The Great Vs. Resolution #18 – Morlocks

I have been accused many a time of being something of a Morlock. My family doesn’t use that nerdy comic book term, of course. They just make jokes about me always being in the basement. But, hey, not my fault I’m a teenager with muchos free time and the computer with all his Vs. stuff is underground.

Anyways, I’ve always been a big fan of misfits. The freaks, the people who don’t quite fit in with regular society. The Morlocks are like the comic book incarnation of them and, as such, I really like them. They’re cool.

Now, there are three ways you can go with the Morlocks.

One is the “move hidden people visible for effects” route. With Sewer System, you can easily slide a character back and forth between the two zones and constantly get there effects. However, those effects are so random that I just didn’t feel like building on them. Scratch one option.

The second option would be the group of characters that have insanely high attack (Sunder: 14 ATK 5-drop), stupidly low defense (Sunder: 7 DEF 5-drop), no way of gaining reinforcement, and usually a “pay 1 resource point to get effect” style power. Again, cool theme but I wasn’t really feeling it. Insanely beefy guys has been my theme for awhile and I wanted something different.

That left the final option, the Morlock trademark: Evasion. Tons of support with lots of silly tricks that means lots of fun. Oh, and they’re insanely beefy. That’s always good.

First Rule of Battle: Don’t Get Hit


Silver Age

4x Electric Eve-Live Wire
4x Tommy-Runaway
4x Artie-Arthur Maddicks

2x Postman-Memory Thief
3x Tar Baby-Adhesive Ally
3x Leech-Inhibitor

3x Healer-Life Giver
1x The Beautiful Dreamer-Dreamweaver

4x Hump-Servant of Masque
2x Storm-Leader of the Morlocks

4x Marrow-Gene Nation

Plot Twists:
4x Shrapnel Blast
4x Retribution
4x Mobilize
4x Bloodhound
3x Backs Against The Wall

4x The Alley

3x Mind Gem – Infinity Gem

Odd initiatives are key with this deck. It’s alright on evens but it’s beautiful on odds. A good hand would be something like The Alley, Electric Eve, Leech, Mobilize but that’s unlikely. If you’ve got a one and a two, keep it.

Turn 1 the absolute best play is Electric Eve. If you can get her dropped on the first turn and the opponent misses their 1, you can attack for 2, evade, recover at the start for another 1 point of burn, evade again, then use your free recover for another burn. Not at all bad. Artie isn’t a bad 1-drop and it’s preferable not to play Tommy since he’s free later.

If you can play Leech or Postman on 2 over Tar Baby, that’s much preferred. Reasoning is that TB is discard fodder for Hump later in the game. If you have The Alley by now, the burn with Eve is insane since you’re trading one endurance point of your own for two of the opponent’s.

On turn 3 you can either swarm or play one of the four 3-drops. Personally, I prefer to swarm out. Play one of your excess 2-drops and Artie/Eve. If you have to play a 3-drop, Healer is amazing. He can save a lot of endurance in the long run.

Besides having a name that won the “Most Easily Turned Into A Joke” award, Hump is your preferred 4-drop no matter what the occasion. He’s automatically 3 points ahead of the curve with no drawback and he only gets bigger when you’re evading guys. Amazing. Alternately, you have Storm who saves you endurance on the defense but isn’t nearly as great as the “other green goliath”.

Marrow is your 5-drop and your win condition. I also generally play a free Tommy on this turn since it’s just more +1/+1 fodder. I generally get Morrow up to 13/12 and then evade her before smacking with a solo Hump. Rarely can an opponent stand the onslaught.

In case they do, turn 6 means an emergency drop of Storm and a 2-drop. Generally the game doesn’t last that long, though.

Plot Twists are pump and search heaven. Retribution means always stunning the opponent, Backs Against The Wall means not stunning back, and Shrapnel Blast means all of the above. The Alley is insane burn that has won me several games by itself. Due to the new Hat/Clouds rule, you can also use its activated during the build phase before you have stunned guys and have blanket no-KO protection going through the combat phase. Finally, Mind Gem is a tricksy bugger in this deck. You can play it, get your draw, evade the equipped guy, play it again, repeat. Very nice source of draw.

Overall, the Morlocks are pretty fun and good team. They make Evasion worth using, have lots of tricks, and still have those beefy numbers I just love to see. Morrow and friends get the Kaleesh Stamp of Approval and I highly recommend toying with them before they go Golden in a short, short month.

Morlocks (Silver) Ratings:

Deck Strength: 8 (Off the top of my head I can say this deck has won far more often than it lost. The worst loss that comes to mind is when an opponent played the 5-drop UW Thanos and I had no Alley. Ouch. Lots of beatiness and The Alley provides some nasty burn that has won me quite a few close games.)

Deck Theme: 9 (The Morlocks gathered together to avoid being found by the top-worlders. They’re experts at evading detection. Therefore, evasion. Genius! The use of evasion in the team is also quite good and makes for quite a bit of fun.)

Ease of Use: 6 (You gots to know when to evade and when not to but, otherwise, easy deck.)

Fun Factor: 8 (I enjoy the beats. I enjoy the burn. I enjoy the tricks that makes an opponent not attack. Fun stuff.)

Overall: 8 (I like this deck quite a bit. It totally redeems Evasion from the weakness it was in the Spider-Man set to something worthwhile.)

Vs. System Affiliation Leaderboard
1. Marvel Defenders/The Hulk (Modern)
2. Team Superman (Modern Age)
3. Fantastic Four (Modern)
4. Anti-Matter (Golden)
5. Morlocks (Silver)
6. Squadron Supreme (Golden)

7. Arkham Inmates (Modern)
8. Secret Six (Silver)

9. Revenge Squad (Modern)

10. Teen Titans (Modern)
11. Outsiders (Modern)
12. Inhumans (Silver)
13. Kree (Silver)
14. Future Foes (Silver)

15. Sinister Syndicate (Modern)

16. League of Assassins (Modern)

17. Emerald Enemies (Golden)

So there’s the Morlocks done before the time limit of MUN draw near and they fall into Golden Age janketry. Next week I’ll snatch up the other affiliation in need of saving before MXM rotates out: The Hellfire Club. Where will the Victorian Age wannabes land? Find out soon.


One Response to “The Great Vs. Resolution #18 – Morlocks”

  1. yea, Thanos… that was quite a loss 🙂
    what about a copy of Callisto just in case?

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