic Four sitting at number 3 in my list. I just don’t like Kree.)

Vs. System Affiliation Leaderboard
1. Marvel Defenders/The Hulk (Modern)
2. Team Superman (Modern Age)
3. Fantastic Four (Modern)
4. Anti-Matter (Golden)
5. Squadron Supreme (Golden)

6. Arkham Inmates (Modern)
7. Secret Six (Silver)

8. Revenge Squad (Modern)

9. Teen Titans (Modern)
10. Outsiders (Modern)
11. Kree (Silver Age)
12. Future Foes (Silver)

13. League of Assassins (Modern)

14. Emerald Enemies (Golden)

So, Kree. Yeah. Not a big fan despite their strength. Next week I do the incredibly stupid and make a rush team go curve! Be prepared for all the Carnage that follows… or not. Stay tuned!


One Response to “The Great Vs. Resolution #15: Kree”

  1. Yep, Kree are definitely straightforward. In my actual Kree build, I only own a single Stargate but I’ve got the 4xSintaris and 3-4 of Yon-Rogg, they’re in there…since I also play with at least two opponents and games almost always go to 7-8 I have a second Supremor and the cost-7 Ronan (as well as a few extra low-drops, I think I go a touch lighter on the 4- and 5-cost guys than you). But even so, the Kree are designed so strongly that I’m easily attacking (or defending, even) against both opponents, who each have higher-costed characters (and combined, have roughly the same number of bodies on the field as I do), and holding my own pretty well. And then I bounce a bunch of my field and replay them all while their field stays static or even shrinks. I almost feel like I’m cheating when I’m playing them…after the first few games I took notes on the deck composition in case I want to rebuild it, but took it apart and haven’t looked back, it drains the fun out of casual play pretty quickly (as did some other decks I don’t play anymore).

    So, Sinister Syndicate for your next Resolution, eh? Their Golden Age had some really solid curve characters…I still adore the awesomeness of Doc Ock, he’s free stuns AND auto-reinforcement, the only reason I think the competitive-tournament scene didn’t like him is because his decent-yet-average 15/15 stats didn’t measure up to the big 16/16’s that were running around back then (and so it seemed like everyone believed 16’s were the “standard” stat when really they’re not). Anyway, with Doc Ock preceded by Venom or Sandman, preceded by Green Goblin, you had a pretty lethal endgame. Goblin and Venom had KO/Burn options, and with Doc Ock to bring extra stuns, it was easily game over on turn 7 if your opponent hadn’t already given up. I haven’t built the Syndicate with the MTU stuff yet because it’s all way too focused on offcurve/swarm and sacrificing characters/resources. It frustrates me when a team design is so extensively geared towards a specific play style/strategy that it becomes far too difficult to try and play it any other way, so that every time I look at the MTU cards for them I end up walking away within, like, 5 minutes. Seems like you had greater tolerance for all that, I’m looking forward to seeing what you made.

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