Doctor Who: Puny Humans

You should’ve heard how excited I was when I found out a week and a half back that the Marvel Ultimates set has a bunch of “removed from game” card tricks. That was awesome.

So far I have previewed The Doctor and a variety of his companions. This week, I bring to you the last few human characters that don’t have anything particularly special about them. While these characters aren’t exactly your average joe, they don’t constantly travel with The Doctor nor do they have anything that makes them unique besides being human. Except for this first guy. He has a big gun.

I just had to use “idiot” as his version. I was considering “Defender of Earth” but Mickey Smith, Idiot is much more flavorful. Also, errata on this card. He should have range. I could fix it but I’m being lazy right now.

Mickey is likely going to be a TARDIS Crew deck’s primary 3-drop. If you’re running Jackie on 1 and Rose on 2, he’s almost always going to be a 6/5 with range on 3. That alone is good. Then he has a recovery power in the vein of Domino but with evens (chosen because all of Rose’s cards are even cost), the card being removed instead of placed back on top (fits the TARDIS theme), and he can’t ready (balancing concern plus it ties in with Bad Wolf Rose).

But what if you want to run someone else on 2 over Rose, you ask? What if you remove your crucial 4-drop Tenth Doctor, you ask? Call in the reserves!

I considered putting Reservist on Sally but I didn’t quite feel like it. Anyways, Ms. Sparrow comes from one of my absolute favorite Doctor Who episodes “Blink”. Basically, The Doctor gets stranded in time due to the effect of a touch by the Weeping Angels and Sally Sparrow has to help retrieve him. This goes hand in hand with her effect. By making Sally run (by the way, notice the consistent theme of returning to hand that is also seen on Rose. Totally intentional), you can retrieve the Tenth Doctor from your removed from game pile. Easy.

Now, time for another character with the utterly intentional “low drops run away!” theme.

Madame de Pompadour is in this set for two reasons. The first is because I wanted an excuse to use the quote that is in this card’s flavor text. The second is so everyone can laugh at that dress.

Pompadour has a very specific tactic. The idea is that you recruit The Doctor and then use the Madame’s alternate recruit to bring her into play. All of a sudden, you have a +2 pump on your Doctor. Then, if Madame ever encounters danger, you can just return her to your hand. Next turn, if you have another spare character, you can drop her right back into play in order to give The Doctor his boost back. I figured this had some nice flavor since Madame de Pompadour was constantly popping in and out of the episode she appeared in. Sure it was actually The Doctor doing the moving around but still, gotta make some allowments for the cards.

Up next, team-stamped combat plot twists!

Yes, yes. It looks like a boring card but its grrreat. It’s a team-stamped Against All Odds but if you have The Doctor, its a BETTER Against All Odds. An idea right off the top of my head with this is Madame de Pompadour and Tenth Doctor on 4, attack with Doctor, play Protection to make The Doctor a 7/11. Not an astounding combo but still good.

But who needs defense boosts when you can do some smackies!

When I originally hinted at this card, I was thinking Shape Change as what it was similar to (much like Number6). However, after some random playing of Vs. on my DS, I realized that this is actually much more similar to Unexpected Mutations from Web of Spider-Man. In fact, its exactly the same accept you remove the card instead of KOing it. With a little bit of rigging (Illuminati team-up, perhaps?), you could easily make this a +9/-9 on turn 3. 15/0 auto recover Mickey Smith FTW? Perhaps.

Next week, we return with three more versions of The Doctor, a plot twists that represent his cunning, and my turning of a classic Ninth Doctor joking scene and prop into a card that can throw monkey wrenches into a vigilante’s or a certain other doctor’s plans. Keep watching to find out what the heck I’m talking about.


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