Puzzle Pieces #2: A War Horse of Many Colors

Those who are here looking for yesterday’s preview, it is in the post directly beneath this one. Just scroll on down and check out Clandestine Operations in all its amazing glory. Everyone else, read on.

I was bored this afternoon so I decided to go into docx’s awesome Vs. search engine and get a random card to talk about. I randomly picked DCL as the set and then grabbed the number 91 out of my magic hat (it was hiding behind a white rabbit). I inputted these into the card number field and got the following:

War Horse!!

Now, how what can we abuse with Vic? We could abuse his Teen Titan’s cartoon catchprase “Boo-Yah!” but that’s not quite what I meant.

I did a quick search of Silver Age and looked through all the equipment. Right off the bat there’s the obvious multiple Weapon Upgrades combo where you get quadruple stun damage on a 22/12 6-drop. However, that’s too obvious.

I looked longingly at the other character stamped equipments. If only Vic could be equipped with Laughing Gas, the Lasso of Truth, and a couple of M40s. However, that’s not quite possible (at least until the recently hinted at “turn anyone into a Mystique” card comes out in MUN) so those are untouchable. If only it was as easy to gain new names as it was to gain new affiliations. Heck, there are even equipments that hand out affiliations like candy.

That’s when I came up with the jankiest jank that has ever janked a janky jank.

There are currently seven equipment cards that gives the equipped character affiliations. There is also one incredible location that makes doing all this worthwhile. These cards are…

So, what happens if by some fluke you get all this stuff onto Mr. Stone? He becomes an untargettable, flying 19/15 six-drop who gains 2 defense when he exhausts. If you use Tarnax IV on him, he gains an additional +6 attack making him a 25/17 attacker.

Now, is it even barely plausible to get all this set up? I dunno. Haven’t tried yet since MWS really doesn’t like Tarnax IV for some reason. What do I see a deck based around this jank looking like?

First, you would have Jamie Reyes and Cannibal Tech as equipment search. All the above equipment would be one-ofs and they would never be played until War Horse entered the field. You’d have San on 2 to go fetch Tarnax IV or Sidney Leach/Pip the Troll to go fetch equipment. Turn three would be whichever other 2-drop you haven’t played. Turn 4 you would play Mr. Fantastic and use Eureka! to fetch another equipment. Throughout these four turns, you would hopefully be flipping team-ups so these affiliations all stay inplay. Turn 5 you would play Wolverine, Skrunucklehead and yet another 2-drop to go fetch whatever you need.

Finally, on turn 6, you play Vic Stone. You flip Mutopia and, via Wolverine, Vic gains every affiliation inplay. You drop as many of the affiliation giving equipments onto him as possible. You substitute in Samantha Parrington, targeting Vic. You then swing with your beaty beatstick of multi-colored beating.

Does this deck look like it’ll actually work? No. Am I going to try anyways? Heck yes! Now, if only I can get MWS to recognize Tarnax IV…


One Response to “Puzzle Pieces #2: A War Horse of Many Colors”

  1. Brian Rutty Says:

    Wow. I always thought there was some viability to giving Vic different names (Punisher, Dr.Fate, Iron Man, Captain America, Flash, etc.) through A Moment of Crisis and having an equipment transferring combo (the only somewhat reliable one being Dr.Fate’s Tower) and a Skrull engine to make Vic a killer six when paired with Paibok and Skrnucklehead. I was afraid to build it because I was afraid of sonic gun and other equipment nukes. Now, I get to live vicariously through you! Give it a thought: Titans/Skrull Toybox. Now that I’ve named it, I think I have to go give this a try myself…

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