State of the Site: Reason for lack of posts…

My apologies for lack of updates these past few days. I had some stuff lined up but because of family coming in today and getting ready for tomorrow’s graduation open house, I haven’t had the time to write anything down. Note that this is not a hiatus and new stuff will be up on Monday or Tuesday at the latest.

In other state of the site news, the Marvel Universe preview did wonders for my stat count. Hopefully you guys all stick around.

The Vs. Resolution continues to go well. I’ve got a pair of Golden Age decks, a Modern Age that is undergoing some reworking, and the Hellfire Club I hope to put up this week. So that’s all still on schedule.

Doctor Who, on the other hand, is undergoing some changes. I was recently contacted by frequent commenter Number6 about some ideas and it is looking like the set is going to go under a complete overhaul. Everything outside the TARDIS Crew theme of “remove from game” is being thrown out the window to start anew. Now that I have a second head in the mix and an actual structure for the set, I hope to actually get some work done on it.

On the home Vs. System front, my family got our “free check from the government”, which is a load of bull, but it still means I’ve got money to throw away and that means triple boxes of DC Origins. Combine that with the lot of common/uncommons from MOR, MMK, and MXM that I’m getting and things are looking good. In June I’ll hopefully get some MTU and then its time to try and build a fanbase at college in the fall.

So, that’s about it. Planet Kalee will return, hopefully rejuvenated, after this weekend is over. Stay tuned to see what I pull out of my hat.

And on a card note, The Source is borked. Seriously.


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