Mandarin? Whee!

Alright, I’ve avoided going over preview cards because I personally consider them dirty, dirty cheating. I’m not entirely why I feel that way but I do. I don’t hold anything against those who do go over them. It just doesn’t feel right for me to do it. However…


First of all, he gets to rally for an equipment each turn. That’s fine. It feeds into his other effect where he needs cards to pitch.

Holy cow his other effect! 10 cards for a targeting stun. First, we get to listen to all the people yell “Wonder Woman, Batman, Pathetic Attempt, Omnipotence!” Then we get to listen to them go “10 cards?” After that, we ignore them.

10 cards. Not easy. However, in a deck with dedicated card draw, its possible. Injustice Gang, Spider-Friends, etc. So that’s out of the way.

You know who else likes free stuns and what simply likes seeing people get stunned? James Barnes and Death Warrant. I smell a combo!

Take odd initiatives. Play a deck with lots of draw, we’ll say Spider-Friends. Make it to turn 6. Omnipotence on Pathetic Attempt, Wonder Woman, Batman, whatever sinks your boat. Opponent recruits some dude. You underdrop Barnes and Mandarin. Exhaust both to recruit dual Warrants on the opposing player’s highest drops.

Spectacular Spider-Man on 4 says no attack for an 3-drop and 4-drop via Gift Wrap. Opponent’s only options are their Warranted 5 and 6. If they attack, freebie KO from Mandarin or Barnes. Opponent passes on attack. You just killed turn 6 and have the setup to keep stalling through turn 7. Good job.

So, yeah, is Mandarin going to be in the league of hyper-competitive cards? ‘Prolly not. Am I going to grab some Omnipotence and go to town with him on MWS? Heck freaking yes. I love this preview and I love this game. Long live Vs.!


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