BYOS Modern Thoughts

So, I just got a PM on TCGplayer about an upcoming tournament using MWS. The format is Team BYOS Modern in which one side has all Marvel decks, the other all DC, and then they duke it out with each user facing all of the players on the other team. The side with the most total victories at the end gets prizes (here being boosters from any of the current MA sets). If you are interested in playing, you can download MWS here and then all you gotta do is send Wiiman (the TO) a PM either there at TCGplayer or on the Realms.

Currently, I haven’t decided my team or my deck. There’s lots of goodness on both the DC and Marvel sides. On one hand, Marvel has my deadly Ghost Rider legend, Hulk Defenders, or Family of Four decks that can all be finetuned for some true goofiness.

DC, on the other hand, has my utterly annoying Team Superman “No” deck although it needs to be tweaked towards BYOS since its currently got a lot of non-DWF search in it. DC’s also got Secret Society, Injustice Gang handfill, and JLA.

I’m really waffling back and forth right now. I’d like to play something completely different than the average deck so I’m leaning towards Superman “No” or Ghost Rider but can’t decide which for the life of me. In fact, perhaps I’ll post both lists on this site in order to get my readers’ opinions… Yeah. I like that idea. All comment from any of you are much appreciated. Am I overlooking any particularly interesting decks for this format? I’m open to suggestions since I’m hoping to make this the first tournament I’ve completed online and want to make it fun.


One Response to “BYOS Modern Thoughts”

  1. Hah, you’re in the same boat I was for the DC Legends event in terms of waffling back and forth. Send me a PM with your Ghost Rider Legend deck sometime, I’d be interested to see what you slapped into it.

    Of course, I’m in the same boat myself right now, waffling between Moon Knight.dec, or Something from MVL around Fan4, MK or X-Men

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