BYOS Modern: Ghost Rider

Well, this sorta sucks. I just realized my Team Superman deck requires Superman/Batman Robot which isn’t legal in BYOS. Back to the drawing board for a possible DC deck, I guess.

This is my current Ghost Rider Legend deck list. The original had Flying Kick in it, which I traded out for Bring The Pain. I’m heavily leaning towards this since I’m not expecting people to expect it. Sure, now those MWSers that read the blog will know of it but the main ones that have commented are on the Marvel side of the event anyways so I’m not too incredibly worried.

No Jellybeans This Time

Marvel Knights: Ghost Rider

Modern Age: BYOS: Legend


4x Dagger, Lightbringer

4x Punisher, Suicide Run
2x Blade, Vampire Slayer

4x Ghost Rider, The Devil’s Rider
2x Spider-Man, Webhead

3x Wolverine, Covert Predator
2x Daredevil, Hornhead

3x Vengeance, Spirit of Vengeance

3x Ghost Rider, Spirit of Vengeance

1x Punisher, Angel of Death

Plot Twists:
4x Wild Ride
4x Mobilize
4x Rigged Explosives
4x Chain of Vengeance
4x Bring the Pain
3x Defensive Formation
2x Anguish of the Innocent


4x Brass Grill
3x Wheels of Vengeance

You want even initiatives because then you can choose who burns where on your primary turn, which is the sixth. However, this deck does just fine running on odds. Ghost Rider, Spirit of Vengeance needs the Wheels of Vengeance to really make the most of the turn in that situation but its all still doable.

Basic idea with this deck is pretty simple. On turn 1 you’ll hopefully hit Dagger and the opponent hits nothing. Missing Dagger but drawing her later isn’t a big deal since she’s free burn. Turn 2 is best if you get Punisher since his effect can be quite nice if you need to take out a big opposing drop. It’s also nice to know that Pathetic Attempt won’t be rampant in this format to make his KO useless. Blade is in here as well but he isn’t as good since his effect says you want to keep him around while Ghost Rider says to let him die quick. Also, if you ever get Rigged Explosives on these turns, play it and flip it by the beginning of turn 2. That’ll make them go off on turn 6 which will be very useful for this deck’s kill.

Turn 3 is your first big turn. Ghost Rider, The Devil’s Rider is almost always a 7/3 if the opponent has a 2-drop to mutual stun with Punisher or a Bring The Pain to pump Pun into the opposing 3-drop (Note: Flying Kick is a MUCH better alternative to BtP and should be used if not in the BYOS format). If you can succeed in stunning someone with Punisher and have Rider equipped with the Brass Grills, that’s generally going to be somewhere in the area of 12+ endurance in one turn.

Now, 4-drops are pretty evenly split. Wolverine is hidden with an anti-hidden power. The only other hidden hate in this format is pretty much SKREE!! in DWF. Since most of the Hidden decks are in DC (Injustice Gang, Gotham Knights, etc.), I don’t believe that many DC decks will pack the cards. The fact that the main anti-hidden card is DC also leads me to believe the DC team will have at least one or two primarily concealed decks. Wolverine helps take those out. Daredevil is a back-up character that can brickwall incredibly well when you use his effect combined with a Defensive Formation. In general, you can have a 4/12 on turn 4 which is a nice way to keep position.

Vengeance is your turn 5 play. He basically just says “opponent gets worse end of mutual stun”. Oh, that and his effect is utterly nasty combined with the next character.

Ghost Rider, Spirit of Vengeance is your finisher. If you were fortunate enough to draw a Rigged Explosives on the first two turns, you’ll automatically hit the opponent for ten endurance loss. Like with Punisher, Pathetic Attempt is unlikely in this format which makes this a worthwhile card. However, Wonder Woman absolutely must be taken out going into turn 6 or else you WILL get burned. Anyways, Rider with initiative is going to make every stun hurt your opponent. Wolverine into the opposing 4-drop will tear away eight endurance. Vengeance into the opposing 5-drop will do a whopping fifteen. Not bad at all.

In case you get stuck going into turn 7 and you didn’t get to flip the Explosives early, the deck includes Punisher, Angel of Death. The reason should be obvious.

Some fun plot twists include Chain of Vengeance (hold onto a random hidden lowbie, swing them suicidally into the opposing high-drop, Chain of Vengeance for free stun), Bring The Pain (useful on both initiatives, makes Vengeance swinging into a 6-drop highly likely), Wheels of Vengeance (equip to 3-drop Ghost Rider to have lots of reinforcement based shenanigans like jumping into reinforce Daredevil while also gaining reinforcement for himself or equip to the 6-drop Ghost Rider to bust reinforcement on-initiative or ensure his burn effect off-initiative), and Anguish of the Innocent (anti-swarm tech, also combos well with Punisher).

In all, I like this deck a lot. It just says “Burn, burn, burn” and I like that. It makes every mutual stun incredibly painful for the opponent and is pretty difficult to play against. The format of this tournament also makes the deck pretty powerful since its main issues are mostly not worriesome.

I’m heavily leaning towards this deck at the moment. Any comments would be great. Tomorrow I think I’ll post my DC deck idea. Stay tuned.


6 Responses to “BYOS Modern: Ghost Rider”

  1. Wow…that looks like a pretty solid deck. Rigged Explosives is great but might be risky — a lot DCers might be playing Wonder Woman, especially if they’re using Heroes of Two Worlds as their tutor. And there’s Have a Blast!, too. Just speculation, of course.

    Dare I say it…why not swap the explosives for Beatdown?

    And come on, let’s be honest…you know you’re going to end up joining the Marvel (winning) side anyways. :p

  2. kaleeshwarrior Says:

    Yeah, Wonder Woman throwing Rigged Explosives back in my face is worrisome. Combine that with all the other DCL goodness and I have to wonder if its worth the shot.

    Another possibility instead of the Explosives is Penance Stare. Wonder Woman can’t redirect it all thanks to the fact that it targets opponents. Just hold onto it until turn 6, have my board get stunned, then drop the Stares for yet more burn. KOing Vengeance on 6 after mutual stunning the opposing 5-drop totals up to a massive 20 damage just off that one attack. Not bad. Downside is getting negated by the DWF stuff.

    As for declaring myself Marvel, I find it highly likely that’s what I’ll end up doing. However, I’m hesitant to call it. DC has so many tricks in its sets (Wonder Woman, GK Negation, Have a Blast!) that I have to wonder if I shouldn’t head in that direction due to the sheer utility of it. If I don’t go DC then I have to be ready for those cards to appear.

    Decisions, decisions.

  3. Eww…Wonder Woman can mess up Bring the Pain and your Brass Grills, too. Yuck.

    Ooooh…but MVL has Only Hu–nope, that won’t help.


    Quick Kill?

    I never really could get around to liking Penance Stare. Sure, it’s great if you can get that final 6 burn in FTW, but you need one of your big guys to be stunned, it’s mediocre to useless in early turns, and it sucks if it gets negated.

    Decisions, decisions indeed!

  4. kaleeshwarrior Says:

    Hey, if I’m KOing my guys to Penance Stare, uniqueness, or Punisher’s own effect, then there isn’t much else WW can shove her stuff onto. It all works cohesively in the end.

    And Penance Stare has won me two games in my original Ghost Rider deck before I pulled it for Rigged Explosives. The card is actually quite good considering how often your board is going to end up stunned and you’re going to KO guys anyways.

    Another idea for this deck is actually Encircle. The idea is this. You recruit Wolverine and then play Encircle to move him visible (or if you have Wheels equipped you can move Rider visible and then put him right back into hiding). Your opponent then has to choose between moving a small character hidden and ending up getting whacked with no reinforcement by Wolverine or moving a large character hidden and leave the door open for whacking that way. Either way, Wolverine wins.

    I’m looking through DC now and the loss of my Team Superman deck makes the likelihood of me going Marvel much higher than last night. Still not sure enough to declare yet. All I know is that this tournament has been really good at getting me back into looking at MWS and posting new blogs. That singlehandedly made it worth entering :).

  5. Take WW down with a double equipped Punisher.

  6. My suggestions:

    +4 Black Widow
    +4 Daredevil
    -2 Blade
    -2 Spider-Man
    +1 Echo
    -1 Daredevil
    +1 Wolverine
    -2 Ghost Rider
    +1 Spider-Man

    -4 Chain of Vengeance
    -3 Defensive Formation
    -2 Anguish of the Innocent

    +4 Savage Beatdown
    +4 Mental Blast
    +4 Devestating Blow

    -3 Wheels of Vengeance

    There, I think you should change it into a box of pumps.

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