BYOS Modern: Final MK Deck List

Firstly, Kamiza commented on my blog! How awesome is that?

Second, I finalized my deck list for the Team Marvel vs. DC BYOS Modern tournament (mouthful of a format…). I playtested my Ghost Rider deck, got some comments from two of my favorite people to play against online (who have rhyming names, coincidence or something else?), and made the alterations that takes this deck from “playable” to “ZOMG! It might win some games!” Interestingly enough, it looks moderately similar to the MKKO deck Kamiza mentioned although mine doesn’t KO so much as it just pumps the heck out of everything that moves.

Oh, downside is I can no longer call it a Ghost Rider deck since I’m now packing only 4 Ghost Rider cards. Sad, but a necessary change. If I ever get involved in a Legends tournie, though, I think I know what I’m running.

Supernatural Vigilante Justice

Marvel Knights (duh)

Modern Age: BYOS

1x Black Widow, Femme Fatale {MVL}

4x Daredevil, Fearless Survivor {MVL}
3x Punisher, Suicide Run {MVL}

4x Ghost Rider, The Devil’s Rider {MVL}
3x Spider-Man, Webhead {MVL}

3x Wolverine, Covert Predator {MVL}
3x Deadgirl, Dead Again? {MVL}

3x Vengeance, Spirit of Vengeance {MVL}

1x Ghost Rider, Spirit of Vengeance {MVL}
1x Hulk, Savage Hulk {MVL}

Plot Twists:
4x Wild Ride {MVL}
4x Mobilize {MVL}
4x Savage Beatdown {MVL}
4x Devastating Blow {MVL}
4x Quick Kill {MVL}
4x New Mutations {MVL}
3x Penance Stare {MVL}

4x Desert Eagle {MVL}
3x Katana {MVL}

This deck’s idea should be obvious. Skip your 1-drop unless the opponent plays Alfred or somesuch in which case you find Black Widow and nuke him. Daredevil on 2 and then Ghost Rider on 3. Equip DD with anything, swing into the opponent’s 3-drop for a mutual stun, then swing down with a 7/3 GR into the opposing 2-drop. Turn 4 is either Wolverine to deal with hidden guys or an equipped Deadgirl to wall/Penance Stare for burn. Vengeance is some nice burn and then either Ghost Rider or Hulk finish things off depending on how much endurance you have left.

After that, its just pumps ahoy with New Mutations providing flight for formation busting and Quick Kill providing an answer to annoying 3/4 drops like Wonder Woman or Superman. The only non-standard card is Penance Stare which is there for the combo with Deadgirl or to get a few more points of burn in during the late game. I’m considering swapping it for Encircle or Bring the Pain but neither one particularly appeals to me at the moment plus Penance is janky and me likes jank.

This deck has lost the jank GR legend randomness that made it original but its still a blast to play and not a standard build whatsoever so I’m running with it. I’ll be sure to post the results of the tournie here after its done. Thanks for all the comments so far and here’s fingers crossed that I can win some for the team!


2 Responses to “BYOS Modern: Final MK Deck List”

  1. Nice. Marvel Smash! DC can’t negate ALL of our pumps! Mwahahaha! 😀

    Just remember that ya can’t Quick Kill LSoK!

  2. I’d use BW as a 1-drop for damage. Over the whole game she manages for me to usually attack direct each turn. Almost sounds like Black Cat would be good, but no not really.

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