The Great Vs. Resolution #16: Sinister Syndicate

After the past couple of happy fun time days of choosing and tweaking a deck for the Team Marvel vs. DC BYOS Modern tournament, its high time that I return to the meat and potatoes of this site which is the Vs. Resolution.

I’ve always been up front about one thing with me and comic books and that’s the fact that I don’t read ’em. I rent the movies, I watch the television shows, I pick up the TPBs six months to a year after the comics are originally printed, and I research via the internet but I believe I can honestly say I’ve never picked up and skimmed an actual comic book.

One of the television shows I most remember watching back in the day was the old Fox Spider-Man cartoon that was on every Saturday morning. That show was great. You had all the classic Spider-Man villains, occasionally there was a neat crossover like when Punisher or Blade showed up, and there was always a big cohesive primary plot that tied through most of the episodes of each season.

Now, the thing I personally remember most about the Spider-Man villains was that they rarely worked together barring the times that the Sinister Six was chasing after ol’ Spidey or when Kingpin was hiring them to break poor Parker’s legs.

That’s why I never quite understood the rush theme of the current Sinister Syndicate. It involves swarming out with a bunch of guys, killing your own resources for pumps, and then burning yourself. I don’t see how that makes any sense (although the burn makes sense for the Symbiotes, no one else). The Spider-Man villains usually had some pretty tricky plots to catch Peter in their web and they usually didn’t just go and stab themselves to try and get at their nemesis.

That – along with a desire to do something off the wall – is why I built a CURVE Modern Age SinSyn deck. That’s right. Curve. Yes, I’m an idiot. However, does this idiot have a plan? Well, sorta.

The Exterminators

Sinister Syndicate

Modern Age

4x Answer – Aaron Nicholson
4x Trapster – Peter Petruski
4x Swarm – Fritz von Meyer

1x Albert Malik <> Red Skull – Axis Of Evil
4x Bullseye – Assassin For Hire

4x Spot – Dr. Jonathan Ohnn
1x Francis Klum <> Mysterio – Mutant Magician

3x Rhino – Unstoppable Force

2x Dr. Octopus – Master Of Evil

1x Venom – The Hunger

Plot Twists:
4x Flying Kick
4x Suffocation
4x Planet of the Symbiotes
4x Legion of Losers
4x The Great Game
4x Call in a Favor
4x Mobilize

4x Hidden Cache

Even initiatives is best so you can abuse Doc Ock, Spot, and whoever you happen to drop on turn 2. Odd is alright since you can smack with Rhino but isn’t particularly appealing. Mulligan for a 2-drop and a search/3-drop.

Turn 1 is dead. Yay dead!

Turn 2 is stuffed to the rim with choices. You’ve got The Answer who can badly burn yourself but can swing into literally anyone for a stun. You have Trapster who is basically a free three endurance burn on the opponent. Finally, you have the best choice in Swarm who should be a 4/2 on turn 3 which is not bad at all.

Eww… Bullseye or Red Skull on turn 3. Yuck. You get to choose between a blank text 4/5 with range or a blank text 5/4 with range. Either way, this drop SUCKS for a curve SinSyn build. Hopefully you’ve gotten Hidden Cache in the row by now because that card freaking rocks in a curve build despite the self burn. 7/2 Swarm into the opposing 3? May I have some more?

Spot!! I love Spot. He’s got the ability to turn any card in your hand into a mini-Flying Kick. By show of hands, who doesn’t love Flying Kick? If you raised your hand, please proceed to electro-shock “therapy”. The other option here is Mysterio. Why Mysterio? For one thing, he’s the first classic Spider-Man villain that has a decent drop for a curve build. Second, his effect could be useful to… uh… Fine. I’m only using him because he’s wearing a fishbowl. You’ve discovered my secret, now leave me alone. No, wait come back! I’m not done breaking this P.o.S deck down yet!

Rhino! A guy wearing a ridiculous suit with a ridiculous horn that is ridiculously dumb. I have three particular images of Rhino going through my head right now. One is Rhino from the old Spider-Man Playstation game where, at the end of the game, he’s playing cards with the rest of the captured villains and doesn’t understand the rules to Go Fish (or something like that, can’t remember exactly). The second is his lame appearance in the new Spidey cartoon where Parker takes him out by blasting steam in his face. The third is the massive semi-robotic Rhino from the Ultimate Spider-Man books. The only time this guy is actually moderately cool is in that last image. Anyways, this Rhino has a built-in Blindsided. That, like Spot’s built-in Flying Kick, is nice to have.

Oh. My. Gosh. I love this Doc Ock. For one thing, the flavor is astounding. “Use no more than four times”. How sweet is that? Another thing, he doesn’t use printed attack. Toss a Flying Kick on him, hit the lowest drop the opponent has, use Hidden Cache to makes Ock a 21/12, pay 12 attack to stun the opposing six-drop, and end up with enough attack to spare to still stun an average 5-drop. Bloody brilliant. Game ender.

I’m also packing a single 7-drop Venom. Why? One, because I can. Two, because I can. Any questions?

Plot twists and locations are fun. Flying Kick, Planet of the Symbiotes, and Hidden Cache are all lots of pumpy goodness. Yes, I know I said I didn’t like the SinSyn burn theme but PotS and Cache are too good to pass up on. Suffocation is an instant way to open up a breakthrough window. This combos right into The Great Game which lets you KO anyone you do breakthrough to. One of my absolute favorite combos is Spot -> Suffocation -> The Great Game. Instant KO on the opponent’s 4-drop. Nice! Also packed is Legion of Losers. I loved Sadistic Choice when I played SinSyn on my Marvel TCG DS game and LoL (heh, funny) is a decent alternative. Especially in multiples.

In all, this deck is… okay. I had a string of good luck and won the first three games it competed in, got blown out on the next two, and then pretty much went 50-50 on the win-loss record all the games after that. It is certainly more powerful than it appears but I wouldn’t call it tournament quality. Hobby League this sucker, though. No one will expect it. If they do, just call the Spanish Inquisition.

Sinister Syndicate (Modern) Ratings:

Deck Strength: 6 (Meh. It can be really strong if you hit your curve and pumps but a decent opponent will smack you down.)

Deck Theme: 5 (Err… you remember how I ranted about Rush SinSyn not fitting the Spider-Man villains? This one really doesn’t either. Makes me sad that such a lovable bunch of rogues just don’t seem to have a concept that fits them well in Vs.)

Ease of Use: 8 (Swings and pumps. Easy.)

Fun Factor: 7 (About 3 points of that is “Holy snaps! You’re playing Curve SinSyn?” About 2 points is “Holy snaps! I’m playing Curve SinSyn!” The remaining 2 points is “Doctor Octopus stuns your board on his own. Bwahaha!”)

Overall: 6.5 (A very “meh” deck outside the sheer novelty of running Curve SinSyn in Modern. There’s some fun stuff in here but nothing astounding.)

Vs. System Affiliation Leaderboard
1. Marvel Defenders/The Hulk (Modern)
2. Team Superman (Modern Age)
3. Fantastic Four (Modern)
4. Anti-Matter (Golden)
5. Squadron Supreme (Golden)

6. Arkham Inmates (Modern)
7. Secret Six (Silver)

8. Revenge Squad (Modern)

9. Teen Titans (Modern)
10. Outsiders (Modern)
11. Kree (Silver Age)
12. Future Foes (Silver)

13. Sinister Syndicate (Modern)
14. League of Assassins (Modern)

15. Emerald Enemies (Golden)

Fifteen down! That means I still have roughly 42 affiliations to go (need to go in and check again whether certain smaller affiliations are plausible or not) and about 35 weeks (or 37, can’t remember and don’t feel like counting again). I’m about on track to finish the resolution as long as I remember to do double duty here soon.

In fact, how about going double duty this week? Sounds good to me. This Saturday I’ll be posting a deck based around a team that a certain Vs. radio personality considers the “salt” to many teams’ flavors. However, will this salt taste just as good on its own or will it leave whoever uses it by itself gasping for air?


2 Responses to “The Great Vs. Resolution #16: Sinister Syndicate”

  1. laughingattheking Says:

    If you want to see some awesome Rhino, may I reccomed the Deadpool comics where Rhino gets shrunk down and ‘Pool uses him as a Keychain?

    It’s great stuff.

  2. […] 13. Inhumans (Silver) 14. Shi’ar (Modern: MWS Gem) 15. Kree (Silver) 16. Future Foes (Silver) 17. Sinister Syndicate (Modern) 18. League of Assassins (Modern) 19. New Gods (Golden) 20. Emerald Enemies […]

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