Knights Come In Packs

I recently found a new pet team: Wild Pack. Why haven’t I worked with these guys before? I feel so dumb for not giving these guys a second glance before now.

Anyways, expect a couple decks based around the Pack coming up for a while now. I can see a LOT of teams that would like to get their dirty mitts on all those card draws and bounce effects. For now, here’s one that’s more than a bit standard.


Marvel Knights/Wild Pack

Silver Age

4x Powell – Southern Charm
4x Black Cat, Thrillseeker
4x Black Widow, Femme Fatale

4x Punisher, Guns Blazing

4x Black Panther-King of Wakanda
3x Quentino – Raul Quentino

4x Silver Sable – World’s Deadliest Mercenary

3x Punisher, Suicide Run

3x Hulk, Savage Hulk

Plot Twists:
4x Enemy Of My Enemy
4x Quick Kill
4x Bounty Hunt
4x Neighborhood Watch, Team-Up
4x Wild Ride

4x Katana
3x Capture Net

Basic idea is to hit Black Panther on 3 with a Net, Silver Sable on 4, and Punisher on 5 with dual Katanas. All the KOs should keep your health high and the opposing board clear so you can drop a huge Savage Hulk while the opponent has no board. Likelihood of this happening is low although I did have it happen on my first game with the deck due to hitting triple Bounty Hunts as well as my preferred curve (minus a fully stocked Punisher).

Off the top of my head, the deck would probably be better with more equipment instead of the Quick Kills or perhaps an actual 5-drop rather than an underdropped Punisher. Still, its a fun, nasty deck.

That’s all for now. A new Vs. Resolution post will be up later this week. I just need to pull a couple of these guys out from the sewer system and give ’em a shower because boy do they semll.


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