The Incredibly Late DC Origins Celebration Day!

It’s time to party like it’s 2004 because today is the day I receive my three boxes of DC Origins. Oh what pleasures shall I find inside the second oldest set in the game? Will it be as good as finding a five dollar bill laying on the floor of a taxi you just got into? Let’s break it down.

Batman! About time! Finally I’ll be able to use my childhood hero in my Vs. System decks. To give you an idea of how much I loved Batman when I was a kid about every one in five of the old pictures set out during my graduation open house had me wearing a Batman shirt or with a Batman toy. He really is the greatest. Plus, the Gotham Knights have uncommon search which is going to be awesome in this small-house metagame. Will I be able to build a deck based around the above Fatbat? Highly unlikely. Still, that 5-drop Bats with double burn is looking mighty, mighty good.

Joker! Who doesn’t love an evil clown? In particular, I really like this one’s effect and art. The art reminds me of the Heath Ledger interpretation of the Joker in the upcoming Dark Knight film. Plus, random burn is great. It’ll be my younger brother who most likely plays this guy, though. He’s going to be “majoring” in Arkham Inmates. I even went so far as to grab him three copies of their legacy “Smiles, Everyone” rare from DSM just to help him out. Between that and Fear And Confusion, he should be able to build something usable.

How the foock did this guy make the common cut? Seriously. Him and TTG! are the most non-common commons ever. Anyways, I probably won’t be building Harper Abuse. I think my brother’s would hit me very, very hard if I tried. Still, the Teen Titans look like they will be very neat to play around with. I know if I open up at least one Garth I’ll be smiling. I might even do one of my classic “stupid” builds and attempt a curve Titans deck. If I do, you all will definitely hear of it.

I must say, I love Ra’s. Liam Neeson did him such justice in Batman Begins. Between the ninjas and Qui-Gon, the movie could not fail. Anyways, it’ll most likely be my older brother who gets entangled in the League’s web. He’s been a fan of Ra’s since the old animated series and he’s looking forward to being able to use him in a deck. Oh, and they have uncommon search via Mountain Stronghold which makes me excited. If we decide we like LoA enough, I might just have to pick up a few copies of The Demon’s Head and a Batman Starter or two. All depends.

The most exciting thing about the Fearsome Five to me is the above card. Uncommon search on turn 1! Awesome. I’m almost certainly going to end up teaming up the Fearsome ones with whoever is willing to catch a cab to their hideout and brush aside some cobwebs to start up a partnership. Which, in layman’s terms, means every single team I own is a candidate. Hurray!

Out of all the generics and all the unaffiliated, Mega-Blast makes me the happiest. How did a common +4 ATK pump on turn 1 with no drawback (other than the character being in the support row) get past playtesting while Big Leagues requires you to wait until turn 3, share affiliations, and be rare? How did that same common +4 also grant range? Nuts card. It’s as out of place as I love it. I’ll just have to be sure to keep it out of my brothers’ mitts.

So, to say I’m excited about DOR is a bit of an understatement. Between all the Bat love, the chance to try and talk my brothers into playing a few proper Sealed games, and the simple fun of busting open 72 booster packs. The downside of having to slide them all into their spots in my binder is not looking fun but, otherwise, its all smooth sailing.

On a New Gods Resolution note:

Does this guy have the stupidest name ever or what? It’s almost enough to make someone give up the game and go play Magic or something. The effect is really cool, though. If only he wasn’t in an important drop in my deck…


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