The Great Vs. Resolution #17: Inhumans

Yes, yes, I said I’d have this up on Saturday. It got away from me. Sorry.

There is a coincidence to the fact that I’m posting the Inhumans at the start of this week. I wish I could claim I timed the selection of this Resolution team article on purpose but, sadly, I can’t. You’ll find out what I mean later.

The Inhumans. My experience with this ragtag group of misfits is much like my experience with the Outsiders, I never knew of them before getting into Vs. System. All I really know is they’re a bunch of people (aliens?) that were mutated by these Terragen Mist stuff and now they hide out on the moon. They’re lead by a guy that can’t talk for fear of his voice’s destructive power which I find really interesting for some reason. Just that whole concept is really cool and I might just have to swipe it for some of my creative writing works.

Anyways, Inhumans. The Inhumans really have a whole bunch of themes. The first is to have a face-up row. The second is Cosmic-Surge. The third is stopping opponent’s from readying. The fourth is to attack multiple times. The fifth is having the Fantastic Four built into their team via dual affiliations. Via some paradox inhibiting construct, this team is both all over the place and yet incredibly strong.

I personally, am focusing on three of the above themes: Face-up cards, the Fantastic Four, and swinging more than once. That’s right. My deck is based around Quicksilver. But not the wussy Quicksilver, I’m talking about the Real Man’s Quicksilver.

Now THAT is manly




Silver Age

4x Lockjaw – Inhuman’s Best Friend

4x San – The Alienated One

3x Tonaja – The Responsible One
2x Human Torch – Sparky

2x Thing – Rockhead
2x Triton – Aquatic Ambassador

2x Mr. Fantastic – Illuminati

2x Quicksilver – Terrigenesis Rebirth

1x Invisible Woman – Flame On!

1x Black Bolt – Devastating Decree

Plot Twists
4x Mobilize
4x Flying Kick
4x The Rapture
4x It’s Slobberin’ Time!
4x The Royal Guard
3x Exploiting the Flaw
2x Call in a Favor

4x Blue Area of the Moon
4x Attilan
4x The Great Refuge

First thing you’re going to notice about the character count. It’s tiny. 23 to be exact. I believe that’s the least amount of characters I’ve ever put in a deck. The reason for that is the fact that this deck practically has 22 search cards (Mobie, Refuge, Attilan, San = Refuge/Attilan, Lockjaw, CiaF). Remarkably consistent, this deck is.

Even initiatives is muchos preferred since it lets you burn with Torch on defense (or swing with Tonaja on 4), be precise with who Thing enters combat with so he gets his counter, and it lets you smash hard with The Real Man’s Quicksilver. However, the deck does fine on odds since that lets you be picky with Mr. Fantastic and go for a double/triple burn with Invisible Woman on 7. Mulligan condition is SEARCH… or San. Who is search.

Turn 1. Lockjaw for search. Turn 2. San for search. Yay search! If you can row Rapture and an easily flipped card by turn 2, you can start getting some nice card draw going.

Turn 3 is probably Tonaja. Her becoming and 8/4 3-drop is niiiice. Alternatively, you have Human Torch who is likely going to burn the opponent for at least seven damage before getting KOed which, like Tonaja, is very useful.

Thing and Triton are equal drops on turn 4. Basically, I just use whoever is in my hand. If I have Royal Guard or Slobbering Time, however, I like to use Triton since he can swing into the opposing 4-drop to take him out and likely get his cosmic counter which will just go back and retrieve the pump. Thing is just as good, though.

Mr. Fantastic on turn 5 is more filtering. If you have Rapture and Attilan in play, I like to use Fantastic first to filter the top 5, chain Attilan to Rapture to get whatever I please, and then Rapture rows my card. Very nice filtering/draw.

The Real Man’s Quicksilver hits the dirt on turn 6. Preferably, you’re going to hit him with a Flying Kick or Royal Guard and swing with him into the opposing 5-drop first. Then you swing with the lowest drop you have into the opposing 6-drop and use an Exploiting the Flaw to make Quickie the attacker. Then you attack with the next lowest drop to the face/whoever is left and use Quickie’s free effect to make him the attacker for a third time. Can you say “nice without being utterly borked”? You can? Good.

Invisible Woman is in the deck for two reasons. One is to complete the Fantastic Four sub-theme. The second is she has immense burn. One nice trick is to attack with Invisible Woman into the opposing 6-drop for burn and then use Quickie to make it so Invisible Woman doesn’t get stunned and lose her counter. Then you swing your 5-drop into the opposing 7-drop and use Exploting the Flaw to make Invisible Woman the attacker with more burn. And, really, who doesn’t like moar burn?

Black Bolt. He’s insurance. And he’s an Illuminati guy and I liek the Illuminati.

Plotty/Location time. I already mentioned the search and the rest is pumps. However, there is one card that isn’t really standard in most decks.

I really don’t see why this card isn’t played more? It’s filtering, it’s card draw, if you get a useless character you can just KO it, and if you happen to get something better off in the hand like a useful character you can just Terraform a location in its place next turn. It’s really quite the useful card.

I can sum this deck up in one word. Consistent. Another two words? Slow buildup.

Inhumans (Silver) Ratings:

Deck Strength: 9 (This deck is undeniably strong. Very few opponent’s can stand up to a six-drop swinging three times in one turn followed by burn if they survive into turn seven. It’s also magically consistent which ups its power.)

Deck Theme: 5 (Okay, help me out here. How exactly is having face-up resources a good theme for a bunch of secretive people living on the moon? I mean, you’d think they’d want to hide themselves and therefore not want stuff face-up. Also, the theme is boring. “Woo-hoo. I’s gots a face-up row.”)

Ease of Use: 7 (Eh, Attilan/Rapture can be a bit tricky and it took me about three games to get it through my head that rowing Exploiting the Flaw is NOT a good idea but its otherwise a pretty simple deck.)

Fun Factor: 7 (The Real Man’s Quicksilver hitting a bazillion times in one turn is awesome. Otherwise, its kinda slow.)

Overall: 7 (Average deck as far as fun goes but it is really powerful with a good draw. It’s insanely consistent with basically a third of the deck being search. Worth checking out methinks.)

Vs. System Affiliation Leaderboard
1. Marvel Defenders/The Hulk (Modern)
2. Team Superman (Modern Age)
3. Fantastic Four (Modern)
4. Anti-Matter (Golden)
5. Squadron Supreme (Golden)

6. Arkham Inmates (Modern)
7. Secret Six (Silver)

8. Revenge Squad (Modern)

9. Teen Titans (Modern)
10. Outsiders (Modern)
11. Inhumans (Silver)
12. Kree (Silver)
13. Future Foes (Silver)

14. Sinister Syndicate (Modern)

15. League of Assassins (Modern)

16. Emerald Enemies (Golden)

So, there ya go. Inhumans get stuck outside the top 10. They’re probably up in their moon base going “Eh, who cares?” so I’ll stop babbling about that.

Anyways, I’m currently pondering what the heck sorta deck to do next for this week. My backlog of decks to play is running out! This fact scares me! So, either you’re going to get the SecSoc deck I’ve been sitting on, another “rulebreaker” deck like my Secret Six deck but not to that breaking extent, or perhaps a bunch of mutants since I need to get them done before June comes and they disappear into Golden Age. Whichever way it goes, I’ll try to get this next article up by the end of this week. Wish me luck.


One Response to “The Great Vs. Resolution #17: Inhumans”

  1. Nice. I love The Rapture…I never frown when I draw into it in my Inhumans build. At the very least, it swaps itself for a better card!

    That Quicksilver is brutal when he goes off! Brutal, but…ya know…fair. :p

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