Illuminati, House Metagame, State of the Site, and other ramblings

I haven’t posted one of my ramblings in a while so I figured I’d do so now since I don’t have any decks I want to talk about and I don’t get to unveil my preview until this Friday.

Oh yes, my preview. How I did jig when I found out I was getting a preview and how hard it was to keep quiet and wait until they actually sent me the scan. In fact, merely having the world find out that I’m getting a preview has caused my site hits to explode. 53 hits due to my blog being linked in Monday’s preview article. 53! On a day with no new articles other than my Inhumans from Sunday! Combine that with my standard readership of 40 or so hits a day and I’ve already made it to 100+ hits with 12 hours left in the standard WordPress “day”. Freaking awesome.

Anyways, Illuminati. I’ve always loved the Illuminati. My first major post on this blog was devoted to them. How they are being handled in Marvel Universe with at least one version each sharing the Infinity Watch affiliation (that is going to help my Resolution SO much when I build that team), there isn’t any need for team-ups to get them all together. The “shared legend” setup is incredible and awesome. The “exhaust X Illuminati members” ditty isn’t abusable with Clash of Worlds since it requires each exhausted member to have a different name, forcing you to at least run a few different members in your deck. Also, their uncommon search card is insanely awesome. Do you want Mightiest Heroes or Bat-Signal? The choice is yours. Oh, and Infinity Gauntlet is sweet.

Another thing that makes me incredibly happy about the Illuminati are the following announced characters and their costs: 1-drop Black Bolt (Black Bolt legend FTW!), 1-drop Professor X, and the 2-drop and 4-drop Dr. Strange. Strange now has a drop on every turn from 2 through 8 except for turn 3. Also, he was announced as getting a new plot twist “Essence of Zom”. Dr. Strange legend is totally going to be playable post-Marvel Universe and I know I’m going to do it the instant MUN is posted on MWS.

On an utterly different note…

My household metagame is stagnant right now to the point where my brothers and I hardly play. I have a No-Hand Squadron Supreme deck that wipes the floor with everything, Little Bro has an Avengers Reservist deck that wipes out everything other than No-Hand, and Older Bro has a Kang deck that plays alright but can’t stand up anywhere near the other builds.

Therefore, my house needs a Vs. boost. You know what else needs a boost? Apparently the economy. And apparently the best way to do that is to send people parts of their tax returns for next year early. I’m not going to get into the politics of this but the point is, I’ve got $100 coming my way. If you can’t figure out where that cash is going, you need your head checked. DC Origins is $12 a box, is a small set meaning I should get everything I need, and has teams my brothers and I are interested in (BATMAN!!! ARKHAM!!! Fearsom— Who?, TITANS!!!). That should be cool.

However, I’m starting to wonder if just picking up old Golden Age sets on the cheap is going to be worth it in the coming months. Why this change in position? I’m going to college this Fall (graduating two years early, yay homeschooling + accelerated pace!) and I’m hoping to convert some people to Vs. System while I’m there and then get a Hobby League running. I really can’t do a proper League if all I’ve got is Golden Age which means I needs to get me some Silver Age and Modern Age cards. MA is out of the question as long as I lack a constant income but SA I can do. Marvel Team-Up is a great set with fun teams, it’ll be Silver legal for two more years, and its only $20 a box. Seems like a good ground floor. I’ll likely be picking up three boxes of that this coming June for my birthday.

Another thing that comes with going to college is the fact that I’m going to have less time to update here. Hopefully I can keep the Resolution going through it but I have a feeling I ought to really pick up the pace so I at least have a backlog done so I can stand missing a few weeks.

Lastly, Iron Man. Go see it. Now. Or later this week. Whatever. Just see it. You won’t be disappointed.


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