Pomp, Circumstance, and Funny Hats

Finally, the prodigal blogger returns.

My apology for the delay but my graduation party this past Sunday took more out of me than expected so I didn’t get inspired to write this until today.

So, how do I celebrate graduating via my Vs. System blog? I couldn’t quite figure that out until I was eating some pizza yesterday for dinner and it smacked me right in the face.

Duh. Duh, duh, duh, duh, DUH! That should’ve been more obvious than Vs. System’s superiority over World of Warcraft. It was time to build something no one has ever really bothered to build (outside of an April Fool’s Joke): A Graduation Day deck. While munching down some pepperoni, the deck came together.

Diplomas 4 All

Teen Titans

Silver Age

2x Pantha, Subject X-24
2x Bumblebee, Sonic Sting
2x Ray Palmer <> The Atom, Tiny Titan
2x Dawn Granger <> Dove – Avatar of Order
1x Dawn Granger <> Dove, Terataya’s Chosen
1x Roy Harper <> Speedy, Mercurial Marksman
1x Bette Kane <> Flamebird, Reflex Action
1x Duela Dent <> Harlequin – The Joker’s Daughter
1x Kid Devil – Eddie Bloomberg
1x Mia Dearden <> Speedy, Archer’s Apprentice

3x Tim Drake <> Robin, Leader of the Pack
2x Donna Troy <> Wonder Girl, Amazon Warrior
2x Holly Granger <> Hawk – Avatar of Chaos
1x Kid Devil, Teen Hellion
1x Terra – Little Sis

4x Beast Boy – Party Animal
3x Vic Stone <> Cyborg, Mechanized Mentor

2x Tim Drake <> Robin, Titan in Command

Plot Twists

4x Mobilize
4x Return Of Donna Troy
4x Teen Titans Go!
4x Graduation Day
3x First Date


4x Birthing Chamber
2x Optitron


3x Ego Gem

This deck is really simple. You generally want even initiative and your mulligan condition is a hand full of chars or some draw/search.

Turn 1, a 1-drop. Turn 2, preferably Tim Drake or two more 1-drops. Turn 3, Vic or Beast Boy or any other combination of 1s and 2s.

Now, hopefully heading into turn 4, you have at least two Graduation Days, a Teen Titans Go!, and a hand full of low cost characters. This is where things get fun. Recruit as many characters as you can, preferably 4. Team attack into the opponent’s highest cost character and play TTG!. Flip over as many Graduation Days as you can and exhaust your attacking characters. Even a mere two Graduation Days and 3 recruited characters is a free 12 damage (nearly 1/4ths of the opponent’s total endurance). If you were able to recruit all 4 characters this turn, that’s 8 burn a character.

If you don’t think you can kill on turn 4, then you drop Tim Drake for his global pump and then delay the kill until you feel you can pull it off. Generally the burn isn’t what does the finishing blow but it can put the opponent far enough down in totals that they can’t quite respond.

Outside of lots and lots of 1-drops and 2-drops, this deck is packing a ton of mill/search to ensure getting your characters and quite a bit of draw to try and get the all important plot twists. Between Ego Gem, Tim Drake, and Birthing Chamber, I usually see two Graduation Days by turn 4.

This deck is not an amazing tournament winner but it has done much better than I expected. It won a game, although against an unaffiliated deck that missed lots of drops, and it survived neck-and-neck until turn 6 against a high-caliber Secret Society deck that hit all its drops.

In all, this is a deck that has WoWed me quite a bit in its actual usefulness. Graduation Day is not nearly as bad a card as it would lead you to believe. Sorta like how my own Graduation Day wasn’t the boringness I figured it would be.

To finish thing off on an utterly unrelated note…

I’m about this close || to spending some of that graduation cash to get the Mysterium original art but my parents won’t let me. “That money goes towards school books,” they says. Bah humbug!


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