The True Man of Steel

So, I basically have a sudden audience explosion due to my blog having a preview this week. Hi guys! In an attempt to court you to stick around after Friday, I’m going to post one of my most original decks. Sure, its based off of a combination of cards I’ve already posted about it MWS Gems but beyond those four characters, its my creation.

Superman. What has Team Superman done since they got back into MA via World’s Finest? They’re part of the World’s Finest deck which is really a lot of Batman with Supes thrown in. That’s about all that I can think of. Poor Superman is stuck playing fiddle to the man in the cape and cowl.

Well that just makes me sad because Team Superman has access to the most incredible set of stall-based cards that I’ve seen and its done in a very different way than the standard “exhaust the opponent’s board”. Oh no, this stall deck like it when the opponent attacks. Why? Because thanks to a certain female cop, every attack the opponent makes is going to whittle them down while doing absolutely nothing to you.

Just look! She even makes dead people smile!


Team Superman

Modern Age

4x Superman Batman Robot, Supa-Mecha-Bat

4x Maggie Sawyer – Gotham Central

4x Kelex – Caretaker of the Fortress

4x Natasha Irons <> Steel – Unlikely Alloy

4x Superman – Last Son of Krypton

1x Wonder Woman – Deflection Diva

2x Brahma – Supermen of America

2x Superman, Founding Member

1x Kara Zor-El <> Supergirl – Claire Connors

1x Superman – Bulletproof

Plot Twists:

4x Soaring to New Heights
4x Home Sweet Home
4x Early Edition
4x Mobilize
4x For the Man Who Has Everything
4x Pathetic Attempt
3x Indestructible
2x Call in a Favor


4x Kandor – City in a Bottle

The name of this deck says it all. No matter what the opponent does, you’re just gonna tell them “no”.

Maggie Sawyer has the incredible power to automatically reinforce everyone she sees. Natasha Irons <> Steel, Superman LSOK, and the Superman/Batman Robot all have the power to take absolutely no stun endurance loss. Kandor stops protected characters from being attacked TWICE. Put one and one and one together and you get… well, you get three. But you also get the ability to go through at least three phases of combat without taking a point of damage.

Yes, the deck is risky with being based around a 1-drop with no easy way of getting her before turn 3. It’s even more risky considering it also very much likes to have Kandor by turn 4. Still, if you can get those pieces then you’re pretty much set.

Turn 1 or 2 is Maggie. Kelex is there because he recovers on occasion. I’ve had his effect activate, like, once. Natasha is your 3-drop. She’s understatted but she invincible and that’s what matters. Last Son of Krypton comes in on turn four and that’s when you get to start blowing raspberries at your opponent, especially if you have Indestructible and Kandor by now.

Now, turn 5 can go any of three ways. The preferred play is a boosted 10/10 Superman/Batman Robot but that requires you to have Mrs. Sawyer inplay. If you haven’t played or have already lost Maggie, you can play her and then boost the Robot to 8/8. Not quite as amazing but still usable. If by some horrific act you simply have no way of getting the Robot into play, Wonder Woman is there to stand around and look pretty.

Brahma is the first character in the deck who’ll cost you more than two endurance when he gets smacked. He still adds to the protection, though, by forcing an opponent to waste an attack on him before being able to waste attacks on your “no damage” characters.

7-drop is Superman, Founding Member. This guy rocks. Force a team attack/pump, Indestructible, force another attack waste of attack points.

The deck finally starts attacking with Kara Zor El <> Supergirl. If your deck has been running properly to this point, you’ll still have Natasha inplay. Send Kara in with Nattie into the opposing 7-drop, freebie stun the 8, attack down curve with remaining characters FTW.

If you get stuck going into turn 9 (which is likely to happen), Superman, Bulletproof is the ultimate protector to keep Kara’s cosmic counter. Only part that’s not fun is a mirror between two of these guys. That’s just plain boring…

Plot twists. Lots of search. Indestructible for obvious reasons, Soaring To New Heights for easy swings, Pathetic Attempt to protect Maggie and Kandor, and Early Edition for some useful negation. Also…

This card is incredibly useful in this deck. It maintains your board position and you will almost always have someone to exhaust to it (usually Maggie). With it and Indestructible, its not rare have every single one of your drops on the board heading into turn 8. If I went Silver Age with this deck, I’d almost certainly add Revitalize for more recovery goodness because this card simply rocks.

Off the top of my head, and knowing absolutely nothing about competitive play, I think this deck has a pretty decent game against IG-Hidden. The fact that you take no damage from every single attack makes all the opponent’s pumps useless. Combine that with recovery effects that makes every passing turn harder to smack through the pile of invulnerable characters and I could see this deck doing decently. Then again, I really have no idea what I’m talking about. If any competitive players are reading this, let me know if I’m on/off base.

Now, a disclaimer about this deck. It is incredibly boring to play/play against. There, I said it. It’s very powerful and out of all the games I’ve played, it has almost always enter turn 6 with no more than ten endurance loss. However, the deck simply does nothing. You pretty much just sit there and do nothing while making the opponent do nothing. This is not a fun deck for either side. I pretty much gave up playing it after the third or fourth game because it was so dull. Sure, the opponent’s reaction to never taking damage was fun but, after that, dullsville.

Still, check it out if you want to play something completely different or if you enjoy stalling your time away. It’s definitely an interesting deck.


6 Responses to “The True Man of Steel”

  1. 4x PATHETIC ATTEMPT!? Grievous has joined the dark side!!

    Release this child, demons! 😛

    I’m not a competitive player, either, but I think this’ll do pretty good against IG hidden, too. Survive past turn 5 = win.

    Where’s Flying High?

  2. kaleeshwarrior Says:

    Yeah, its got Pathetic Attempt. Its only my second deck to do so and only because it fits. The whole point of the deck is to say “No” so why not run the post powerful “No” card in the game? Plus it protects the all important Kandor. I’ve had that card HAB’ed one too many times. Trust me, this is not a sign of things to come. 😉

    Also, Flying High was originally in for the dreaded Pathetic Attempt. If I have to choose between stopping pumps (which Maggie already does) and stopping HAB, I’d prefer to stop HAB.

  3. I don’t care if it’s boring. It’s mono-Superman so it gets a two thumbs up from this guy!

  4. kaleeshwarrior Says:

    Not only is it mono-Superman but its GOOD mono-Superman. It’s won almost every game its been in barring a bad draw or two.

    My only issue is it simply isn’t that fun to play. Maybe with some tweaks it could be but, as is, its simply a winning yet boring deck.

  5. I don’t know how reliable Batman/Superman Robot is going to be if Maggie is your only Gotham Knights character. And you don’t even have a team-up in place…. shady.

  6. kaleeshwarrior Says:

    Out of about seven games, I’ve missed the Robot once and had to underdrop Maggie with it on 5 twice. As long as I get Kandor and a Home Sweet Home, I retain Maggie into the fifth turn. Much more reliable than it looks.

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